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'-m^ Mv^' 's^^^' i 



^^ecorti^ ol ^ort |bt. ©eotg:e 




Volume XLIV 


3 so. '<^!:- 


This volume contains the letters received at Fort St. George from 
28th December 1763 to 25th December 1764 and is the forty -fourth in the 
series of records known as " Letters to Fort St. George." 

The original manuscript volume has been mended and is in a fair state of 

Egmoke, B. S. BALIGA, 

30<A October 1941. Cv/rator, Madras Record 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2012 with funding from 
Duke University Libraries 







CuDDALORE— COff.i!. 

Bnte.^ 25*1' ^^y i764. 


. Dated 16*" Septr- 
13*" Septr- 





21st Septr. 


Dated S'l' Deer- 1763. 


28*" Sept'- 


29'" Deer- 



5*" Ocf- 


e'" Fabry. 1754 




23^ Fabry. 



14*" Nov- 


5*h M^irch 



29*" NoV^- 


16*" March 



16*" Decc- 


23'! April 



. . 25*" Dec- 


31st- May 
18*'' June 



FoET Marlborough. 

25*'' June 


lot" July 



. Dated 21st Novr. 1763. 

6th Augst- 



lli*" Febry. 


31 Septr- 



4*" Febry. 


27*" Septr. 



S^ May 


19*" Nov- 


' 81 

31 May 




. . Dated 24*" Fabry. 


Dated 31 St Deer. 1763 


5*" April 


29*" Janfy. 



7*" March 



4*" March 



. Dated 28*" Dec^- 


12*" April 



2^ Jany- 


10th June 



9*" Jany. 


15*" June 



27*" Janry 


1st Septr. 



2-^ March 


8*" Sepi'- 



11*" April 


3d Oct'. 



19'" April 



4*" May 


Can TON. 


16*" May 


Dated 8*" Nov- 1763 


. . 26*" May 


17*" Febry. 



1st June 


26*" Feb^y. 



16*" June 



16*" June 




2l3t June 



16*" July 

12*" Augt. 
28th Augt. 
14*" Septr- 
8*" Octr- 


Dated Sis* Dec'. 


3- 90 


15*" Janry. 


*• 94 


6*" Fabry. 




11*" Febry. 




21st Febry. 



13*" Octr- 


7*" March 



28t" Septr. 
30t" Octr. 


14*" March 




16*" March 



231 j^Q^r. 


21st March 



29th Novr- 


26*" March 



I9th Deer. 


10*" April 


29*" April 




1st May 
11*" May 
4*" June 


,! 88 Dated 

July 1764. 



30th Novr. 

15*" June 


'■ Papers after Letters 

27*" June 



17*" July 
23d July 


». 12 Statei 

nent of the Investment at 


0. MsuUpat™. 

14*" Augt- 


•^ 13 Canton Price Current. 

7*" Aug*- 


°- Id List of Ships at Canton in 1763. 


Papers after Letters — cont. 


18 Account Charge of Packing Bales at 

20 List of Cuddalore Torn Cloth. 

29 Major Monros Letter to ye. Secry. at 

37 Accot. of the Vizagapatam Invest- 

49 Statement of ye. Cuddalore Invest- 

69 Indent of Broad Cloth wanted at 

73 Seven Papers from Fort Marlbro. 

75 Instructions for a Ship Proceeding to 

'77 List of Ee venues at Vizagapatam. 

88 Copies of two Letters from ye. 

Gentlemen at Vizagapatam to the 
Dutch Compys. Agents at Bimli- 
18 Indent of Stores wanted at Vizaga- 

89 Account of the Arrack Farm at 


Ibid Letter from M'. Goddard. 

Ibid Do. Mr. Barclay. 

95 Indent of Wares & Stores for the 
Settlemt. at Cuddalore. 

102 Meer Bauker Acco*. with the Com- 

Ibid Statement of the Produce of the 
MasuUpatam Circar f or 1760, 1761, 
1762 & 63. 

Ibid Genl- Acoo*. of outstands. Debts 
@ Masulipatm. 

104 Copy of a Letter from M'. Dolben to 
the Chief & Council at Vizagapatam. 

121 Estimate of the Expence of repair- 
ing the Hospital at Masulipatam. 

Particular Persons. 

23 M'. Dalrymple 4*^. Aug*. 1763. 
34 Capt. Watson 10^^. Dec^. Do. 

■35 W- Burnett 4tii. Fabry. 1764, 

Particular Persons— co»«. 
40 M'-. Richd. Dean 13*^. March 

43 Mr. Dalrymple lO^ii- Oct"-. 

44 Captain Steward l^t. Feby. 
61 Captain Clews 3d. June 
7.5 Mr. Dalrymple 23<i. Febr. 

100 Dawsonne t 

Drake Esqr. j 11th. June 

S*. Helena. 

14 Dated 15th. April 1763. 


9 Dated 2d. Jany. 1764. 


6th. March Do. 


2d. June Do- 


11th. Do. Do. 


29th. Sepf. Do- 


1st. Dec'. Do. 


66 Dated 23^. June 1764. 


2d July Do. 



6th. Jany. 1764. 


3d. Jany. Do. 


I5fch. Febry. Do. 


6th. March Do. 


16th. Do. Do. 


. 24th. Do. Do. 


7th. April Do. 


23rd. May Do. 


2d. June Do, 


23d. Do. Do. 


30th. July. Do. 


18th. Augt. Do. 


ist. Sepf, D°. 


17th. Do. DO. 


25th. Do. Do. 


17th. Octr. Do. 


13th. Nov. Do. 


17th. Octr. Do. 






(Volume No. 44) 

{From 28th December 1763 to 25th December 1764). 

N". 1. 


President and Governour &c^. Council 

Fort S''. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

This serves only to advise of my having laden on board this Vessel twenty- 
Barrels of the Gunpowder landed here from the Brittannia: The remain- 
ing thirteen Chests shall follow by the next Opportunity. 

I am very Respectfully 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Your very Obedient & most humble Servant 
John Pybus. 
28™. Dec^^ 1763; 

No. 2. 

To THE Honble George Pigot Esq». 

President & Governour &ca. Council 

at Fort S''. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

Agreably to the Advice given you in our Letter of the 10*1^. Ultimo We 
now dispatch to you the Ship Lord Clive with the West Coast Stores; and 
baving taken the same Opportunity of forwarding the remainder of your Cart- 
ridge paper enclosed you will find the Invoice & Bill of Lading. 

Enclosed also is the Packet for Fort Marlbro which we have left open 
for your perusal of the Invoice, that having put on board what other Articles 
of Stores you have to send you may give the ship her fresh Dispatches for that 

The Osterly is now taking on board her Cargo for Europe, and the Bos- 
cawen & Deptford wait only for the Arrival of Salt Petre, to be dispatch' d 
agreable to their respective Destinations, but we are much afrid that this may 
be later than we expected on Account of the great part of the Salt Petre which 
is yet at Patna unboil'd. 

Records of Fort St. Geor< 

Enclosed is Copy of an Indent for some Cloths wanted by our Military 
Agent of which Assortments we have this year received no Supplys ; We there- 
fore beg, that you will forward us the Quantity therein specifyed by the first 
Occasion that offers. 

We are 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
foRT William Your most Obedient humble Servants 

8™. Deck. 1763. Henry Vansittart. 

Warren Hastings 
Randh. Marriott. 
H. Watts. 
W'^'. Senior. 
John Burdett. 

N". 3. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq». 

President and Governour &c^. Council 
AT Fort S'f. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

This will again inform you, that Ramalinga has Laden on Bullocks for 
Your Presidency 12 Call Long Cloth, Twenty (20) Gorge Worriarpollam S 
Call, sixteen (16) Gorge and Chinnamanaikpollam 9 Call Twelve (12) Corge. 

I am 
Honble Sir & Sirs 
CuDDALORE Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

31st. Dec». 1763. John Calland. 

N". 4. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esqk. 

President and Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have been honored with your Commands of the IQ^^. Ultimo inclosing 
the Cowles for the Farms dependant on this Place, lately relet and as I had 
before the Receipt of them with much difficulty prevailed on Meer Sied Hus- 
sain & Rustum Ally Cawn the only Bidders for the Salt Farm, to take upon 
them the Management of that Bussyness I delivered them their Cowle with those 
for the Pettah Juncan and Narsapore Town the day after I received them. 
And I do not apprehend any Inconveniences can arise from prolonging the 
Term of Payment four Months beyond the Expiration of the Farm, as the 
Farmer has been always allowed to continue the Sale of his Salt till that time, 
as T had the Honour of advising you in my address of the IQ^^. September! 
Nor do I believe I should have found any one inclined to bid for this Farm 
on the Terms you have been pleased to stipulate at a time when Basalet Jung 
with his Army is advancing towards this Country from Hydrabad & Shitteram- 
Tauze is expected to be troublesome in these Parts so soon as he has settled 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 

the Bussyness he has in hands to the Northward, which as there is no force 
capable of opposing him long, he must soon accomplish. I therefore hope you 
will approve of what I have done in this Matter. 

It has been a practise observed here not to collect any Customs on Goods 
exported from hence from Madrass, but as it may sometimes happen that 
such Goods may not be landed at your Port by which means the Company may 
loose their Duties, 1 have thought it necessary to inclose you a manifest of 
twenty two Bales of Piece Goods shipped here on board the Monmouth Ketch- 
Cap*. Price bound for your Port on which no Customs have been paid, and I 
shall be mindful to observe this Rule in future on the like occasions. 

The Arrack Farm at this Place expiring the 12<^ii. of next Month, I- 
request to be honoured with your Orders for reletting it. 

Having some Affairs to settle at Madrass which require my Presence there,. 
I am to request your Permission to come up for a few days, and am very 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Your very Obedient & most humble Servant 
John Pybus, 
2d. January 1764. 

Cloth on hand as ^ Last. 

N-. 5. 


President and Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have been honored with your Commands of the 29*1^. Ultimo and now- 
forward the accounts of this Settlement for last Month. 

The Twenty four Bales of Brown Cloth you are pleased to remark as noted 
at the Foot of my Letters are what I advised you under date the 7*i'. October 
1 had been under a Necessity of landing out of the Success to make room for 
the Chay Goods from hence, and which I shall not be able to get cured here, 
not having People who understand it, or Conveniences for it, neither can I 
at this Season of the Year send them to Bandarmalanka which was it practi- 
cable would be attended both with Risque and Expence, and as these make a 
part of the 300 Bales I gave hopes of furnishing by the latter, end of this 
Month (which I still flatter myself I shall be able to do so) and a good Con- 
veyance offering from hence for your Place, I have taken upon me to ship them 
on l)oard, in hopes as the Season is yet early that they may be with vou in time 
to be cured in readiness for the ensuing Dispatch,' which I hope will meet 
with your Approbation Invoice and Bill of Lading for the same come enclosed. 

I am very respectfully, 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

Your very Obedient & most humble Servant 

John Pybus. 
9™ January 1764. 

1763-64— lA 

Records of Fort St. George 

Cloth on Hand at Mazulipatam. 

Sustr,^cundees . . . . . . 8 Bale."! 

I Embaled 
Callowapores . . . . , . 2 Do. J 

Susti acundees . . . . . . 0°. 39 8 i 

Eomalis 88 18 I at the 

Collowiipores . . . . . . . . 14 4 [ Wash 

AUijars 22 9 J 

At Bandaemalanka 

Gorge 164-19 

Long Cloth Ordy 77 Bal 

L'. Midling 59 Do. 

Li. Fine 25 Do. 

161 Bales of 254 Coige. 

Long Cloth Fine . . . . Co. 15 

U. Midling 19 

L'. Ordinary 67 . . 101 Do. 

Izzarees . . . , . . . . 10 Do. 

N". 6. 


President & Governor &c^. Council at Fort St. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We have this Instant been favoured with your Letter of the 22(1. Ultimo. 
& we must beg leave to assure your Honor &c^. that our utmost pains & 
Endeavours shall never be wanting to promote the Investment all in our Power, 
& We have ever given the strictest Charge to the Merchants, to amend the 
Ea brick & to bring in as much as possible but they tell us, that the troubles 
in the Country render them incapable of getting a larger Quantity of Cloth 
at present. Sitteram Raus has not as yet openly impeded our Investment, 
but the Anhapillah Rajah has twice stopt our Cloths, & again delivered it 
upon our several Applications, & the Merchants represent themselves to be so 
liable to be plundered in the Countries where they provide their Cloths, that 
they were afraid to risk their money out, & we have great hopes of enlarging 
our Investment when the Country is settled. The Cloth on hand is expressed 
at the foot hereof, & we hope to have One hundred & thirty Bales to send up 
White, & We request your Honor &c^. will favour us with your Directions, 
whether or not you would please to have, what further Quantity we may get 
in, sent up Brown, as it will not be in Our Power to have it washed in proper 
tions relating thereto. 

There is in the stores here a Europe Cable of twelve Inches 
which stands on the Companys Books at Curr*. Pagodas 177-27 and which 
has been used & Tarred over again, We have desired Capt. Twain to look 
at it & to give us his Opinion of it, & he reports it to us to be useless as a 
Cable, We therefore request your Honor &g^. will favour us with your Direc- 
tions relating thereto. 

We have the Honor to remain with perfect Respect, 

Vizagapatam Honble Sir & Sirs 
THE 5™. January 1764. Your most Obed*. & most & obliged 

Cloth on hand. humble Servants 

At the Wash C°. ... 236—2—0 John Smith. 

fn the warehouse Geo. Stratton. 

Chas. Smith. 

Corge . . . 236—2—0 

Letters to Fort St. George, 17 63-6 J^ 

N°. 7. 


President & Governour &C'\ Council 
AT Fort S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Enclosed are the Accounts for last Month which I should not have been 
so late with \_sic'] had I not been desirous of giving the Merchants all the time 
I could to bring in their Balances & make the most of the Investment. 

Should the Neptune Schooner Arrive from the southward, or any other 
Vessell call here I will not loose the Opportunity of sending by them, what- 
ever Bales can be taken in but if no Conveyance offers by the End of the Month 
I must request your Honor &c^. will furnish one with one, as by that time 
I hope to have most of my Cloth Embaled. 

There remaining m the Godown about Two thousand Pieces of Turn'd 
ouc Cloth some of which will answer at the Abated Price 1 shall be glad to 
receive Your directions about it; when the Godowns may be clear 'd and the 
Ballances paid in. 

I am with Respect, 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Your most Obedient humble Servant, 
John Calland. 


15™. Jan^. 1764. 

List of Cloth on Hand 











N°. 8. 


President & Governour &ca. Councii, 

AT Fort S^. George, 

Honble Sir & Sirs, 

We have received a Duplicate of your Letter of 1 he IS^'^. Ultimo by Patta- 

We beg leave to Congratulate Mr. Palk on his Accession to the Govern- 
ment, and we heartily wish him all manner of success in the management of 
the Companys Affairs at your Presidency. 

On the 8*11. Instant We dispatched to you the Honble Companys Ship Lord 
Clive with stores for the West Coast, and We transmitted Duplicates of our 
Advices by her on board the Norfolk Country Ship. We shall forward the 
Deptford a soon as the first Parcell of Salt Petre arrives from Patna; By her 

Records of Fort St. George 

We shall also send you a supply of Grain, and as private Vessels are daily 
departing for your Place loaded with that Article, We hope the scarcity you. 
apprehend may be Amply provided against. 

We are 

Fort William Honble Sir & Sirs 

29™. December 1763. Your most Obedient humble Servant 

Henry Vansittart. 

W^. Billers. 

Randh. Marriott. 

John Burdett. 

N°. 9. 

To THE Honble Kobert Palk Esq*. 

President & Governor &c^. Council 

AT Fort S'^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs, 

Your Favours of the 21st. November reach'd us the 21st. Ultimo. 

We beg the Honble the Presidents Acceptance of our sincere Congratula- 
tions on his Accession to the Government of Madrass & heartily wish Prosperity 
to our Honble Masters affairs under his Management. 

Our Honble Masters Ship Speaker imported here the 7^'^. Ultimo from 
Europe, and his Majestys Ship Elisabeth sailed hence the 28*1". in order to 
join the Admiral at Cochin, but by private Advices we learn he sail'd from, 
thence the same day for Europe. 

We are 
Tellicherry Honble Sir & Sirs 

2". January 1764 Your most humble Servants 

W^. Hornby. 

H. Hurt. 

W^. Ashburner. 

Thos. Day. 

J. W. Slasse, 

N". 10. 

To the Honble Eobert Palk Esq«. 

President & Governor &c^. Council 
at Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have had the Honour to receive your favor of the 29^'^. November & 
it gives us much Concern to find that Our Estimate & state of the Repairs 
Iwanting to the several Buildings at this Place do not meet with your Honor 
&c^s. Approbation, as we can assure you that We had ordered the Mastrys to 
be as close as possible in the account thereof before sent you ; & we flatter our- 
selves that you will permit us to repair the Guard Houses, as your Honor &c^. 
must be sensible of the Necessity of having a place to shelter the Military & 
Gun Peons from the Inclemency of the Weather & when on duty & which they 
have hitherto always had but should they not be soon repaired, We are very 
apprehensive they will be rendered utterly useless either for this, or any other 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 

It has been & ever shall be our study to cultivate a good understanding 
with the Country Powers in our IMeighbourhood but your iionor i&c^. are very 
.sensible how little dependance is to be placed in their Assurances of Friend- 
ship. Several Parties of the Rajah People have for some time been hovering 
about our Neighbourhood & should they at any time take it into their Heads 
to be Enemys to the Honble Company, We much fear it would not be in Our 
-Power to prevent the Plundering & carrying off, the Cloth that may be out at 
Wash as a small Party of horse might easily do it were before We were apprized 
thereof & our force is too small to admit of our sending out detachments to be 
always ready to protect it in case any Accident should happen. 

Your Honor Sic'-^. may be assured of our utmost Vigilance & best Endea- 
vours to secure the Honble Companys Effects should any attack be made 
thereon (Which we hope will never happen) but we must beg leave to observe 
that it may not always be in Our Power to get a Vessell should it be necessary, 
unless one was kept for that purpose. 

We have lately received ten thousand Madrass Pagodas from M^. Pybus. 

As the time for closing the present Investment is now drawing near we 
request your Honor &c^. will favor us with your immediate Orders how we are 
to act in case the Merchants should not agree to carry it on the present terms. 

On our giving strict Charge to the Washermen to take great, Care in 
Washing the Cloth, they have requested us to desire your Honor &c^. will 
permit to have the same pay as the Washerman at Bandarmalanka which they 
represent to be higher than they receive & which we beg leave to submit to your 

We take the Liberty to refer you to our Address of the Q^^\ October last, 
in relation to our request of having a surgeon & an additional Number of 
servants allowed for the use of this Settlement We have the Honor to be 
with much respect. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
ViZAGAPATAM YouT most Obed*. & most Obliged 

3". January 1764. humble Servants 

John Smith. 
Geo. Stratton. 
Chas. Smith. 

Cloth on Hand. 

At the Wash C". 
In the Warehouse 



222 y 
4 11 

227 — 

N°. 11. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esqk. 

President & Governouk &c^. Counctl 

AT Fort S^". George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have received your Letter of the 22^. Ultimo & beg leave to 
(Congratulate M^. Palk on his succeeding M^. Pigot in the Government of your 
Presidency sincerely wishing him all possible success in the administration 
of Affairs there. 

We shall advise the Chief and Factors at Anjengo of your Honour &c^. 
having detained the Fire Arms and Rupees Landed from the Hector and of 
your intentions to send the Gold to them by the first Conveyance. 

Records of Fort St. Georc 

His Majestys ship Elisabeth left this Place for Europe the 16tt. InstaJit. 
being to touch at Tellicherry and Anjengo by the Admirals Directions. The 
Baleme imported the 28*1^. & brought us an Account of the Speakers arrival 
at Tellicherry the Q^^. having left England the 20*^. May. 

We are 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Bombay C-stle Your most Obedient Servants 

Sl-"^. December 1763. Chas. Crommelin. 

Thomas Byfeld. 
J. Spencer. 
Chas. Waters. 
Samuel Court. 
Cecil Bowyer, 

N». 12. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 
OF Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have been duely honored with your Commands under date the lO^ii. and 
19th. Instant. 

The Goods laden here on board the Monmouth Ketch of which I enclosed 
a Manifest in my Letter of the 2^. Instant had paid no Customs here, as the 
Farmer of the land Customs makes no Collections on any kind of Goods 
brought to the Town for Exportation. Those Exported for Madrass only are 
exempted from Duties here on shipping off which has I find been allways, prac- 
tised owing no doubt to the Difference of 2 '^ Cent in favor of the Company 
in the Duties if collected there instead of here, as our export and import Duties 
are only three instead of five '^ C*. and there will arise likewise some advan- 
tage by levying the Duties on the Goods at the Port they are sent to for sale 
rather than where they are manufactured and provided Goods exported from 
hence for any other Port pay the usual Duty. 

The only Proposals delivered me for the rent of the Arrack Farm the 
ensuing Year are from the present Farmer Toddapala Rammiah who has 
always paid his Rents regularly. 

In Obedience to your Commands I have made Enquiry on what terms 
Black and other Palmeiras for Building are to be procured, this way and 
landed at Madrass all charges included, and find that by employing People in 
the Countries hereabouts to cut them down prepare them for use, and bring 
them to this Place (which is the Cheapest method of collecting them) the 
Expence will at least amount to twenty or twenty five Madrass Pagodas for 
every hundred Trees, The French cut down many thousands & from the best 
Information I can get never got them cheaper, The freighting them to 
Madrass is very precarious, as few Vessells go from hence that are capable of 
taking them in, and for those that are the hire would I apprehend be exorbi- 
tant, as the owners must give up the Advantages they make by their Grain 
Trade in which most of the Vessells this way are employed; so that I do not 
imagine they could be transported from hence to 3^our Place for less than 
twenty Madrass Pagodas for every hundred Trees and should your Honour &ca. 
have any great demand for them it would be very difficult to procure a large 
Quantity of such as are serviceable which the very great Consumption of them 
when the French were in Possession of these Parts have rendered scarce 

The Sloop Bandarmalanka arrived here with the Bales from that Place 
yesterday and having put on board her, the Chay Goods from hence, I now 
dispatch her to your Honor &c^ with two hundred and seventy six Bales as 
i^ Invoice & Bill of Lading enclosed, There are a few Bales of each sort of 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 

which Goods half washed and without Conjee conformably to your orders, 
which are distinguished in the Invoice by which your Honor &c^. will likewise 
observe there are fifteen Bales of Brown Cloth, which being all that was 
brought in and but as small Quantity I ordered to be ship'd on board, which 
I hope you will not disapprove. Under cover you will be pleased to receive a 
statement of the Investment for the last year with the Reasons why the whole 
List ordered has not been complyed with. 

I have received into Cash here the sum of four thousand eight hundred 
and forty one Rupees eight and five Pice on account Charles Bourchier Esq^. 
Commissary General for seapoy stoppages for Cloathing and have of this date 
drawn on you in his favor at the rate of 350 Rupees "^ Pagodas for Current 
Pagodas Thirteen hundred and eighty three ten fanams and forty four Cash 
payable ten days after sight which I am to request your you [sic] will be 
pleased to honor. 

Inclosed is an Indent for Medicines which being much wanted I am to 
request your Compliance with 

I return your Honour &c^. thanks for the Permission you have been 
pleased to grant me of coming up for a few days to settle my Affairs which I 
take this Opportunity of making use of and am very respectfully 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Masulipatam Your very Obedient and mosi 

27™. January 1764. humble Servant, 

John Pybus. 
Account Investment for the year 1763. 

Quantity Quantity Reasons why the Orders were not 
Ordered sent. fully complied with . 

. 16000 92401 The dearness and scarcity of Cot- 

. 10000 6480 y ton. The want of money in the 

5000 3840 J beginning of the year to make the 25 

^ % Advance to the Merchants confbrma- 

Long Cloth Ordinary 
Long Cloth Midling . , 
long Cloth Fine 

Salempores Ordinary 
Do. Midling .. 
Do, Fine 


Izzarees superfine 



Morees super fine for Washg. 


Lampass Morees Fine 


Moorees Ordinary 


Matchilipatam Romalls 













27™. January 1764. 


bly to the Terms of their Contract 
which could not be done for some 
time afterwards. 
") The Extraordinary large sums of 

y Money thrown into the Country by 
J the Dutch more than usual & the 
great Prices given by them for all 
sorts of Goods which has greatly 
enhanced the value of Calicoes in 
general & rendered the EngUsh Mer- 
chants Gomastashs in capable of hy- 
ing up Cloths in tho Buzars upon the 
same times as the Dutch Gomastahs 
who pay a greater price. The Dear- 
ness this year of Provisions which and 
the great demand for goods has 
increased also the Price of Labour. 

None made as beng considered 
detrimental to the Investment of 
Long Cloths. 

y The Musters sent not approved. 

John Pybcs. 

-10 Records of Fort St. George 

No. 13. 


President & Governotjr &c^. Council 

AT f ORT S''. George. 


We have received your several Letters of Packets by tne Houghton 
Hector, Falmouth, Neptune and Hawke, the Particulars of them we shall 
answer by the Sabut Jung which will leave this Place the latter end of Decem- 
ber bound directly for Madrass. 

The large supplies of Treasure sent from your Presidency, and from 
Bengal, will enable us with the 30 Chests from England, nearly to load the 
nine ships now arriv'd. But the unforunate want of money at Manilha which 
has obliged the Deputy Governor and Coixncil of that place to take 44 Chests 
of our Treasure from the Hawke and Houghton will prevent any stock being 
left in the Eesidents Hands so far from it, that we imagine at the Departure 
of the ships we shall have contracted a Debt of about 60,000 Tales. 

The Valentine arrived and anchor' d off the Islands to the Eastward the 
the 29th of September, but has blown off the Coast by a hard gale of Wind, and 
has not been heard of since. We imagine Captain Fernell is gone back either 
to Batavia or Malacca the Glatton and Pocock have in all Probability lost their 
Passage so that it is most likely there will be less than twelve ships here next 
year which will take £400,000 to load them. In such a Situation Gentleman 
you must be sensible that an early supply will be of the greatest Consequence 
to the Company's Affiairs here & We are convinced you will do every thing in 
your Power to promote it. 

The Earl Temple left Batavia the 29th. of May with a design to repair 
at Manilha, and proceed hither but she has not been heard of since, and by 
Accounts from Manilha we have reason to fear she is lost on that Coast. 

Mr. Dalrymple quitted the Neptune at Manilha in order to collect the 
Debts owing to the Company at Sooloo, The following is part of his Letter to 

I have come to the resolution of returning to Sooloo in hopes this Step 
will be the most effectual measure for collecting the Companys concerns at 
Sooloo which amount to about 70,000 Dollars, As you must be fully sensible 
how necessary it is that the Ship intended to take this abroad arrive early not 
only on account of the Inconvenenence of loading her at a Place so little fre- 
quented, but as her presence may be usefull in awing those who might be inclin'd 
to be deficient & prevent any Injury from the Dutch which there is reason to 
suspect. I am to request that if there be any Ship you cannot provide for, she 
may be sent to Sooloo as the early arrival of one from India must be very 

This we thought proper to insert as it is impossible for us to send a Ship 
to him from hence and perhaps after the Troops are embarked from Manilha 
you may be able to send one early in the Season. 

We shall endeavour to assist in transporting the Chinese from Manilha 
to Bencoolen to the utmost of our Power. 

The following is a Paragraph of the Dputey Governor and Council's Letter 
from Manilha by the Hawke. Major Fell having disobey' d the Orders of the 
Governour encouraged a Mutiny in the Garri-son and Committed other high 
Offences, proceeds by his Permission on the Hawke on his Parole of Honor to 
deliver himself to the Gentlemen at Madras, the Governor desires you will 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 


endeavour to procure him a Passage on the Saubut Jung or any Vessel that 
may be destin'd for that Place, and to prevent his leaving Canton in any 
foreign Ship. 

This we insert for your Information, 


8™. November 1763. 

We are 
Your most Obedient Humble servants 
Thomas Fitzhugh. 
Samuel Blount. 
Henry Revell. 
Hillary Torriano. 
Nathaniel Garland. 
Alexander Hume. 
Mann Horner. 
Benj: Torin. 
Thqs. Smith. 
RoRT. Ino. Harrison. 
William Rous. 
Thqs. Be van. 


Of what Nation 

Ships Names. 


When Arrived. 

When saii'd 

English .. 

. .' Grosvenor" .. 


March . . 



Danes . • 

. . Princess 

Knee .. 

June .. 



English .. 

. Havanah 


July .. 




. Egmont 

Hears . . 


Dutch . . 

. Huyste by 

Dirk Mastricht. 



. Sloen .. .. 


Aug*. .. 



Swede . . 

. Prince Charles. 



Dutch . . 

. Wester Weld . . 

Hans Bums . . 



. Queen Juliana 

Holm ». 

Septr. . . 



English .. 

. Britannia 

Rous .. 



. Houghton 

Smith . . 


French . . 

. Choiseuil 

Rcsbo . . 



. Beaumont 

Brumaniere . . 



. La Paix 

Dq la Londe . . 


English .. 

. Hector 



DO. .. 

Cruttenden ., 



Swede . , 

. Bickson 



Oct^ .. 


English .. 

. Falmouth 




. King of Den- 

Smith . . 


English .. 

. Sabut Jung . . 

Scot . . 



Do. -. 


. Neptune 
. Hawke 
63-64— 2a 

Cotton J 

Novr. .. 




Records of Fort St. George 



Amber „ 

. . ^Catty . . 

... 20 

do. false 

^Pecul . . 

.. 15 

Beetle Nut Batavia & Mala.cca 

. . Do. ... 

... 7 


Do. Cochin China 

. . Do. ... 





..fiCatty .. 

.. 11 



Cow Bezoar . . 

.. DO. ... 

... 14 



Birds Nests transparent 

. . Do. . . 

.. 8 



Do. 2d. Sort 

.. Do. .. 

.. 5 



Camphire Borous's head 

. . Do. ... 

... 12 

Belly . . 

.. Do. .. 

- 6 


. . Do. . . 

.. 1 

Catch Pegue black 

..^Pecul ... 

.- 10 

Do. White ... 

... Do. . . 


Cotton Snrat 

. . Do. ... 

.. U 

Cloves free of Worms 

.. D°. .. 

.. 85 



Dragons Blood 

. . Do. . . 

.. 11 

Elephants Teeth 3 to a Pecuel 

- Do. . . 

.. 42 

4 to do. 

. . Do. ... 

.. 41 

5 to do. 

-. Do. .„ 

... 39 

6 to do. 

. . Do. . . 

.. 37 


Flints .. .. „ 

.. Do. ... 


Ginsang Canada Fine ^ 

...^Catty ... 

^ 3 to 4 Dol« Mace 


.. Pecul .. 





. . Do. 



.. Do. .. 



Do. Red 

. . Do. . . 

.- 4 



Myrrah best sort 

. . Do. ... 

.. 20 


. . Do. . . 


Pepper Malabar 

. . Do. . . 

... 17 


Do. Java ... 

. . Do. „ 



Do. Long 




. . Do. . . 

Rattans .. . . Ta 

. . Do. . . 

.. 2 


Rosumalloes has been sold for 20 fl 
Pecul but a Quantity is on hand 
sufficient for ten years Consump- 

Sago ... 

Sharkes Tins very good 
Smalts best tort 
Stick Lack — 
Swallow Black 1st Sort 

.. Do. 
.. Do. 
.. Do. 
.. D°. 
.. D°. 

..2 5 

. . 25@27 
.. 20 — 
.. 3 — 
. . 28 @ 30 

Do. 2d do. 

.. DO. 

.. 18 

Do. 3d do. 

.. Do. 


Do. White 

.. Do. . 

« .. 4 


Sandal Wood 1st Sort.. 
2d Do 
3d Do. 

. , Do. . 
. . Do. . 
. . Do. . 
. . Do. . 

Ta. m. 
. . 12m 3 @ 12 5 
.. 18 
.. 15 
.. 12 

Sandal Wood ^ Britannia 1 & 
2d sort together 

Coral Beads Branch Coral Pearls 
& seed Pearls their Prices 
according to their Quality. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 


N". 14. 


President and Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S*^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs, 

We sent our Last advices to you, by the Eoyal Charlotte, which sail'd 
from hence the 23^. June 1762 and have received your Letters of the 17*^^. 
April and 2^^. of November 1762. 

"We request you will send for the use of this Place, fifteen pieces of Long 
Cloth, at twelve Pagodas ;^ Piece thirty Pieces at five Pagodas ^ Piece, forty 
pieces at four Pagodas f Piece, sixty Pieces at three Pagodas ^ Piece and 
the rest of the one ^ Cent in Arrack, Rice, and Paddy. 

This waits on you by the Ship Egmont bound to China; and enclosed you 
will receive a List of Ships Arrival and Departure to, and from this Place since 
the 23d. June 1762. 

S^'. Helena We are 

15™. April 1763. Honble Sir & Sirs 

Your most humble Servants 
Chas. Hutchinson. 
John Skottowe. 
M. Purling. 
Thqs. Kirckpatrick. 



Crown Prince 

Denmark— Dane. 

Schoonzight Dutch. 
His Majesteys ship 

Sea Horse. 
Earl of Elgen 
Godolphin . . 
Admiral Watson . . 
Vosmaar Ammeren- 

gen Dutch. 
Queen, Sophia 
Magdalena Danes 
Piince Frederick 

Elphinston . . 

Alphonsus Glover . . 


Peter Lascellas 

George Thompson . . 

Robert Jocelyn 

Arthur Evans 
Coliingwood Roddard. 
Francis Fowler 
Alexander Hume 


Roger Mainwaring . . 
"^ Charles Mears 
)> Dixon 

, Miclk 

29th June 1762 .. 

23d July Do. 
31st Do. Do. 
1st Aug*. Do 
2d September Do. . , 
3d February 1763 . . 

7th Do. Do . . , 
15th Do. Do. . 

23d February 1763. 
y 26th March Do. 
29th Do. Do. 

4th July 1762. 

16t!i Argt. Do. 
6th Do. Do. 
16th Do. Do. 
3d October Do. 
10th February 1763. 

17th Do. Do. 
25th March Do. 
7th Do. Do, 
23d March 1762.' 

-4th April Do. 

27 th Do. 
15th April 

11th Do. 



5th Do. 


No. 15. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esqr. 

President and Governour &c^. Council 
at Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have Received your letters of the 19*. Ultimo and 2^. Instant. 

I am Concern' d your Honr. &c^. should have the least cause for Objecting 
to my Accounts, having Endeavoured every thing in my Power /as I thought 
to prevent it, by making no new Charge or defray any Expence, but what 
had been made before & met with your Approbation. 

•M Records of Fort St. 

You are pleased to Object to my House Rent & Order me to make a deduc- 
tion of 5 Pagodas ^ Month (the sum Charged) from the End of September, 
but dire Time to draw, the same Allowances as the late Chief. This I conceive 
(with submission) to be an Error & that the Gentlemen who made the Obser- 
vation did not recollect, that Mr. Turner made a Charge of Twenty five Pago- 
das '^ Month; Whereas, I have only drawn Five & should not have done that, 
had here been Even a Godown of the Companys, that I could have lived in. 

Upon inquiry I find Andrew Pilot the French Prisoner, was sent here, 
by Major Preston so long ago as the 13*^1. November 1762 for the Cure of a 
Disorder in his Eyes, after being twenty Months in the Hospital at Tricheno- 
palay without receiving any benefit by it & is now deem' d incurable. 

The Charge of four fanams for Digging a Grave for an European soldier; 
had long been admitted or should not have Appear 'd in my Accounts. In future 
it shall not be Continued & the Head of Hospital Charges shall be Exected, 
[sic] making it a Constant Rule; for every Mans Name to be inserted in the 
Surgeon's Account of that Charge, agreeable to Your Directions. 

Upon what footing either M^. Tinolair or M^. Buchanan came into the 
Companys Service I was (before I received your Honour &cas. Letter) Unacquint- 
ed with. Especially, the former, on which Account, I. am at a Loss to know, 
how he came to receive Pagodas 21-7 for September Subsistence instead of 
15, any more than this, that he went in that Month by Permission of M^. 
Pigot to Madras & when he returnd, drew Pay as Surgeon which Rank he 
said he had Obtained & immediately went to Camp, but by what Authority, 
I am entirely unacquainted with, Information of this Kind being never given, 
for a Guide. , 

■ Ramalingah, the Porto Novo Merch*. is now upon forwarding by Bul- 
locks to your Presidency Long Cloth 12 Call Eighteen (18) Gorge, Chinna- 
manaickpollam Four Gorge, sixteen Pieces (4 — 16) Worriarpollam, Eighteen 
(18) Corge, 

I am with Respect, 


6™. Febry 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servant 

John Calland. 

List of Cloth on Hand. 

Embaled 200 

Washers 12^ 

Beaters 33f 

Bales ... 246i 

N". 16. 


President and Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S''. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

The Lord Clive arrived here, the 7^^. Instant and after Landing the Gun- 
powder & taking in seventeen Head of Cattle proceeded on her Voyage the 
gth Mr. Tierney & M"". Hunter would readily, have accepted of the Opportu- 
nity of returning by her, to Bencoolen, but being destitute of Necessaries and 
having some Affairs to settle at Madrass, made them desirous of waiting til]' 
another Conveyance offer'd. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 


Enclosed are the Accounts of this Settlement for last Month and I remain 
with Eespect, 

IVk Febkuary 1764. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Your most Obedient humble Servant^ 
John Call and. 

List of Cloth on Hand . 

Washers 12^ 

Beaters 19^ 

Dyers ^ 

Embaled 214 



N". 17. 


President and Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

I have Received your Letter of the 4:^^. Instant & in reply to it beg leave 
to acquaint you, that had I made use of the House the late Chief hired m 
Cuddalore, I should not have made any Charge of House Rent, but so far from 
it, that had I been inclined to have lived in it, I could not have done it with- 
out, risking ts falling? When M^. Turner went from here, part of it was sup- 
ported by Props, and a greater Part has since by the same means. Tis Certain 
there still remains some Palmeiras, on a part of the Ground & the Keys, have 
Continued in the hands of the Peon that kept them when that Gentlemen was 
here, but merely for want of some Person to deliver them to, here being no 
body Authorized to receive them. Ramahlinga the Porto Novo Merchant is 
now upon Exportii^g by Boat, Long Cloth Fine seven Corge, Four Pieces (7 1) 
Worriarpollam, Three (3 Corge & Chinnamanaickpollam, Four Corge Four 
Pieces (4—4) The French Prisoner (Andrew Pilot) comes also by the same 
Conveyance. I am with due Eespect, 

21st. February 1764. 

List of Cloth on Hand. 
Embaled ... ... 233 

Dyers " ... ... ^ 

Beaters 12| 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Your most Obedient humble servant 
John Calland. 



N". 18. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq». 

President and Governour &ca. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have had the honor to receive your several favors of the 19th. & 95t.b 
Ultimo and 1^*. Instant. 

16 Records of Fort St. George 

As much of our Cloth as is possible shall be bleeched, & the remainder 
shall agreable to your Orders be sent up brown. 

We have again desired Captain Swaine to Survey the Europe Cable in 
our Stores & he reports it to be worth six Rupees ^ hundred weight, at which 
Price we have disposed of it & the difference conformable to your directions 
shall be wrote off to Profit & Loss. 

Agreeable to your Honor &ca. permission the Guard Houses shall be 
repaired, & We beg leave to assure you that the greatest Economy and fruga- 
lity shall be observed therein and nothing done to them but what absolute 
necessity requires. 

As you do not approve of the Chiefs charging the same Allowance as M^. 
Heath received for the Month of July he will only charge the same Mess™, 
Stratton & Smith received for that month which we hope your Honor &&. . 
vsrill approve of. 

The Chief returns your Honor &g^. many thanks for appointing him of 
Council as does also M^. Stratton & he will accordingly take the first Oppor- 
tiuiity of Proceeding to Madras. 

Upon receit of your Honor &cas. directions relating to the Package of the 
Honble Companys Bales, M^. Stratton the Warehouse keeper, shewed us an 
Account of the real Cost attending this Charge, the particulars of which we 
beg leave to inclose you for your Information, by which you will observe he 
must be a looser if he contracts to pack them at two Current Pagodas 1^ Bale; 
We therefore flatter ourselves you will let it remain on the Old footing as we 
cannot immagine it is your Intention that the Warehouse Keeper should be a 

We now enclose your Honor &c^. an Indent for Wares & Stores wanted at 
this Settlement which we request you will be pleased to comply with by the 
first Opportunity also such other Articles as M'^. Heath had before indented for 
and which are not mention' d in this Indent. The large Cables and Anchors 
inserted in case at any time, any of our Honble Masters Ships or Vessels, 
should put in here in distress we may have it in Our Power to assist them which 
We flatter ourselves will meet with your Approbation. 

Enclosed you have the accoimts of this settlement for the months ot 
December and January. 

We have the honor to remain with perfect Respect, 


15™. February 1764. Your most Obedient & most Obliged 

humble Servant, 
John Smith. 
Geo. Stratton. 
Chas. Smith, 

Eor 12 Bales of Long Cloth ordinary white Viz*. — 

md. lb. 

Gunnya 27 P^. @ 4 ^ Rupee Rs. 6 12 

Ropes 4 20 @ Rs. 18 ^ Candy . . . . 4 5 4 

Twine 1 11 @ 30 Do. .... 2 ~ " 

Wrappers Long Cloth 6 Pieces 
Wax Cloth Viz*.— 

Long Cloth 2 Ps. tore up into 8^Rs. 12 — — 
Wax 46 lb. @ SJ ^ Maund . . 15 2 10 
Turmerick . • . . . . • 1 — — 

--— 28 2 10 

Carried over . • 71 6 

30 — 

Letters to Fort St. George, 11 


Account Particulars of the Charges Attending the package of • 
HoNBLE Company's Bales at Vizagapatam — cant. 

Brought forward . • 71 
Cotton 1 Maund & beating it . . . . 8 8 — 

Oil for the Ropes . . — 8 — 

Tor 12 Bales of Long Cloth midling or Fine white 

The same quantity of materials as above 80 

with the following addition Viz*. 

Gunneys 3 f^ _ 12 — 

Wax Cloth If^ 10 9 — 

Wrappers I)o. .. .. .. .. .. 48 — ■ 

Rs. 96 

Cost of Packing 12 Bales of Long Cloth ordi- 80 6 8 


Do. 12 Do. of Do. Mide. 96 3 8 

or fine. 

176 10 4 at 
350 ^ % is Currt. Pags. 50 16 74 
24 Bales at Curr* Pag« ^ Bale 48 — — 

Lost in the Package of 24 Bales . ., ... 

3 8 


16 74r 

George Stratton. 
Vizagapatam the 15*\ 
February 1764. 

Indent for wares and Stores wanting at this Settlement Vizt. 


Broad Cloth Super Fine Scarlet . 


D°' Fine scarlet 


D"- Aurra 


DO- Ordinary Red 


D°- Green 



D°- Midling Grass Green 


Perpetuanoes Ordinary — 



— — 



— — 

Orange ... 


— 36 

George Stratton. 
Wareho Kr- 

1 anchor 

34 C. Wt. 

1 D°- 


1 D°- 


1 D°- 


] D"- 


2 D°- 

7 and 8 

1 Cable 

14 or 15 inches. 

1 Cable 


1 DO- 


i D°- 



18 Records < 

of Fort St. George 

4 Bolts Canvas . . 

N. 1 

4 D"- 


8 D"- 


3 Ml- Europe Sewing Twine 

100 Sail Needles 

24 Bolt Rope D°- 

12 Brass Box Compasses 

12 Wooden D°- 

12 Half hour Glasses 

. 12 Half Minute D°- 

6 Quarter Minute D°- 

Tarr 10 Barrels 

12 Deep Sea Lines 

12 Hand Lines 

24 Log Lines 

Nails of sorts 4 Candy. 

Pump and scupper Nails 

.. 2 Maund of each. 


. . 20 Candy. 


.. 30 Bundles. 


.. 1 Chest. 

Horn Lanthorns 

.. 12 

Pad Locks Large 

2 Dozen, Iron Locks 12. Brass Locks 12. 

Sheathing Nails 

. . 2 Candy. 

■ Spectacles 

. . 10 Gross. 

1 Shroud Hawser 

6 Inches. 

1 D° 

... 5 D°- 

1 Coils of Rope 


2 D°- 

.. 4 D°' 

4 D°- 

- 3^ D"- 

4 D"- 

... 3 D°- 

Charles Smxth, 


N.B—We are deficient in all kinds of Military Stores. 

N". 19. 


President and Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

The accompanying is triplicate of our Letters of the 31st. Ultimo since 
-when your favour of the 12*51. giving cover to a Packet from Bengal has been 
■duely received from which we are truely concerned to perceive the Gentlemen 
there will not be able to dispatch home more than three ships of this season 
and as they likewise acquaint us that it is very uncertain whether they will 
have it in their Power to afford us any supplies of Salt Petre we have great 
reason to fear we also shall be deficient in this respect tho as we cannot from 
the advices hitherto received exactly ascertain the quantity of Pepper we may 
be able to procure upon the Coast; we can only at present say that nothing in 
our Power shall be omitted to secure as much as possible and that we shall 
most chearfully co-operate with you and the Gentlemen at Bengal in any 
measures which may be concerted for employing such ships as for want of 
Tonnage must necessarily be detained in the Country in order as much as 
possible to ease our Honble Masters of the heavy expence they will incur by 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 19* 

The Speaker arrived here the 5*^. Inst*, and we propose returning her to 
Eui'ope directly she brought a Packet for your Honour &c^. but as the Honble 
Court have ordered it to be forwarded by the first safe conveyance which we 
do not look upon a Patamar to be and as the Pitt in all Probability must be 
arriv'd with its Duplicate we have kept it for the first Opportunity which may 
offer by sea. 

His Majesty Ship Weymouth having in a Gale of Wind off Cape Comorin 
in her Passage to this Coast carried away her masts and been otherwise sa 
much damaged as to oblige her to repair to this place to refit, arrived here 
accordingly the 22^. Instant and left the admiral at Cochin whence we learn 
he sail'd the 27*^. Ultimo for the Cape and as the Elizabeth left Tellicherry 
the same Day for Cochin and was not not arriv'd there the 2^1 Instant we con- 
clude she joined the Admiral in her Passage. 

We are 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Bombay Castle Vour most Obedient humble Servants 

29^^, January 1764. Cha^. Crommelin. 

Thqs. Byfeld. 

J. Spencer. 

Chas. Waters. 

Samuel Court. 

N". 20. 


President & Governour &ca. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have received your Eetter of the 3^. Instant The Merchants, I have 
dircted to proceed to Madras, as fast as possible, some are sett out & the 
Rest will shortly follow, with such a Quantity of their turn'd out Cloth, as 
they may think proper, to have with them. 

Enclosed are the Accounts of this Settlement for last Month. Also the 
Account of Torn Cloth in the last Investment, which I must request your 
Honor &c^. directions about, since I have taken the Quantity I wanted for 
Wrappers & Wax Cloth & find the Washerman not in a Capacity of paying 
for the rest. 

I am with the greatest Respect, 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
CuDDALoRE Your most Obedient humble Serv*. 

7™. M.\RCH 1764. John Callanc 

List o^ Cloth on Hand. 
Beaters . . . 12| 

Dyeis ... i 

Embaled • • 233 

Bales ... 2461 
1763-64— 3A 

no Records of Fort 


. George 

Account of cloth torn at washing out of the Investment of 1763. 

Tom in Sundry 

Torn at the 

Long Cloth fine 

Ditto Salam 

Ditto Shealy 

Ditto ChinnamannaickpoUam 
Ditto Woriarpollam . . 
Salempores 30 1 
D°- 32 Covids 21 — 








178 51 



29™. February 1764. 

John Calland. 

N". 21. 

To the Honble Kobert Palk Esq". 
President & Goveknour &c^. Council 

OF Fort S''. George. 
Honble Sir & 8irs 

I have been honoured with your Command of the 25*^^. Ultimo, in con- 
formity to which, have acquainted Taddapollah Ramaniah Arrack Renter of 
this Place, of your having been pleased to renew his Cowle of that Farm. 

Your Orders in regard to collecting the Revenues of these Districts in 
Rupees and reserving as much of that specie as I am able, shall be most pun- 
tually observed. 

I am very respectfully 
Honble Sir & Sirs 
Masulipat.^m Your very Obedient humble Servant 

2». March 1764 George Dawson 

N". 22. 

To THE Honble George Pigot Esqr. 
President & Governor &c>. Council 

OF Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir &■ Sirs 

The Diligent Snow, Captain Thomas Forrest being under Dispatch tor 
Bengal, We cannot ommit acknowledging the Receipt of your Honour &c^ 
Lotter dated the 20^^. June "^ Snows Greyhound & Leopard & another dated 
July ^ Ship Prince Henry & Snow Luconia purposing to reply fully thereto 
by the Plassey which is now preparing to proceed to your Presidency in the 
mean time We are to acquaint you, that We already find ourselves greatly dis- 
tressed for want of Dollars, for the purchasing of Pepper the Consignment, 
by the Europe ships, barely discharging what we were in Arrear. The 
Ballance of our Cash at present consisting mostly of Rupees, which only pass 
Current here, and that with difficulty, We are therefore earnestly to request 
the sum of (£15000) fifteen thousand pounds sterling in Spanish Dollars should 
We receive any Consignment in the Interim your Compliance therewith, can- 
not be prejudicial to our Honble Masters as We shall take care to remit sur- 
plus Cash to Canton. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 17 63-6 A 21 

Tons. Cwt. Qr, lbs. 

TheValentineCapt^. William Fernell sail' d for Canton with 330 6 17 
of Pepper 

The Glatton Captain Richard Doveton arrived here the 29tii. July & 
the Pocock, Captain Benjamin Hooke the 3^. Aug*. The Valentine having 
received all the Pepper collected here, & the season being too late for sendinj. 
them to the southern Settlements We vpere oblig'd to dispatch them to Canton 
with their Europe Investment, & they accordingly sailed the 13*^. Day of Sep- 
tember. We remain with due Regard. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Fort Marlbro Your most obede*. humble Servants 

.:21st. November 1763. Roger Carter. 

Henry Idell. 

George Scott. 

Robert Nairne. 

John Herbert. 

N^ 23. 

To the Honble George Pigot Esq«. 

President & Governour &ca. Council 

at Fort S'^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

After a very tedious Passage we reached Malacca the 31^*. July where 
Captain Steward thought it necessary to water and the S^. Aug*, the London 
much to my surprize arrived here. 

I conceived it would be of no consequence for the London to proceed 
immediately to Manilha, as the Hector who with the Britannia came hither in 
Company with us will undoubtedly arrive before she could; I therefore pro 
pose to take the London with us as her Presence may be useful to the Neptune 
& as it will affard me an Opportunity of sending Advices to Manila However 
to prevent any considerable delay in our Passage by keeping the London com- 
pany we shall not lose time for her & the Commander has my Directions \u 
case of our Parting from him to make the best of his way to Manila & 
J have wrote by the Hector to the Gentlemen there of these Measures. 

The Beaumont, Brumanure from Europe for China, last from Mauritius 
arrived at Malacca with us — there are three ships of the same Burthen (at 800 
Tons or more) intended for Canton this season the other two are named the 
Penthiorre & Choisoucil. There are also here a French Sloop with [sic'] sailed 
from Trankebar for the French Islands but being leaky bore away for Malacca 
to here she has been about two Months. 

The Houghton left this Place about 25 Days ago. 

I leave this to be forwarded to you from Malacca th6 I did not suppose 
an Opportunity will offer sooner than from Manilha or China. I have the 
honor to be 

Ship Neptune in Honble Sir & Sirs 

Malacca Road Your most Obed*. humble serv* 

4th. Augt. 1763. Alexander Dalrymplk. 

22 Records of Fort St. George 

N". 24. 


President & Governoiir ScC^ Council 

AT Fort S'^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

I have received your Letter under date the 12'^^. Instant. 
The Pitt arriving here the ll*ii. at Night, I have now the Pleasure to- 
dispatch her to your Honor &&. with Two Hundred & thirty three Bales of 
Good Cloth & five of Torn & Damaged in all (238) Bales, as f Invoice & Bill 
of Lading herein Enclosed I am with perfect Respect, 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
CuDDALORE Your most Obed*. humble Serv*. 

14™. March 1764. John Calland. 

Remains in the Godown of different Sortments 64: Bales. 

N". 25. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

As you are now Entering into a New Contract with the Merchants of this- 
Place, for an Investment for the Year ensuing, I think it but proper to make 
known to you the trouble I found in the last, by the Merchants having the 
Dying of the half Pieces. Out of seventy Bales sent by the Plassey upwards of 
Fifty of them were turn'd back & resorted, three or four times over, & after 
all I was so tir'd out that several Pieces were taken that ought to have been 
rejected merely from the Merchants not affording sufficient to the Dyers for 
their Hire & giving the Cloth, the proper Colour, or Else, from having the 
Money, in their hands & being indifferent about it To prevent the like in future, 
I beg leave to purpose to your Honor &&■. Consideration, The Contract with 
the Merchants to be only for the Cloth & the Dying part, to be put, upon the 
footing of the Washing. The Warehouse keeper to have the Dyers under him 
& to be accountable for the Colour of one as well as Washing the Other. 
This Method taken, will I conceive not only save a great deal of trouble in 
looking after the Merchants but this part of the Investment, WiU be much- 
Quicker & better Executed, then what it has been of late & will I am certain- 
be the means of Increasing of it considerably. 

I am with due Deference, 
I'oRT S''. George Honble Sir & Sirs 

16™. March 1764. Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

John Calland. 

N». 26. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk EsQR. 
President & Governour &c-*-. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have been favoured with your Honor &&^. Letter of the 13*^. Ultimo 
and agreable thereto, Lieutenant Smith set off for the Presidency some Days 
since over land; & M^. Stratton left this Place at the same time with him.' 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 


As Lieutenant Smith is now gone we hope we shall shortly see the Officer 
Your Honour &c^. intend sending in his room. 

There is in this Garrison one Jacob Teal an Invalid serjeant, who ever 
since has been here has received only his five Pagodas a Month, & has not 
been allowed any Cloathing; We therefore request your Honor (fec^. will permit 
us to charge the full Serjeants Pay for him in order that the usual stoppages 
. may be made for his Cloathing, as he has several times applied to us for the 
same. This We imagine to have arose from an Omission in M^. Heaths 
not having charged his full pay at first. 

We have for a long time past been in daily Expectations of a Vessell from 
the Bay M''. Vansittart having promised thro' M^. Downs the Chiefs Corres- 
j)ondent that he would send One to take in the Honble Companys Bales which 
have now been ready some time, & the Number of them is expressed at the 
foot hereof. 

We have the honor to remain with the utmost Respect 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
ViZAGAPATAM, Your most Obed*. & most Obliged 

THE 6™. March 1764. himible servants 

John Smith. 
Chas. Smith. 
Cloth on hand. 


. . 







Bales ... 

L.C.O. Gorge 
L.O.M. . . 
L.F.C. . . 

e Warehouse 

24 9 
7 1 
7 10 

Gorge . . 


No. 27. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq*. 
President & Governour &c^. Council 
AT Fort S''. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

This is to Accompany Long Cloth fine Ten Gorge, Eight Pieces (10-8) 
Chinnamanaickpollam Five Gorge, Eight Pieces (5-8- ) & Worriarpollam, 
Eight Corge, Sixteen Pieces (8-16) belonging to Ramah Linga, which he 
Exports by Boat. 

I am Respectfully, 


21st. March 1764. Your most Obed*. humble Serv*. 

John Calland. 

24 Records of Fort St. George 

N". 28. 

To THE HoNBLE Robert Palk EsQ». 
President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S"^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

This serves to Accompany Long Cloth Salam 403 Pieces, Salampores 
Midling 292 Sheally 77 Long Cloth Fine 38— Soot Eomals Red 185 & Blue 280 
Pieces, which with Five Hundred Pieces of Different sortments, sent your 
Honour &c^. by the Pitt, Contains all the Turn'd out Cloth, that Remains in 
the Godowns here belonging to the Merchants, The rest of their Cloth having 
been taken away by them at different times, as it suited them. The short 
Measures I have not sent & have fixed a seal on Each Parcell of this, to pre- 
vent its being changed & that you may be assured tis the same that I have 
rejected, all which I must request may be compared with the Musters I sorted 
it by when I don't doubt but your Honor &c^. will be convinced, that the Mer- 
chants have had justice done them, in the sortings by the Rejected Cloth, being 
inferior to Muster fifteen & Twenty ^ Cent, some of it much more. 

I am Respectfully, 


24™. March 1764. Your most Obed*. humble Serv*. 

John Calland. 

N". 29. 


President & Governour &c*. Council 

AT Fort S^ . George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have received your Letters of the 4*^^. & %^^. January, the former- 
giving Cover to an Account Current with his Majestys 89*ii. Regiment and a 
Bill of Exchange for Rs. 1600 on Major Hector Munro, both of which were 
accordingly tender'd to that Gentlemen for Payment which he however de- 
clined, as you will please to observe by the Enclosed Copy of his letter to our 
Secretary in reply to our Demand We therefore now return the Account and 
Bill that you may take the necessary measures for recovering the Amount of 

The Speaker will sail in a Day or two to fill up upon the Coast for 

We are 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Your most Obeditnt Servants 
Chas. Crommelin. 
Thoms. Byfeld. 
Bombay Castle John Spencer. 

1^1. March 1764. Cha«. Waters. 

Samuel Court. 
Cevil Bowyer. 

To Andrew Ramsay Esq«. 


I'm just now favoured with yours of the 7*^. February enclosing me an 
Ai count of Money advanced by the Presidency of Madrass to different Gentle- 
men for the use of his Majestys 89*. Regiment Please to acquaint the Board ' 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 25- 

that I have paid all the money Major Duff had at Madrass, that I sent round 
in January last to Lieutenant to Lieutenant [sic] Bailie One Years Pay for 
himself and Detachment & desired he would pay out of that Money any Cash 
he received from that Presidency, so that he has now ere discharged any 
Debt he had contracted for himself & Detachment at Madras therefore Gover- 
nour & Council will be pleased to return his Draught upon me now to that 
Presidency. In regard to what money Major Scott received at Madrass I am 
entirely ignorant of it as he never wrote to me on the subject nor desired me to 
pay any Money for him there, besides if I am inclineable to pay it without 
having any Advice from him about it, I have not near money sufficient to dis- 
charge his Debt, and to subsist the remainder of the 89*^. Regiment now here 
so that his Account must be returned to Madrass, in order to be sent to En- 

I am 


ZiLLA ISIovA Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

8™. Februaky 1764. Hector Munro. 

(A true Copy) 

Akdrew Eamsay 

N". 30. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq". 
President & Governour &ca. Council at 

Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

The accompanying are Duplicate of our Letters of the l^t. & 2^. Instant 
& having since received by the way of Bussorah a List of Ships taken up for 
India this season, even now enclose Copy thereof for your Notice requesting 
you will please to forward it to the President & Council at Fort William. 

We are 
Honble Sir & Sirs 
Bombay Castle Your most Obedient Servants 

4™. March 1764. Cha^. Crommelin. 

Thqs, Byfeld. 
John Spencer. 
Chas. Water. 
Samuel Court, 
Cevil Bowyer. 

No. 31. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq^. 
President & Governour &c^. Council at 

Fort S'f. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have now the honor to enclose you the Accounts of this Settlement 
for the last Month. 

:26 Records of Fort St. George 

We beg your Honor &&. will be so kind as to comply with our Indent as 
soon as you conveniently can, particularly the Stationary, as We have scarcely 
any Paper to write on We have the honor to remain with Respect, 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
VizAGAPATAM Your most Obedient & most Obliged 

THE 16™. March 1764. humble Servant, 

John Smith. 
Charles Smith. 

Cloth on Hand. 

Embaled 172 

At the Wash. 

L C C 28 17 

LCM 8 12 

LCF 8 16 

Corge 46 

N". 32. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

at Fort S't. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Since writing you under Date the 30*51. of December, whereof a Duplicate 
is herewith transmitted. We have received your Letter of the 22^. November 
by our Honble Masters Ship British King which arrived safe at Ingellee the 
18*11. Ultimo. 

We now dispatch to you the Deptford with 250 Tons of Salt Petre and 
a small Quantity of Rice, agreable to the Invoice and Bill of Lading enclosed 
in her Packet, and We hope that she may arrive with you so as to be fill'd up 
and sent Home in due time. 

The President having received Advice from the Chief of Vizagapatam, 
that about two hundred Bales of your Investment are laying at that Place 
for want of a conveyance to carry them to Madras, We station'd the Coote 
Schooner to proceed thither and perform this service, and she will accordingly 
be ready to sail in a few Days. 

Enclosed We transmit you an Extract of the British Kings Invoice of the 
30 Chests Small Arms which you wrote us you had detained and We desire 
you will give us due Credit for the Amount being £ Sterling 1370-16-3 or Cur- 
rent Rupees 10966-7-9. 

As soon as our Assay Master has been able to inspect the Condition of 
the Mint Stores landed from the British King We shall order you such as 
supply of parting Glasses, as it may appear can be spared. 

Since the date of our last Letter, three of the Honble Companys Ships have 
arrived here from Bombay with a detachment of Troops which they sent to 
assist our Affairs, These you will be adviced from the Secret Department are 
now embark' d for your Presidency to reinforce your Army employ' d in the 
reduction of Madura. And as we are now certain that the produce of our 
Investment will not allow of our dispatching more than three ships direct to 
Europe, We have determined to employ the other ships which will remain on 
liand in the following manner. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 27 

The Lord Mansfield to return to Bombay with 200 Tons of Salt Petre im- 
mediately on the arrival of our second Fleet from Patna. 

The Bute to proceed to your Place with the remainder of the Bombay 
detachment, & a supply of Rice, and then to be dispatch' d to Batavia to bring 
us a Cargoe of Arrack, Timbers & Plank for the Companys use. 

The British King to go to China with a Cargo of Cotton & Lead, and 
fifty thousand Rupees in Money; which We hope will turn out there a stock 
sufficient to provide her a Cargo for Europe. 

The Earl of Middlesex to proceed to the Island of Mauritius with dis- 
patches for the French Government, in order to receive and carry back to Fort 
Marlbro the Chinese Families which were made Prisoners of War at that 
Settlement, and after Performing this service to be return 'd to Bombay, to 
go home the first of next season . 

According to this Disposition, We hope to be able to dispatch all these 
ships within the Course of the present Month The Boscawen is also taking 
on board her Cargo for Europe; and the Pigot will receive Hers as soon as th^e 
Remainder of the Investment arrive from the subordinates. 

The Osterly having received her dispatches from Europe sail'd from In- 
gellee the Sl^t. of December. 

In the Deptford's Packet you will find the several Papers relative to the 
Ship also some others which We desire may be made Numbers of her General 
Packet to Europe. 

We are 

Ho~NBLE Sir & Sirs 
Fort William Your most Obedient humble Servants,. 

THE 6™. February 1764. Henry Vansittart. ; 


Warren Hastings. 
Rand=. Marriott. 
Henry Watts. 
Ralph Leycester. 
John Burdett. 

N". 33. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esqb. 

President & Governour &c^. Council at 

Fort S"^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have duely received your Favour of the 27*^. January and agreeable- 
thereto have sent Directions to our President at Callicut to Transmit us a 
particular account of the Remains of Timber & Plank fomerly provided for 
your Presidency and Fort S*. Davids where we shall give him the necessary- 
orders for getting the same ready with that you now write for. 

His Majestys ship Paleine sailed hence the 28*ii. Ultimo for Europe. 

We are 
Honble Sir & Sirs 
'I'ellicherry Your most Obedient humble Servants 

fiT.1. March 1764. Will^. Hornby, 

Titus Scott. 
WiLLM. Hurt. 
Thomas Day. 
J. W. Glass. 

1763-64— 4a 

■:28 Records of Fort St. 

N". 34, 


President & Governour &c^. Council 
AT Fort S'. George. 

It is with great concern I inform you that the strong N°. early Currents, 
and southerly winds we met with retarded us so long in Passing the Streights 
of Malacca, that the easterly winds prevail' d in the Chinese Seas, and pre- 
vented our Getting to Manilha the Common Passage and made me bear away 
for Batavia, where I arrived the 18*1'. Ultimo: Our Ruther being so much 
loosen'd from the Main Piece that we were oblig'd to have it & the Irons 
-Repair 'd and were likewise under a Necessity of laying in Provision as my 
former stock of Provision was almost Expended, which oblig'd me to remain 
here so long. I shall sail tomorrow to attempt my Fansage thro' the Pitts 
Streights and sail through the Buccadoras for Manilha. 

I have taken the Liberty to draw Bills on you for my disbursements on 
the Ships Account since I left Fort S*. George, which I request you will be 
pleased'to Honor, and am with the Greatest Respect 

Ship Revenge Your most Obedient and most 

Batavia Road humble Servant 

10™. Deck. 1763. John Watson. 

N". 35. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

Commodore John Watson who sail'd from this Place for Manilha the ll*h. 
Ultimo having left with me the enclosed Pacquet to forward to you, I at the 
same time lay hold of the Opportunity to acquaint your Honor &c^. that the 
Glatten commanded by Captain Richard Doveton having been dispatched too 
late from Bencoolen and Consequently losing her passage by the ordinary track 
to China, came here 4*^. November, and after having taken in provision &c^. 
proceeded :^ Pitts passage. Captain Benjamin Hook who left Bencoolen at same 
time, lost her Passage in the Pocock in same manner arrived here 2^. Ultimo 
& sails likewise per Pitts Passage in a few Days. 

There is now also here repairing the Honble Companys Snow Luconia, 
who as the Captain says was in a strong gale blown of the Coast of Sumatra, 
and being unacquainted with the Streights of Sunda, let the Vessel go on 
shore on a reef which runs off Menlaters Island which Oblig'd them to Cut 
away their Masts &c^. and they must have unavoidably perished had it not 
been for the timely assistance I procured them from this place and what 
they received from His Majestys ship Panther who having lost her Passage 
to Manilha, was then at unrust refitting, by which means after being anchored 
Eight days, she was at last every thing being taken out got off. 

Commodore Watson being in want of money when herefor the use of the 
ship. I advanced to him received 2500 on Account of the Honble Company, 
which has been again repaid me by Messrs. Browne Bourgeois & Alexander 
as Executors to the late John Mathison Esq^. who unfortunately died here 
heginning last Month, and I have accordingly indorsed over to above Gentlemen, 
the Commodores Receipt, to be paid by you to them, with which I make no 
doubt you will be pleased readily to comply. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 29 

As the Luconia must be hove down and sheathed, have now Masts Top- 
. masts, Yards and stores (Her Rigging and every thing being cut away) her out- 
fitt will amount to a considerable Sum, for which if there was any remitters I 
should draw upon Your Honor &c^. as it is uncertain when there may come a 
Vessel from Bencoolen, and inconvenient for me to be long in advance. 

Since writing the preceeding on Application made to Lieutenant Annes- 
ley Browne, he has been pleased to furnsh the Luconia with Canvas for sails 
<& some Cordage, for which I have given a receipt as enclosed and leave the 
same to be settled by your Honor &&^. as to the price. 

By Letters from China four ships are gone from Canton to Manilha, to 
carry the Chinese to Bencoolen. Nothing further occurring I have the honor 
to subscribe myself. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Batavia Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

41H. February 1764. James Burnelo. 

N". 36. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esqk. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S't. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

Agreably to the advice given you in our Letter by the Deptford, We now 
dispatch the Cuddalore Schooner to Vizagapatam to take on board the Bales 
& proceed from thence to your Honour (fec^. After performing this service We 
leave her under your Orders to be returned to us with the first Material Advices. 

We are 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
Fort William Your most Obedient humble Servants, 

the 230. February 1764. Henry Vansittart. 

William Billers. 

Warren Hastings. 

Ranch. Marriott. 

H. Watts. 

R. Leycester. 

N". 37. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq^. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S'^ . George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

Agreable to what the President & Council of Fort William write us under 
date the 23^. Ultimo the Cuddalore Schooner John Gosling Master imported 
here the 12^^. Instant in the Evening and an her We have now laden and con- 
signed to your Honor &c^. One hundred and fifty Bales of Calicoes on 
Account our Honble Masters as ^ the Invoice and Bill of lading, and have 
this day delivered the Master his sailing orders. Copy of which We now send 
you enclosed also of those Orders he received from the Presidency of Bengal, 
the Master of the Cuddalore could not possibly take in the other seventeen 
Brown Bales, as with what he has now on board he is obliged to carry all his 
Cables on deck in order to make room for them these Bales will now be un- 
packed, and the Cloth washed and when sent to the Presidency will be parti- 
cularly' expressed as the remains of the last Years Investment. 


Records of Fort St. 

Capt^i. Gosling has been under the necessity of putting ashore here 
Twelve Casks of different Sorts in order to make Room for the Bales concerning 
which We request your Honor &cas. Directions. 

Conformable to your Honor &c=»s. orders We now send you the reasons why 
a larger Quantity of Cloth has not been provided this Settlement in the last 
Year, and have only to assure you that you may depend on our utmost Endea- 
vours being exerted to promote & increase our Investm*. 

We have been favour'd with your Honor &ca's letter of the 14*^. by 
Ensign Haycock who arrived here the 21st. Instant. 

We have supplied the Master of the Cuddalore Schooner with Ninety six 
Matts, to put against the sides of the Vessell by way of Dunnage in order to- 
secure the Bales 

We have the Honor to be with great Eespect, 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
VizAGAPATAM Your Most Obedient & most Obliged 

24™. March 1764. humble Servants 

John Smith. 
Charles Smith. 

^Quantity of Cloth ordered 
^to be Provided. 




SF ; 


24™. March 




Qu antity of Cloth 
sent to Madras. 

LCO.. .. 6,736 

LCM 3,137 

LCF.. . . 2,520 

N B There remains in the 
Warehouse of the last 
Years Investment. 


LCO .. .. 60 

LCM .. .. 440 

LCF .. .. 160 

Reasons why a larger 
Quantity was not sent. 

It has not been in our Power 
to procure a larger Quantity 
of either the Ordinary 
Midling or Fine Cloths as we 
have taken in every piece 
that was fit & the Mer- 
chants assure us that they 
were not able to being in- 

The Salampores Ordinary and 
Fine could not be provided 
on equal terms with the 
Long Cloths, so we did not 
provide any not having 
received any particular 
Orders from the Presidency 
on that subject. 

John Smith. 
Charles Smith. 

No. 38. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S''. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

I have to inform You that Sadasheverow have fail'd Payment for the 
Arrack Farm for the February and March Kists, but have sent me word to 
receive them of Mootah Comrapah, who is I hear at Madrass. As Sadasheve- 
row is himself there and receiving the Rent from this Man, quite unusual 
though his Partner (or named with him in the Cowle) Your Honor &c^. will 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 31 

be pleased to inform Yourselves, His reasons for his Neglect & to direct him 
to be more punctual with regard to the others ; for I never receive them without 
much Opportunity & never According to the time Stipulated by Cowle. 

Enclosed are the Accounts of this Settlement for last Month which Con- 
cludes me with the greatest Respect 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
CuDDALORE Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

10™. April 1764. John Calland. 

N°. 39. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Port S^. George. 
_HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

.We wrote you under Date the 6^^. and 23^. Ultimo of which Duplicates are 
now enclosed. 

We have since recieved your Letters of the 27*^. January and 8^'^. Feb- 

We now dispatch to you the Bute Captain Maitland, on Board of whom 
We have laden a supply of Grain & Packing Stuff for the use of your Presi- 
dency as '^ Invoice & Bills of Lading enclosed the former of which amounts 
toC.R«. 9391— 8— . 

According to the Advice given you in our Letter by the Deptford, We 
intend that Captain Maitland after landing his Corgo at your Place shall 
proceed to Batavia & to provide & bring us a Cargo of Arrack & Timbers We 
have accordingly put on Board the Ship for this Purpose three Chests of Trea- 
sure to his Consignment, A copy of the Invoice of which & of our Letter of 
Instructions for Purchasing the Batavia Cargo We transmit for your Infor- 
mation. And We request that you will dispatch the Ship thither without Loss 
of time as We are desirous that she should return, so as to proceed to England 
early the next Season. 

By the Letter address' d to ourselves as well as the Copy of that which 
you sent us, We observe the Great Want which the Supracargoes at China will 
be in this ensuing Year for supplies of Money, to provide the Cargoes of the 
Homeward Bound Ships. The British King is now under Dispatch to them 
from hence, with a stock of two Lacks of Rupees in ready Money besides a 
Quantity of Cotton & Lead. But from the Present situation of our affairs 
We are afraid, it will not be in our Power to give them any further Assistance. 

The Pigot for Europe & the Lord Mansfield for Bombay, are also at 
present under Dispatch & the Boscawen & Middlesex have already received 
their Dispatches the former the 20^^^. Ultimo & the latter this day. 

We have directed our Sub Treasurer to prevent the Bill of Exchange on 
the Paymaster of the Sit'i. Regiment & the amount when received shall be 
brought to your Credit. 

We are 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs, 
Fort William Your most Obed*. Hble Servts. 

5™. March 1764. Henry Vansittart. 

Warren Hasting. 

Rand=. Marriott. 

H. Watts. 

Samuel Middleton. 

John Burdett. 

32 Records of Fori St. George 

N". 40. 


President & Governour &c^o Council 
OF Fort S''. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Agreable to the Orders of the Honourable the President & Council of Fort 
William dated the 5*^1. Instant I repair' d on Board the Honourable Company s 
Ship Bute, The Honourable Captain Patrick Mailand [sic] Commander, to 
Dispatch her to Madrass, and under this cover inclose the Honble Patrick 
Maitlands Receipt for the Packets directed for your Honor &&^. Council. 

I have this day deliver 'd the Honourable Patrick Maitland his Dispatches, 
the inclosed is the Bills of Lading for Goods Laden on Board the said Ship for 

The Ship now Appears in good Order drows 18 Feet 6 Inches on an even 
I wish her a safe and speedy Passage to Madrass and am with the greatest 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
Dated on Board the Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

Bute in Ingellee Road Richard Dean 

this 13™, Day OF March 1764. Deputy Master Attendant, 

N". 41. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq". 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

of Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs, 

I have now to reply to your Commands of the l^t February and 29*^1. 
CTltimo. In answer to the Remark you are pleased to make relating to the 
Charge of Package on the Bales received from hence & Mandarmalanka, I beg 
leave to observe that as we have no Screws to assist us in Packing our Bales 
they will be much larger than those Packed at Madrass and consequently 
require more Packing Stuff which too being manufactured were purposely for 
this Bussyness turns out dearer than that from Bengali where it is manufac- 
tured in large Quant itys for Exportation To these reasons, I impute the Differ- 
ence in this Charge between Madrass and the Northern Settlements But with 
respect to the Bales from hence they shall be packed on the terms you have 
been pleased to stipulate and you shall be acquainted with M^. Dolbens answer 
on this subject so soon as I receive it. 

I have forwarded to Mr. Dolben at Bandarmalanka the List of Goods to 
be provided at that Settlement this Season who I hope will find no difficulty 
in contracting with his Merchants for the Provision of the whole Quantity. 
I inclosed him likewise Copy of the Warehousekeeper's Remarks on the Con- 
signment of Goods ^ Sloop Bandarmalanka to whom I acquainted him his 
attorney was to be accountable for the amount of the torn Cloth in that Con- 
signment, and transmitted him Copy of that Paragraph of your Commands 
wherein you are pleased to signify your Approbation of his Conduct in carry- 
ing on the Investment and that no time might be lost in setting about this 
Years I consigned him three days ago fifteen thousand Pagodas by a Vessel! 
bound thither. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 3^ 

I am concerned to find the Chay Goods from hence so generally dis- 
appointed. I beg leave to assure you that no Pains of mine have been spared 
to improve them both in Fabrick & Chay, I have made the Merchants acquaint- 
ed with the Remarks of your Warehouse Keeper on the last consignment who 
have promised to be very attentive to the to the [sic] improvement of the 
several Sortments ordered this Year, for which I have contracted with them and 
made them advances on the same terms as last and I flatter myself the Invest- 
ment will prove to your Satisfaction. 

I have advertised for receiving Proposals for renting the several Farms 
dependent on this Place expiring the 31^*. of next Month for five Years, con- 
formably to your Commands but as yet have received none, and I am not with- 
out apprehensions that the Troubles in the Comitry occasion'd by 
Shittaramrauze will be a great hindrance to this Bussyness more especially 
with respect to the Districts farmed by the Mangalore Rajah which amount to 
near thirty thousand Pagodas annually as the Inhabitants in his Country are 
continually plundered & harassed by Shitteramrauzes Troops and some of the 
Companys Villages have shared the same Fate, and so long as he continues 
involv'd in Troubles it is not to be expected he will burthen himself with 
Countries which he is not in a Capacity to protect, nor it is probable any others 
will who are much less so, and who see no prospect of our doing it for them, 
which indeed with the very inconsiderable force we have here is by no means 
in oui- Powers. 

I acquainted M^. Maule which the Indulgence you have been pleased to 
shew towards him of leaving it in his Choice either to proceed to Vizagapatam 
in Quality of Surgeon or remains here for which he returns 5rou his thanks 
but not being disposed to change his Situation M"". Raine proceeded to Vizaga- 
patam in Conformity with your Appointment. 

The ten Washing Stones consigned here by the Diligent have been received 
& forwarded to Bandarmalanka for the service of which Place they were in- 
tended and Account Current Fort S*. George shall be duly credited their 
amount. The remaining ten of the number indented for will be very accept- 
able when an Opportunity offers. 

Inclosed I have the honor to transmit you the Accounts of this Settlement 
fo]' the three last Months and an Indent for stationary wanted here for the 
Service of the present Year with which I request your Compliance & am very 

HoNBLE Sir & Sms 
Mazulipatam Your most Obed*. and very 

11th. April 1764. humble Serv*. 

John Pybus. 

No. 42. 

To THE HoNBLE Robert Palk EsQK. 

President & Governour &c*. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

The accompanying is Duplicate of your Advices by the Bute, after closing 
of which the Assay Master reported to us that he had put on board that Ship 
one Dozen large and one Dozen & a half small Parting Glasses for the use of 
vour Mint & Assay Office & sent with them a Letter to M'". Russell your Assay 

4J4 Records of Fort St. George 

Enclosed we transmit to your Honor &c^. Packet addressed to the Honble 
the Court of Directors containing Triplicates of our Advices by the Boscawen 
which We hope may arrive in Time for the Deptford; If not we desire it may 
be forwarded by the first Opportunity 

We are 
Honble Sir & Sirs 
Your most Obed*. Humble servants 
Henry Vansittart. 


Warren Hastings. 
Eandh. Marriott. 
Fort William Samuel Middleton 

the 16th. March 1764. Salph Leycester. 

No. 43. 

To THE Honble George Pi got Esq^. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

of Fort S'''. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

The Neptune having a most tedious Passage did not arrive at Sooloo till 
the 7^^. September in the few days between that & the 15^^. not many Goods 
could be received Having received information that some Persons indebted to 
the Company deliver 'd their Goods to the Master of a Javan Sloop to be sold 
to private People in the Neptune I acquainted the Commander of this Infor- 
mation in Consequence of your Intimation that he was restrained from any 
Priviledge at Sooloo He had before informed me verbally that he had received 
no formal Prohibition & that having consulted Persons at Madrass he was 
assured it was assured it was a restriction he could not be laid under & that 
be imagin'd your becoming sensible for this had prevented the Secretary from 
confirming in writing the Restriction he had hinted in Conversation. In reply 
to my Letter he said that he would be responsible for all consequences. 

I receiv'd no Goods aboard for the Company after the 15*1^. Sept^. but as 
the Javan Vessell had brought Letters from the General of Batavia to endea- 
vour settling an Alliance with the Dutch I thought it was a measure extremely 
expedient to obtain a Cession for the Company of the South part of Palawan 
& No. Part of Borneo with all the intermediate Islands as commanding the 
Navigation of these Seas which I accordingly obtain'd but the putting it in 
writing delay' d our Departure from hour to hour till the 19^^. when I ordered 
the Ship to Manila that I might have an Opportunity of consulting with the 
Administration here on the measures which were to be taken for securing the 
Companys Property at Sooloo. 

I do not at present mean to enter a Detail of Circumstances regarding the 
Voyage I must however mention that Dato Juhan & Pangleema Milaham two 
of the three intrusted with the Care of the Commerce died sometime after the 
Londons Departure Dato Sarapondin who intended to accompany us to Balam- 
bangan to make a formal Cession of it in the Sultans Name did not meet us 
there nor get back to Sooloo for several months so that he was unable to exert 
his Influence. The Administration here sent a Ship to Sooloo with the Royal 
Captains Cargo which against the Opinion of Dato Saropodin & Oranky Mal- 
lick was immediately distributed so that there was no room for any Disposition 
of mine on this head The Goods must therefore I conceive be paid for in the 
manner stipulated in the Agreement. The Ship brought back Goods to the 
Amount of 5000 Dollars only; The Linguist who negociated all matters between 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 3S- 

the Sooloo & the Captain of the Ship inform' d me the Vessell could not take 
aboard any more the master represents here that the ship was allmost empty. 
Two Chinese Junks imported this Year at Sibugney one Mindanao whose Car- 
goes were chiefly composed of the Goods provided for the Company at Sooloo 
the Owners pretending they could in good time provide another Cargo for us. 
This was strenuously opposed by Da to Sarapodin Oranky Mallick & some 
others but the disjointed Government render 'd their Endeavours ineffectual. 
The old Sultan is dead and is succeeded by his son but the People in General 
are disaffected & he appears to want the Capacity & Experience necessary for 
his station. 

As the Sooloo have by various Accidents got into their Hands a much larger 
Amount than I ever thought it prudent to trust them with (particularly by the 
last Quota which being most to their Benefit was a security for their good 
Behaviour) By this the Death of allmost all the old People who had a share in 
the Government & other Circumstances the Companys Aft"airs are very much 
involv'd I have come to a Resolution of scarifying (sic) my Inclination to return 
this Year to Europe & intend to proceed shortly to Sooloo where I propose to 
wait till the Arrival of a Ship next year by which time I hope to have collected 
the greatest part if not next year by which time I hope to have collected the 
gi-eatest part if not the whole of their Arrears & persuade myself you will repeat 
your Permission for me to return home by the v/ay of China next season. 
Besides the situation of the Companys Commercial Concerns that of the 
Country is a strong Inducement to the resolution I have taken. The Sultan 
who is now here returns by the first Conveyance but altho his Presence will be 
the greatest Benefit yet as he is rather violent he may without some Check 
bring himself into great difficulties still more involve our Affairs. He is will- 
ing to settle the Government in a manner which I am fully convinced will 
redound to the Companys Interest in the highest m_easure by establishing Sara- 
podin in the Dominion of Borneo & Palawan. 

I flatter myself you will have that Confidence in me as to leave to my 
Discretion the Management of Affairs next Year but as the Comi. of the Nep- 
tune behaved with great Imprudence & threaten'd to commit Acts of Violence 
against the Sooloos I request that the Commander of the Ship destin'd thither 
may have Directions to behave in such a manner as may not hazard involving 
the Companys Affairs or bringing them into Discredit by ill treatment of the 
Bugguese & other strangers as well as the Natives. 

As I have reason to be apprehensive from the Disposition I have seen 
that if there be no pecuniary Advantages tho' Individuals, there is great hazard 
the ship May not find Sooloo I submit to your consideration how far restrain- 
ing private Trade of the Commander & Officers is eligible But I beg leave to 
request that the ship may be sent as early as possible & be positively ordered 
to call at Balambangan at all Events as I shall take measure either to conduct 
or direct her from thence & I must also request that she be put under my Direc- 
tions as soon as there is an Opportunity of receiving them whether or not it 
be before the arrival at Sooloo. 

As not my least Motive for returning to Europe is to attain that Knowl- 
edge which I think necessary to qualify me to be useful in life no consideration 
can induce me to delay that return beyond one Year longer which I beg leave 
to mention that in case it be thought necessary for any one to continue in this 
Quarter a proper Person may be appointed from the Coast for this Purpose. 

As the whole Amount of the Goods licenced to Individuals by the London 
& M^.. Kelsalls Chints in the Neptune is not delivered I presume I may extend 
the Permission in your last Instructions to the Ship of next Season! There 
were a few Pieces of different kinds of Cloth which I had aboard not intended 
for Sale but the People being so desirous of purchasing them I took the Liberty 
to dispose of them & to make the Produce as part of the returns licensed by 
1763-54— 5a 

Records of Fort St. George 

jou to taKmg the Chance of the Sooloos discharging their Debt upon myself 
I request therefore that you will permit the amount of that also to be sent on 
Ihe ships to China should I receive it. 

As we were put to very great Difficulty for the want of Bags for the sago 
which prevented our taking aboard near so much as we could otherwise have 
done I request you will order a Nvunber for this Purpose. 

I mention 'd to the Supracargoes in China the large sum the Company have 
at Sooloo that in Case there should be any ship without Cargo she might be 
sent thither if not wanted for some more important service as there is strong 
reason to suspect the Dutch will pay a visit to Sooloo next Year I must intreat 
that if they cannot send any ship from China you will order one as early as 

I shall again write you by a Conveyance from hence & have the honor to 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Manilha Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

10th. Oct». 1763. Alexander Dalrymple. 

No. 44. 


President & Governour &c-*^. Council 

AT Fort S''. George. 

Not being acquainted with the difficulty I were likely to meet in my 
Passage to Sooloo till after my leaving Madrass I thought it prudent to call 
at Mallacca being in want of a spare Anchor where with some difficulty I got 
supply 'd I had contrary winds all thro the streights of Mallacca; which made 
it the l#ii. of August before I clear'd Pedro Branca. The 23<i. at midnight 
got sounding on the Coast of Borneo in the Lattitude of 6 10 No. which coast 
is very erroneously laid down, being 3° further to the E*. ward and incom- 
pass'd with many Dangers unknown At \ past 3 A.M. brought too, having 
shoald the water from 125 Fathom mud to 45 F™. Coarse Ground and at day 
light was about 3 Miles to the W*ward of a single breaker even with the waters 
Edge, and the appearance of shoal water or 1^ or 2 Miles round it at this time 
no other land in sight At 8 A.M. after clearing this shoal made a small low 
Island, which I cannot call by name none being in that situation in any of 
my Charts At Noon see the Coast of Borneo, dists. 16 Leagues stood right in 
for the shore, being ab*. 4 Leagues to the Southward of Abia at 4 P.M. shoald 
ye. Water from 32 F™. mud to 14 F". Eocks I then stood off anchor'd in 32 
F™. and in the Morning sent the Long Boat ahead, and foUow'd her, she soon 
shoal 'd the water to Ems. Rocks. I stood off and on till the Long Boat was 
Hull down, who still carried these soundings. The Season being to far 
advanced to admit of time to find a proper Channel. I thought it imprudent 
to venture in upon the Coast & accordingly made the best of my way for the 
Streights of Balabac and for 3 Hours that night run over a bank of Corall 
Eocks having very irregular soundings from 20 to 12 @ 8 F™. rocks. I got 
thi'ough the streights of Ballabac without any Accident, they are full of dan- 
gerous Shoals, and cannot be attempted but by day light with a leading wind, 
and fair weather. 

I anchor'd at Sooloo the 7tii. September met with no other Accident, but 
the loss of one Anchor having had exceeding fine weather. 

From Sooloo I sail'd the 20*^1. of September for Manilha On the Coast 
of Panay met with contrary winds and Dirty Weather, and had a Narrow 
Escape of being lost on a Bank said to have 8 Fathom water on it which is 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 37 

•laid down S W*. five or six Leagues from the N end of Panary this Bank proved 
to be just above the Surface of the Water, and Cannot be seen in the Night a 
Ships Length, I had so soundings, vv^hen passing it at 2 or 3 Miles Distance. 

I arrived at Manilha the 3^. of October my People very much jaded here 
I staid till the 14tii. without being able to procure one days fresh Provisions, 
The 2^. of November I arriv'd off Maco. 

In my Passage to Sooloo, from Borneo, I saild by Mj. Dalrymples Charts 
and Instructions, which answer 'd perfectly well. 

I have sent the Copy of my Journal from Pulo Aroe to Manilha & Y^. 
Neptunes Track from getting soundings on the Coast of Borneo, to making 
Cagayan Sooloo. 

I am 
Canton Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

FEB'f. THE 1^. 1764. Gabriel Steward. 

No. 45. 



AT Fort S^ . George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We wrote to your under date of the 8*^^ of November by a Portuguese 
Ship from Macao a Duplicate of which, we sent by another Macao Ship that 
sail'd in December, and a Triplicate comes enclosed. 

We now do ourselves the Pleasure of answering the several Letters 
-received from you by the Grosvenor, Houghton, Hector Falmouth Neptune & 

The Grosvenor arrived here by the Pitts passage the 22<3. of March, 
and having loaded her she was dispatch' d the S*'!. of June for England, but 
did not pass Macao till the 18tii. We have since heard that Captain Saunders 
got safe to Batavia, and left that Place the 14*^. of September. 

In your Letter of the ^^^. of August you seem desirous that we should send 
some of our homeward bound Ships to Manilha in order to assist in embark- 
ing the Troops for Madras. We are by no means. Gentlemen, authorized to 
.give orders for such a deviation, especially as the Companys Instructions en- 
join us, in the strongest manner to use every method in your Power to get 
Chinese conveyed to Bencoolen. The Present Opportunity is the only pro- 
bable one that has hitherto offered fully to answer this purpose; and if not 
made use of now, is most likely lost for ever in conformity therefore to the 
Company's directions & the advices we have received from the Deputy Gover- 
nour and Council of Manilha, that many of the Chinese of that Place were 
desirous of going to Bencoolen the Council came to a resolution the 20*^^. of 
November to send the Havannah, Cruttenden, Falmouth and Hawke to the 
former Place, to enable the Gentlemen of that Settlement to send as many 
Chinese to Fort Marlborough, as those Ships can carry, which we should 
imagine would be eight hundred or a thousand We have dispatched the Hough- 
ton directly to Bencoolen to acquaint the Governor and Council what number 
of People they are to expect, that they may be better prepared to receive 

The Account Sales of the Sooloo Goods f Royal Captain Essex & Grosve- 
nor, we have sent in Triplicate to Mr. Dalrymple at Manilha, and now enclose 
a copy to you, likewise the Account sales of Sooloo Goods ^ Neptune. The 
latter we must beg the favor of you to transmit to him by the first convevance 

38 Records of Fort St. George 

to Sooloo, as he designs to proceed thither from Manilha. We should have 
sent this account to him by our last Ship to Manilha but could not sell the Goods 
before her Departure. 

When we received your Letter of the 21st. of May we had not disposed of 
the Pearls, and should have kept them as you desired, till we had received 
further Advices from you, had not M^. Dalrymple desired they might be sold 
on the Companys account, which we have accordingly done. 

Out of three hundred and thirty four Prisoners sent to this place from 
Bombay and Madras only a hundred & sixty have gone to Europe on our Ships 
the rest (except a few that died) and run away before their Arrival here 
have deserted to the French and other foreign Ships among these, were M^". 
du Saussay & some others that came on the Houghton, although they had 
given us their Parole of Honor. 

The Deputy Governour & Council of Manilha having desired us to pro- 
cure a Passage for Major Fell to Madras on the Sabut Jung We requested 
the favor of Messrs. Barnewall & Carvalho to permit him to go on that Ship, 
which they have agreed to, and he goes in her accordingly. M^. Holland like- 
wise takes his Passage on that Ship. 

The Glatton arrived here the 24*1^. of last Month Captain Doveton left 
Bencoolen the 14*1^. of September in Company with the Pocock He departed 
from her in the Streights of Banca, and got as far on his way to China by the 
Common track as six degrees North, but finding the winds contrary, he bore 
away the IS^^. of October for Batavia which Place he left the 16*^. of Novem- 
ber and proceeded to Canton by the Pitts Streights. We hope to dispatch this 
Ship about the middle of March. There is reason to expect the Pocock Arrival 
soon, as Captain Hooke had resolv'd to go the Pitts track, if he could not 
gain his Passage the other way. 

In the hurry of Bussyness we omitted to make the demand on Captain 
Williams for the 49 Buoys and Buoy ropes you mentioned; we shall therefore 
send the Account to England by the Glatton. 

Mr. Drake sent six Pieces of Brass Cannon on the Hawke and as Captain 
Cotton acquainted us, desired him to deliver them to M*". Barnewall that they 
might be put on board the Jabut Jung for Madras. These M^". Barnewal 
could not take; and as our Ship could not unload till they were out of her, 
they were brought up to Canton, where they will remain till a proper oppor- 
tunity offers of sending them to Madras . 

We shall be oblig'd to you for the exact Essay of very different sort of 
Rupee you purpose sending to this Place, as our Payments are made in Dollars 
or money of the same fineness, and therefore all Silver that comes here, must 
be reduced to that standard. This Year we have been forced to trust to the 
Chinese Essayers, who are very incorrect, & sometimes differ 1^ '^ C*. in essay- 
ing the same Sort of Rupee. 

We have dravm on your Presidency for. 
Pasodas 6331 06 as follows : — 

Date of the Bill 

To whom payable 




Time drawn at 

Jany. the 2^^ 

. . Shamier Sultan 



30 Days sight. 

Feby. the 16"^ 

. , Cap* ■ George Scott , . 




. Claud Russell Esq^- 





. Messi^. John Lewin"^ 

Smith & John J» 




Smith . . . . J 




Letters to Fort St. George, 17 63-6 A 39 

The Redwood f Houghton sold for Tales 2,600 the Pecul 2000 peculs may 
be sent on ye. Comp^. Acco*. if there is none brought by private Persons That 
Quantity we imagine will sufficiently stock the Market. 

Enclosed are the Acco*. Sales of Sooloo Goods 1762 & 1763 A price Cur- 
rent Canton 1763 & list of ships at this Port. 

We are 
HoNBLE SiK & Sirs 
Your most Obedient humble Servant 
Thqs. Fitz Hugh. 
Samuel Blount. 
Nathani-. Garland. 
Alexr. Hume. 
Mann Horner. 
■Canton Thos. Smith. 

17th. Feby. 1764. WiLL^. Rous. 

No. 46. 


President & Gov». &c^. Council 

AT Fort S'^. George. 

Since the sealing of our Packet We have further drawn upon you for 
Pags. 3850 at thirty days sight to Messrs. Barnewall & Carvalho or Order being 
for five thousand five hundred new Mexico Dollars Received of them, here the 
Exchange at 10 Pagodas ^ 15 Dollars with an addition of Five '^ Cent Pre- 
mium which please to place to the Account of the Hoiible The United Com- 

We are 
Your most Obed*. humble Servants 
Thqs. Fitzhugh. 
Samuel Blount. 
Nathai-. Garland. 
Alexk. Hume. 
Mann. Horner. 
Canton Tho^. Smith. 

25th. February. Will^. Rous. 

No. 47. 


President & Gov». &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

I address' d you last under date the ll^^i. instant since when I have learnt 
from Mr. Dolben that he cannot prevail on his Merchants to undertake to con- 
tract for the present Years Investment on the terms they did last, which they 
assure him thy {sic) have been great losers by and that they cannot provide the 
several Sortments of Goods in future under the following Prices Viz*. 
LosTG Cloth Fine '@ Mads Ps* 65 f( Gorge 

D°. Midling . . . . ... 50 ^ D°. 

D°. Ordinary . . . . . . 40 f< D°. 

These he acquaints me were the lowest terms he had been able to bring them 
to which will undoubtedly appear to your Honor &c^. to be a most exorbitant 
Advance, They have addressed Letters to me on this Subject to the same Purpose 

•10 Records of Fort St. 

in answer to which I have ordered them to this Place in hopes I may be able 
to bring them to more reasonable Terms, And I will take the first Opportunity 
of acquainting you with the result of my Conference with them tHat I may 
be honored with your Orders in Consequence. 

M''. Dolben begs leave to return Your Honor &c^. his Thanks for the 
Approbation you have been pleased to signify to his Attention to the Invest- 
ment and to assure you that his best Endeavours shall be as they have ever 
been exerted to the Improvement of it . 

The Package of the Bales from Bandarmalanka M"". Dolben has engaged 
to imdertake on the terms you have been pleased to stipulate of two Current 
Pagodas ^ Bale. 

In Compliance with the Directions Your Honor &c^. were pleased to give 
M»". Dawson in your Commands of the 25^^. February for keeping as large a 
ballance of Cash here as possible in Rupees the Garrison both Military and 
seapoys were paid the beginning of this Month in Pagodas at the rate of 375 
Rupees ^ % Madrass Pagodas the Bazar Exchange at that time but the 
Consequence of this was that in a few days afterwards the Shroffs had raised 
the Exchange two Anoes in a Pagoda Avhich occasion' d Complaints from 
the Military as the loss to them was Considerable. I have for the 
Current Month obliged the Shroffs to Exchange to the Military only at 
that rate of 375 Rupees f. % Pagodas the rate they were paid at, but as 
there are few or no Rupees brought into the Place but Avhat center in the 
Conipanys Cash the putting a stop to the Issues of that Specie must enhance 
its value and indeed render it impossible to procure any which will not only 
subject the Military & Seapoys of the Garrison but the Settlement in general 
to distresses and Inconveniences as the Currency in General here is more in 
Rupees than Pagodas and the Company will by continuing this Practise loose 
on the Pay of the Military thirty Rupees in every hundred Pagodas and in 
that of the Seapoys ten, by the difference of Exchange, I therefore must request 
Your Orders for continuing to issue the Pay of the Garrison in Rupees as has . 
been hitherto practised. 

I am very Respectfully 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Mazulipatam Your very Obedient & most humble Servant 

19™. April 1764. John Pybus. 

No. 48. 


President & Governotjr &c^ Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We have been favoured with your Honor &c^. Letters of the 13^^. and 
29^^^. Ultimo, the last by the Diligent Snow who imported here the 11*^. 

We are much concerned to hear your Honor &c^. have so much reason to 
complain of the few Bales of Cloth saved out of the Union, We must take 
the Liberty to inform you that the greatest Part of the Cloth sent on her 
was provided before our time, and on our arrival here the Merchants complain- 
ed much of the Quantity of Cloth we turned out as unfit ; We flatter ourselves 
that the Cloth sent you by the Cuddalore Schooner will prove more to ^^our 
Honour &c=i. satisfaction and we assure you that our utmost Endeavours shall 
never be wanting to promote and improve the Investment as much as possible. 

Letters to Fort St. George, ■1763-64 41- 

It is with the greatest truth that we assure your Honor &c>^. that no pains 
have been spared to put the Investment at this Settlement on the footing you 
have recommended and we are much concerned that our lindeavours have 
been hitherto unsuccessfull. We are equally at a loss with your Honor &c^. 
to what Cause to ascribe the Perverseness of our Merchants, unless it is owing 
to the unsettled state of the Country and to all necessarys of life being much 
dearer than they were formerly. We really cannot discover what reason they 
have for acting as they do, and at the same time We cannot learn that any of 
our Merchants are in any degree grown Richer : Our utmost Endeavours shall 
be exerted to discover their motives and to bring them to the Terms your 
Honor Ac^-. wish. At present the greatest Part of our Merchants are in the 
Country providing of Cloths so soon as they come in We will communicate to 
them what your Honor &c^. have now wrote us on this subject, and will then 
address you again on this hand, & we will also do our best to provide the 
Chints you have ordered, & As this Cloth must be manufactured; We hope by 
that time We shall receive the Musters yours Honor &c^. are pleased to pro- 
mise Us. 

By the Dearness of the Betulahs provided by M^'. Heath, we are much 
afraid that we shall not be able to get them of the fininess your Honor (feca^. 
want, at the prices you mention, however no pains shall be wanting. 

The few Merchants that are nov/ here say they can never possibly consent 
to sending up their turn'd out Cloths to Madras on their Account to be resorted, 
however when we get them together we shall inform them of your Orders on 
this head tho' we do not imagine they will ever consent to it, should your Honor 
&ca. be pleased to allow us to take in the best of their turned out Cloth at the 
Abatement you mention we shall do our utmost to bring them to it. 

Ml'. Barker arrived here in the Diligent as did also M^. Raine the Surgeon, 
and we request your Honor &ca. will be pleased to inform what Monthly Pay 
we are to give to the latter as well as his other Allowances for Servants &c^. 
and for his as also Ensign Haycocks travelling Charges. 

Agreable to your Permission M^. Cha^. Smith now proceeds to the Presi- 

We return your Honor &c''. our thanks for the Supply of Stores you have 
been pleased to send us which have been delivered agreable to Invoice and as 
the Guns have no Carriages, we hope you will permit us to make proper ones 
for them. 

We are sorry your Honor &c^. do not approve of our Bales being packed 
on the Old footing; Our Warehouse keeper assures us that he does not think 
he can possibly pack them at two Current Pagodas without being a sufferer, 
but as Mr. Smith is now going to the Presidency, we beg leave to take the 
Liberty to request your Honor &c^. will be so kind as to settle this Matter 
with him there. 

Enclosed are the Accounts of this Settlement for the last Month. 

As our Ballance grows low we hope your Honor &c^. will send us a fur- 
ther Supply of Cash. 

We have the Honor to be with great Respect 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
VizAGAPATAM Your most Obed*. & most Obliged 

17™. April 1764 humble Servants 

John Smith. 
Charles Smith. 
William Barker. 

42 Records of Fort St. George 

Cloth on hand. 

At the Wash. 




.. 35-9 


.. 1910 


In the Warehouse 


.. 3 12 


.. 2 16 


7 1 

Gorge 117 5 

N". 49. 


President & Governour <&c^. Council 

AT Fort S'f. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Your Letter of the 23^. with the Remarks on the Cloth sent from hence 
as well Taken in, as Turn'd out, I have Received and perused, Tis extreamly 
Satisfactory to me to Observe the whole of the Former either Superior, or Equal, 
to the Musters by which it was sorted. But 'tis with equal Surprize, that great 
part of the other should be thought of a Quality not to be rejected at the 
Abatement, since it was all resorted by me with the utmost care & Circumspec- 
tion I was Master of. I must Acknowledge I have not been so much on My Guard 
with the turn'd out Cloth as I am convinced now, I should have been, for 
being conscious of having done Justice to the Merchants, and hearing no 
murmurings from them but on the Contrary, That they were satisfyed readily 
& without suspecting any Compliant, Committed it to some of the Warehouse 
Conicopolys, who have had the Charge of it all along now whether the Mer- 
chants to screen themselves from Your resentment which they had just reason to 
fear, for not fulfilling their Contract fell upon the scheme of crying out first, 
tampered with these Fellows & Chang' d some of the Cloth is hard to say; Yet, as 
so much Care was used by me in the resorting for it I cannot Account for it, by 
any other means, especially since being sway'd by no Self View, or Motives, or 
my Own, twas as easy for me to take the Cloth in, as Turn it out, had I thought 
it good enough, for tho the Gentlemen of the Committee justl}'^ Observes some 
of the Pieces to have M^. Goodards Chop, Yet what Cloth was finally rejected, 
was rejected by me. Two [sic] dwell longer on this Subject, will only be taking 
up your time & answer no purpose I shall therefore Only Assure Your Honour 
&Q^. I shall be more careful in future & not trust the servants with it. 

I am sorry You should be so severe on me as to think, the Companys Chop, 
being stampt in the Middle of some Pieces, of the turned out Cloth, should 
proceed from a design detrimental to the sale of it & not Inadvertincy. So far 
from doing it with an Intention prejudicial to the Merchants the Circumstance 
never Occured to me, or their Agents who were present; If it had, it might 
with the same Case been fix'd in a proper Place, as an improper one But the 
truth is. That the Land Customers People not being used to put the Companys 
Chop on the Turn'd out Cloth heretofore (this being the first time that anv 
Customs have been Exacted on it) & not think any ill Consequence would 
attend it, stampt it in the manner that all other kind of Goods, are stamp 'd 
in For the time to come, it shall be remedied & am Concerned 'tis now too 

Letters to Fort St. George, 17 63-6 A 4a 

When the Merchants return their Contracts shall be drawn Out, agreeable 
to their Engagements. But as on Comparing their Proposals for the Provi- 
sion of the Investment with Irshapah Chittys Bond (sent me as a Guide for 
the rest). I observe a great difference in the Quantity of Goods, He offers 
to provide & what the Bond specifies, I must request, You will be pleased to 
furnish me with a List of what each Merchant is to provide or inform me, if 
their Bonds are to be made suitable to their Proposals, or the List of Goods 
to be provided here this year. I must also desire Your Honor &&. will 
enable me in due time to make the necessary advances to them, the present 
Ballance of Cash being very insufficient for that Purpose. What remains due 
from them shall likewise be collected, and their Accounts properly adjusted. 

Pudmanabu & Purvutrauze shall be dismissed the Warehouse & I shall 
pay due Eegard to Your injunction that no Companys Merchant serve in the 
Character of a Dubash. 

The Annual Report, regarding the Investment comes Enclosed drawn out 
in the Form prescribed & I shall observe Your Honor &c^'^. Directions relating 
to the Books & Accounts of this Settlement being kept in future after the 
Model of those belonging to Ingeram Presidency. 

Last Year, an Indent of Packing Stuff was transmitted to your Honor 
&ca. I should be glad to know if it has been complied with from Bengal, for 
unless I am supplied with those Articles in the manner the Warehouse keeper 
at Madras is, I cannot take upon me the Package of the Bales, here being- 
no Goneys or Materials of that kind to be procured, but what turns out ex- 
treamly dear besides proving Rotten and very unfitt for the Purpose. 

N .B. Statement of the Cuddalore Investment for 1763 being omitted 
here is enter 'd at the end of the Book. 

I am with due Respect, 
Cuddalore Honble Sir & Sirs 

29™. April 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servant 

John Calland. 

No. 50. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq^. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort S''. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

This is to acquaint You that Ramalingah have laden on a Boat on Ac- 
count of the Honble Company, Long Cloth Fine 12 Call, Seven Corge, Ten 
Pieces (10) Chinnamanaickpollom 9 Call Twelve Corge (12) & Worriarpollam 
8 Call Twenty Eight Corge. Ten Pieces (28 10) as ^ his Account delivered 

I find myself again under the necessity to inform your Honor &c^. that 
by the Neglect of Sadasheverow, I have not received the Rents due from him 
on Account of these Bounds & Trevendaporum for the last two Months & the 
Arrack Farm for the last Three. 

Cuddalore I am with the greatest Respect, 

1ST. May 1764. Honble Sir & Sirs 

Your most Obedient humble Servant 
John Calland. 
1763-64— 6a 

44 Records of Fort St. Geori 

No. 51. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
JHoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

The Twenty five thousand (25000) Pagodas remitted me, on Account of 
the Investment, I have duely received such of the Merchants as are return'd 
have executed their Bonds & have been paid their first Advances, Out of it. 

The two Godowns at Cuddalore requiring new Pavement & the Washing 
Choultrys & Godowns at Bandepollam some Repairs, that are absolutely 
(necessary, to preserve the Cloth from the White Ants, The Expence of which, 
may amount to 20 or 30 Pagodas; I have to request Your Honor &&'^. permis- 
sion to make such Repairs. 

Enclosed are the Accounts of this Settlement for last Month, 

I am with due Respect, 
■Cuddalore Honble Sir & Sirs 

11™. May 1764. Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

John Calland. 

No. 52. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esqb. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

My last was under date the 12^^. Ultimo advising of the very unreason- 
able advances demanded by the Bandarmalanka Merchants on the Prices of 
the several Sortments of Goods provided at that Settlement, On being sent for 
by Mr. Dolben to contract for the carrying on this years Investment, They have 
since been here, and it is with Pleasure I now acquaint you that after many 
meetings and much altercation I have prevailed with them to undertake this 
Years contract on the same terms they did last, and they returned again the 
day before yesterday, that no more time might be lost in forwarding the In- 
vestmeut. They have engaged as usual to deliver one half of the list of Invest- 
ment ordered for this years provision by the latter end of August, which I 
am afraid the lateness of the Season, will put out of their Power to comply 
with; but they promised to do the most, they were able, and gave strong 
assurances (although not entirely to be depended on I doubt) to deliver the 
whole Quantity by the last of January. They seem'd most to insist on an 
advance in the Prices of the fine & ordinary Cloths, which they pretend to be 
loosers by and represented the losses they suffered by debts contracted with 
Weavers who frequently run away with part of the Money advanced them 
for providing Cloth, which although they often knew them to be settled in 
Parts of the Country not far distant, they were never able to recover; I gave 
them no encouragement ever to expect an increase in the Present prices allowed 
them for their Cloths, but promised to do them any service that lay in my 
Power towards assisting them in the recovery of their debts. I acquainted 
them with the indulgence you had been pleased to allow them of sending up their 
turn'd out Cloth to be resorted at Madras, when they would be paid at an 
Abatement of ten ^ Cent for such as should be taken in, and the rest deli- 
vered to their Gomastahs to be disposed of for their Account, They seem'd 
sensible of the favour intended them; but not altogether satisfied, and desired 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 45 

I would give them leave to make another Proposal, which having granted I 
found it to consisting in requesting that all the Cloth they should bring in of 
the proper lengths and breadths might be received on the Companys Account 
without being sorted at Bandarmalanka ; when it should be washed & Packed 
■& sent up to Madras, there to be sorted; The full Prices to be allowed them 
on all which should be taken in as unaxceptionable, An abatement of ten 
'^ C*. to be deducted on such as might be taken in or resorting and such as 
should be turn'd out as imfit for the Companys Purpose to be delivered to their 
Gomastahs to be disposed on their accounts. I gave them no other answer to 
this proposal than that I would acquaint your Honour &c^. herewith, and as 
it seems to be a point which they express an earnest desired to be indulged in, 
although they could urge no reasons for having requested, it, I take the Liberty 
t)f recommending it to your Compliance unless then should appear to your 
Honor to be any material inconveniences attending it which may not have 
occurred to me. 

I am very Respectfully, 
Maztjlipatam Honble Sir & Sirs 

4™. Mai 1764. Your very Obed*. & most humble Servant 

John Pybus. 

N". 53. 

To THE Honble Egbert Palk Esq". 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have received your several Letters of the 27*^. Jaflry. S^^^. 27*^. Febru- 
ary & 3d. Ultimo & the necessary directions have been sent to the Chief and 
Factors at Tellicherry for providing the Timber & Plank you have intended 

It would afford us great Pleasure to be able to increase our Consignments 
this Year to China but we are sorry to acquaint you the utmost we shall have 
it in our Power to do will be to compleat the Lathams Stock to L^ts. 40,000 
the sum stipulated by our Honble Masters. 

Not having been able to procure any foreign Silver to supply the supra- 
cargoes of Ship Talbot with a Sufficient Stock for the purchase of a Cargoe of 
■Coffee at Mocha we have directed them to give Bills on us for what money they 
may require for this Purpose & have also in case they should be able to pro- 
cure money for Bills on your Honor &c^. given them a latitude of drawing on 
you, and we flatter ourselves you will accordingly shew due Honor to any 
Bills they may draw on you in consequence. 

Enclosed is a Bill of Exchange for R^. 500 on the Governour & Council at 
Tranquebar which you will please to recover & Credit this Presidency for 
the same. 

We now also enclose a Packet received by the Speaker for your Honor &c^. 
also Triplicate of our Letters of the 1^^. & Duplicate of that of the 4^'^ Ultimo. 

We are 
Bombay Castle Honble Sir & Sirs 

l^TH. April 1764. Your most Obedient Servants 

Cha^. Crommelin. 

W. A. Price. 

John Spencer. 

Charles Waters. 

Cecil Bowyer. 

46 Records of Fort St. George 

No. 54. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort fe'. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

I had the Honor of advising you under date the 11*1^. Ultimo that in 
Conformity with your Orders I have advertised for receiving Proposals for 
reletting the Farms dependent on this Place expiring the 31^*. Instant for 
the term of five Years, and was then in hopes they could have been delivered 
me in time to have reached you by the lO^^i^. of this Month as you was pleased 
to stipulate, but in this I was disappointed as the Muglatore Rajah seemed 
a long time undetermined whither to send any or not and the unsettled Situation 
of these Countries has I believe deterred many others from making Offers, who 
might otherwise have been so inclined, such Proposals as have been delivered 
me now wait on You and in Confirmity with your Injunctions I shall to the 
best of my Knowledge & Judgement & from such Information as may be most 
depended on give you the Characters of those Persons from whom they come. 

Culdindy Arrechunda Rauze the Rajah of Muglatore and Present Renter 
of Tondura, Bondarra Turmidee and Pedanah & Narsipore Salt is considered 
as a Person in very good Circumstances, and has been allways regular and 
punctual in his Payments. 

Maddala Reddy, Bodaputty Gurauze and Condragoliah Jogue Puntaloo, 
The two former have been long Renters to the Company, are Men of Substance 
& established Credit, & have been allways punctual in their Payments, the 
latter is one of the Companys Braminys who bears a good Character & whose 
Family is in very good Circumstances. 

Condraigolah Juggapah the Present Renter of Nellipillee, a Man of fair 
Character and in good Circumstances has allways paid his Rents regularly. 

Meer Banker, The present Renter of Nizampatam who owes a very con- 
siderable Ballance to the Company which there is but little hope he will be 
ever able to discharge having been unfortunate, but it is esteemed a man of fair 

Booputtirauze Bomperauze & Adorty Narsu Inhabitants of Bandarma- 
ianka, and who M^. Dolben recommends as People of Substance and good 

Mungah Kistnagee & Maderauze Ramiah are People of fair Characters 
but in midling Circumstances. 

Moslacontee Caumajee one of the Companys Bramineys of good Charac- 
ter & Circumstances. 

Veeranah an Inhabitant of Nizampatam a Person of Good Character but 
very indifferent Circumstances. 

I ommitted to advise you in my Letter of the 4tii. Instant That I had made 
the Bandarmalanka Merchants on settling this Years contract with them the 
Presents of Broad Cloth which I obtained your Permission for by your Com- 
mands under date the IS^ii. February 1763 but as Lackum Chitty Erapah & 
I.ackhum Chittee Moottoo, had been more particularly assiduous in the Business 
of the Investment than any of the others I thought they merited some distinction 
and therefore bestowed on them double the Quantity of Broad Cloth I gave the 
Rest, which I hope Your Honor &c=>^. will not disapprove of. 

I am very Respectfully, 
Mazulipatam Honble Sir & Sirs 

16™. May 1764. Your very Obedient & most humble Servant. 

John Pybus. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 47 

No. 55. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We have received by our Honble Masters Snow Diligent, which imported 
here a few days ago, your Letters of the 29*. & 31«t. Uitimo, and shall give 
you due Credit for the Amount of the Bill of Exchange enclosed in the Latter. 
In the Letter which we also received by her from the Gentlemen at Fort 
Marlbro, they have requested We will remit them a supply of fifteen thousand 
Pounds sterling £ S 15000 in Spanish Dollars and Advise us that they have 
also wrote to You representing their want of money. As we are at present 
unable to Comply with their Request as well on Account of the lateness of the 
season, which will not permit any Ship to make her passage out of the River 
as our want of Money to purchase the Dollars, which also we could not procure 
if the State of our Treasury would allow of our making the Necessary Advance 
We have Judged it proper to give You immediate Advice thereof, that You 
may be the more expeditious in I'emitting them that Sum of Your own demands 
will permit. 

We are 
Fort William Honble Sir & Sirs 

April 23''. 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Henry Vansittart. 

Warren Hastings. 

Randh. Marriott. 

Samuel Middleton. 

Ralph Leycester. 

John Burdett. 

No. 56. 

'I'o THE Honble Robert Palk Esq". 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have been honor'd with your Commands of the 18*'\ Instant. 

I v/ill acquaint M^". Dolben with the directions you have been pleased to 
give on the Subject of the Investment to be provided at Bandarmalanka and 
the indulgence intended the Merchants relating to their turned out Cloth, which 
J hope will encourage them to exert themselves in this Bussiness. 

As I conclude the Rupees you have been pleased to order me to send up 
from hence by land are intended for the China Market, I have taken the 
Liberty of deferring putting these your Orders in Execution till I can be 
honored with an Answer to this as there are many unserviceable Guns lying here 
(Particulars as '^ List enclosed) which would serve as Kintlage for any Ships 
bound for China if sent here to take them in, which at this Season of the Year 
would cause little or no detention when the Rupees lying here might be for- 
warded thither directly by the same conveyance, without the Risque and 
Expence which will attend the sending them up by land but if this should not 
meet with your Honor &c^^. Approbation they shall be kept in readiness to 
be sent away on the Receipt of your further Orders, and may very well reach 
vou by the 20^'^. of Next Month at farthest. 

48 Records of Fort St. George 

Inclosed I have the honor to transmit you the Accounts of this Settlement 
for the last Month and am very respectfully. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Mazulipatam Your most Obed*, humble Servant 

26th. May nii^., John Pybus. 

No. 57. 


President & Governour &ca. Council 

AT Fort St. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

1 have received your Letter of the 18*ii. Ultimo. 

Ramalingah the Portonovo Merchant has laden on a Chiliingah for your 
Settlement Long Cloth 12*^; Call, six Gorge /6/ Long Cloth 9 Call, Eight 
Gorge Eight Pieces /8-8/ Long Cloth 8 Call, Twenty Eight Corge 4 Pieces 
/28-4/ & Long Cloth ^ Pieces Blue sixteen /16/ Corge. 

Enclosed are Accounts of this Place for last Month, Agreeable to the 
form you prescribed. 

I am 


4™. June 1764. Your most Obed*. Servant 

John Calland. 

N°. 58. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq^. 

President & Governour &c*. Council 

of Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have now the Honor to acknowledge the receipt of Ten thousand 
Madrass Pagodas, which you were pleased to supply this Settlement, with by 
the Snow A^nomootoo which arrived here last Night, as also the Stationary 
and musters of Chints, which came by the same conveyance, and we beg leave 
to assure your Honor &ca. that the drections we have received from Charles 
"Bourchier Esq'', concerning the providing those Goods, shall be attended to 
with the utmost care, as, soon as we have Cloth of a proper Sortment for 
that Purpose. 

In our last address of the 19*^. Instant we advised your Honor &ca. of 
the apprehensions we were then under of the Morratows entering this Pro- 
vince since which we are informed, that the Rajahs near the Hills of their 
Territories, have repulsed them and oblig'd them to retire near the borders 
of their own Country, which we hope will put a stop to those troubles. 

We are now to acquaint your Honor &c^. Council, that we have inter- 
tfiin'd two French Soldiers, that desired from the Black Powers and came 
hither the other day, and we have taken the Liberty to detain them in the 
room of those Deserted from hence some time ago. 

We have nothing further to add at present hut to assure your Honor &o.^ 
that we are with utmost Respect. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
VizAGAPATAM Your most Faithfull & most Obedient 

230. May 1763. humble Servants 

John Smith. 
William Barker. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 49' 

No. 59. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have been honoured with your Commands of the 25*'^. Ultimo signify-^ 
ing Your Pleasure not to extend the terms of reletting the Farms now Expiring 
at this Place for five Years as was your Intention upon finding the Proposals 
forwarded to you in my Letter of the IQ^^. do not in general Exceed what they 
let for last Year, & that you had therefore determined upon telling them at 
present for one Year only, in hopes of more advantageous Offers when the 
Country should be better settled, and I have acquainted those from whom I 
receiv'd those Proposals with this Your Determination and as you have been 
pleased to leave it to me to fix on such of them as I should consider as the- 
most responsible for holding the Farms for the present Year I now take the 
Liberty of recommending to you those who you may be assured are trust worthy 
and who on promising them the Preference (as you have been pleased to- 
a'thorize me) on reletting the Farms provided they offered as much as others, 
have engaged to take such as they have bid for, on the same terms proportion- 
ally, for one Year, as are stipulated in their Proposals for five enclosed in 
any address of the IQ^^. ultimo their Names are as follows Viz*: — 

Culdindy Archunderauze. The Rajah of Muglatore Maddala Eeddy, 
Bodaputty Gruahrauze & Condra Pauntaloo Condraigoola Juggapah 
Boddaputirazue Bomperauze & Audorty Narsoe and tu Caumajee 
who conformably to the Permission you have been pleased to give me- 
will enter upon the Management of the Farms they have offer 'd for, as the 
season approaches for putting the Tanks in repair & ploughing the Ground, 
and for which I shall hope to receive it Cowles from you in their Names as- 
soon as they can be prepared. 

T take the Liberty of inclosing you a [statement] for Broad Cloth wanted 
foi' the use of this Settlement which Indent for stationary, forwarded in my 
Address of the ll*ii. Ultimo to request Your Compliance with being very- 
respect fully. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Mazulipatam Your most Obedient and humble Servant 

1st. June 1764. John Pybus. 

Indent for broad cloth wanting at Muzulipatam for y"-. Year 1764. 

Super Fine Scarlet — 5 Pieces. 

Fine Blue— 2 Do. 

Aurora — 5 Do. 

Ordinary Green — 5 Do. 
IsT. June 1764. John Pybus. 

No. 60. 

To the Honbl3 Robert Palk Esq». 

President & Governour &ca. Council 

AT Fort St. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have the Honor to acquaint you that our Honble Masters Ship Plasse\r 
Captain Durrell Clews Commander, arrived at this Place Yesterday Even- 
ing from Fort Marlbro, in a very weak and sickly Condition and likewise 

50 Records of Fort St. George 

very leaky, she being much shattered in a hard Gale of Wind, soon after 
she left that Coast, so that it seems highly necessary for her to proceed to 
Bengal, with the utmost Dispatch, as she is not in a Condition to return to 
Madras at this Season. 

We hope your Honor &c^. Council will pardon the Liberty we have taken 
in opening the Packet for your Presidency but as there was an urgent Neces- 
sity for this "Vessell proceeding immediately to Bengal, we apprehended a 
Packet might be inclosed for the President & Council of Fort William (which 
proved as we imagined & we have forwarded the same by that Conveyance, 
together with the Necessary Papers relative to the said Ship & Cargoe, and 
we took the Liberty to send them an Extract of the two first Paragraphs of 
you I- General Letter from the President & Council of Fort Marlbro Concern- 
ing the said Ship. 

We have been favoured with your Honor &c^^. Letter of the ISti^. Ultimo. 
to which we shall reply more fully by the next Opportunity. 

The Plassey being greatly in want of an Anchor we have supplied her 
with one we lately Received by the Deligent Snow, and as to a Cable v/e were 
•obliged to purchase one of 14 Inches the Price of which we shall acquaint 
you of in our next advices, these supplys we absolutely necessary in the des- 
troyed situation of that Vessell. 

We have nothing further particular to add at Present, but to assure your 
Honor &c^. Council that we remain with utmost Respect, 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
"VizAGAPATAM Your most Obedient humble Servants 

!2°. June 1764. John Smith. 

William Barker, 

No. 61. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

By this you will be informed of the Honble Company Ship Plassey it 
being the Latter part of April before we left the West Course of Sumatra and 
in the Middle of May met with a hard Gale of Wind, the Ship Spring a Leake 
<fe the People being very sickly could hardly keep her above Water, this Obliged 
us to have all the Guns over Board, nor did we think of ever seing the land 
•again, but by Gods providence we fell in with Vizagapatam, where I was 
Ciblig'd to gett an Anchor & Cable with thirteen Lascars with which I hope 
we shall be able to get safe To Bengali & shall send this day being the 3<i. of 
June for Bengali. I arriv'd here June the l^t. inclosed I send vou a Copy of 
the Cost of the Anchor Cable &c^. 

I am 

Vizagapatam Honble Sir & Sirs 

■B". June. Your most humble Servant to Command 

.DuKRELL Clews. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 51 

No. 62. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S''. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

The Plassey sail'd for Moco Moco the 7*^. Instant & We now send thi& 
Letter express overland, in hopes it will rerch her before she has taken her 
Departure from that Port. 

We have the Pleasure to acquaint you that the Honble Companys Ship the- 
Houghton, Captain Smith arriv'd here Yesterday. We shall dispatch her to 
England in a few Days. She left Canton the 28*'!. of December in Company 
with the Britannia Captain Rous. 

The Supracargoes in their Dispatches acquainted us, that they had in Con- 
sequence of a Letter from the Deputy Governour &c^. Council of Manilha, 
intended to Dispatch the Honble Companys Ships, the Hawke, Falmouth,. 
Havanah & Cruttenden thither to transport 1200 Chinese from thence to this 
Presidency Capt^^. Smith, has acquainted us that the Havanah had already 
sail'd on this Business We shall in Consequence of these Advices, immedia- 
tely set about making temporary Buildings & other Accomodations for their 
Reception. The Encrease of so great a Number of People will in a very short 
time consume our Stock of Rice, notwithstanding the utmost Aconomy; To pre- 
vent the fatal consequences that must inevitably arise from the want of Grain, 
We must earnestly request your Honor &c^. Councels particular Consideration 
of the Circumstance and that you will be pleased immediately on the Receipt 
of these advices, to send us as much Rice [sic] as possible, and at the same 
Time to notify our wants to the Presidency of Fort William that they may 
be enabled to Dispatch a Vessell hither, laden with the same Supplies from both 
Presidencies, aa^U scarcely suffice our Wants, & therefore it Avill be extreamly 
necessary, that you repeat them by every Opportunity, and what renders the 
imjnediate Complyance of our request more essential is, that We are in daily 
expectation of receiving five hundred Coffrees from Bombay, for the use of 
this Settlement. Our Representations must appear so obvious to your Honor 
&ca Council that We make no doubt of your Concurrence therein. 

We remain 
Fort Marlbro Honble Sir & Sirs 

19th February 1764. Your most Obed*. humble Servants 

Roger Carter. 
Henry Idell. 
John Herbert. 
Robert Nairne. 

No. 63. 

To THE Honble George Pigot EsqR. 

President & Governour &ca. Council 

of Fort S^ . George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

Agreable to the Intimation in our Letter dated the 21st. November/a 
Duplicate of which goes under cover we now return the Ship Plassey Captain 
Durrell Clews to your Establishment, there to be disposed off as "you shall 
judge for the Companys Interest, as she is by no means calculated for the 
Service of this Coast; and enclosed is an account of her Stores & Muster Roll 
of the Crew who have been paid to the 31^*. Instant. 
1763-64— 7a 

52 Records of Fort St. George 

Having a larger Quantity of Wares & Military Cloathing than can be 
consumed on this Settlement for some time & as they are spoiling for want of 
proper Grodowns We have laden them on board the Plassey Invoice and Bill 
of Lading for which go enclosed, The Military Cloathing we desire you will 
forward to Bombay where we hope they may be made use of as the liegimentals 
of that Presidency are the same. 

"J.'he Honble Court in their Commands ^ the Valentine expressed their 
desire that some measures should be immediately taken, for fixing on a proper 
-Spot for the Chief Settlement on this Coast, and at the same time acquainted 
us they should signify their Commands to you to send over ^]j. Engineer 
Call, or some other able Engineer to survey and fix on the most eligible Spot; 
We have allready shewed the necessity of an Immediate Compliance, as no 
substantial Buildings can be undertaken either to lodge their Honors property 
in, or for the conveniency of their Servants & Military; our Temporary build- 
ings daily encrease which renders the Expences of the Settlement very extra- 
vagant, It is needless for us to repeat the many cogent reasons for your 
immediate Compliance of the Honble Courts Command in this respect, on our 
part We have only further to observe that the longer We remain in this state 
of uncertainty the more burthensome will this Settlement become to our 
Hoflble Masters; 

The Honble Court in their Commands dated the 12<^ii. of January 1763 
liave appointed M'. John McDonald Factor on this Establishment; if he resides 
in your Jurisdiction you will please to order him to his station. 

The Company Tiave suffered so considerable a Loss as 3^ Chests in the 
Consignment of Opium sent us from Bengal by way of your Presidency; upon 
inspecting the Chests We would observe no breakage excepting in one or two 
which conduces us to suppose that this loss is greatly to be attributed to their 
being opened, & We are the more confirmed in our opinion what was sent 
us direct by the Syren turned out extreamly well. In future We beg leave to 
reccmmend that all Consignments for us may be kept in a separate Godown & 
that their Packages by no means be opened particularly Opium, unless there 
IS leason to suspect any Frauds, and We must further observe that the bringing 
such Consignments on your Books may be attended with troublesome Adjust- 
ments & that it will be the most eligible method to forward them as sent us 
by the Presidency they come from giving us Credit in Case you should be in 
wHut of any of the Stores so consigned. 

The Representations of Captain William Foster having applied to us for 
Payment of the Ballance due that Estate in Account Current with the Ship 
Earl Temple We could not comply with their Requests, as it was impossible 
for us to know what Sums may have been advanced Captain Foster, We there- 
fore recommend it to you to transmit to the Honble Court, to whom we have 
referred his Representations, On Account of his Advancement at Fort S*. 

The Account Current furnished Mess^'^. Carter & Darwall as well as that 
Heceived lately, are drawn out in so General a Way, that it is impossible for 
lis to adjust our Books by carrying each Article of Expence to its proper 
account. We must therefore desire you will send one more explicit & Parti- 

The late M^. Henry Russell during his residence at Malacca contracted a 
debt of (?400) Four hundred Spanish Dollars which M^ Ardley Ordered to 
he 1-iaid; As We are uncertain whether you deducted that sum out of the Salary 
& Diet he received at Madras, We have secured so much of his Estate in the 
Honble Companys Cash, You will therefore please to advise us of this Cir- 
cumstance by the first Opportunity. 

We have received several Dutch Letters and Your Answers relative to 
the disputes on this Coast We shall take an Opportunity to reply thereto to 
the General & Council at Batavia. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 53 

Our Annual Indent you will receive enclosed which we desire may be 
complied with as Opportunitys offers. 

We enclose a Paragraph of the Honble Courts Commands dated 12ti». 
January 1763 relative to the Bond entered into by Messrs. Wyatt and Hall 
with which we request your Compliance. 

Since the Departure of M^". Ardley from this Coast the Books of this 
Settlement under his Management have been ballanced, We now enclose an 
Extract of the Committee of Accounts Report on a mistake which they appre- 
[ Jiend he has made that he may satisfy you therein. 

We remain with perfect Esteem 
Fort Marlbro ' Honble Sir & Sirs 

4™. February 1764. . Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

Roger Carter. 
Henry Idell. 
Robert Nairne. 
John Herbert. 

A Manifest of Private Trade laden on the Plassey from hence, together 
with the Captain Clues sailing Orders come Numbers in our Pacquet. 

Postcript. [Sic]. 

We have granted on your Honor &c^. Council the following Bills of 

1 Sett in favour of Messrs. Stockekam 
Donsten & James Stevenson payable to- 
Mr James Hayor or Order dated the 

20*'' January .. P. 603 3 U Pa. 377 13 3 

1 D° in favor of Capt in Eichard Dawson 

payable to Mess^f . Thos. Pelling & John 

De Fries dated Do. . . ... 4800 300J 

1 Do. in ifvour cf Captn. John Panton 

Paya,ble to Mess's. Pelling & Jc hn De. 

Fries dated D". lOOO — — 625 — — 

1 D". in favour of CaptJ"'. Jolin Panton 

payable to Mess™. Pelling & John De 

Fries dated Do. 
1 Do. in favor of Oapfi. Robert Carruthers 

payabl: to Capt°. George Baker or 

order dated Do. 1792 — — 1120 — — 

1 Do. in favor of Rob*. Nairne Esqf. o.i 

account Owners of Snow Sacrtss pay- 
abb to Mr. Andrew Ross dated Do. . . 1103 1 13 689 19 67 
1 Do. in favour of the Honble Roger Carter 

Esq'', as Attorney to the Honble 

Henry Vansittart Esq'. ,*,/ (,wners of 

the Chittigong Snow payable to Rob'. 

Palk & Nicholas Moise Esq^ dated 

the 31. February 5595 1 31 3496 16 29 

6 Settsamou.iting to. P. 14893 1 58 Ps. 9308 13 29 

We remain with great esteem 
Tort Marlbro Honble Sir & Sirs 

4th February 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Roger Carter. 

Henry Idell. 

Robert Nairne. 

John Herbert. 


Records of Fort St. George 

Indent to Fort S'^. George Presidency for Sundry Stores and Wares 
wanted for sale and use at Fort Morlbro for the Year 1764 & 1765. 

Salt, as much as convenient, not less than . . Garce 50 Fifty. 
Fanams, single, D'ble & Treeble to the amount 

of ... ... Pag^. 2500 two thousand five 

Chints Madras, fine of Pags. 9 fi Patch of three 

Pieces .. .. .. .. .. .. Patch 20 Iwenty. 

Midling 6 D° D". 40 Forty. 

Coarse 4 D° D". 20 Twenty. 

Long Cloth Blue fine, whole Pieces . . . . Gorge 60 sixty. 

D°. white Ordinary i3°. D". 50 fifty 

D^ D°. fine of 16 Pags. ^ Gorge . . Pes. 10 ten. 

Midling of 10 D°. D". . . D°. 20 twenty. 

Ditto of 6 D°. D°. . . D°. 20 twenty. 

Dungaree fine . . , . . . . . . . D°. 40 forty. 

Coarse D°. 200 two hund<J. 

Ginghams fine red Striped . . . . . . D°. 10 ten. 

Blue D° D°. 10 ten. 

Midling D°. 20 twenty. 

Red D°. D°. 20 twenty. 

Blue D° D°. 20 twenty. 

Handkerchiefs Pulicat red — 

of 6 Pagodas D°. 10 ten. 

of 4 D°. D°. 20 twenty. 

of 2 D°. D°. 40 forty. 

Palemporse larger Fine . . . . . . Pieces 20 twenty. 

Midling . . . . . . D°. nO twenty. 

Small Fine „ Do. 20 twenty. 

Midling . . . . .. D°. 20 twenty. 

Salampores blue fine . . . . . . . . Gorge. 40 forty. 

Salampores White . . . . . . . . D". 20 twenty. 

Cambays blue Coarse ... .. ... ,. D°. 12 twelve 

Cambrick Fine . . . . . . . . P<=s. 20 twenty. 

Dinieiy White Fine Do. 10 ten. 

Midling . . Do. 10 ten. 

EoGER Carter. 

Fort Marlbro Henry Idell. 

4™. February 1764. John Herbert. 

Extract Report of Committee of iVccouNTS dated the 17™. May 1763 

Mr. Ardley received from the President & Council of Madras the sum of 
two thousand Pagodas to purchase his own private necessaries on coming over 
here in his Cash Book he Credits that Presidency no more than three thousand 
Dollars, which is only at the Exchange of ^ 15 for 10 Pagodas As the 
Exchange was regulated by M^ Ardleys own Eequest at P. 16 for Pagodas 10 
instead of 16^ as formerly. We have found ourselves obliged in order to make 
the Account Current agree to debit M^. Ardleys Private Account for the differ- 
ence being ^ 200 or Pagodas 125 — — It remain with your Honor &q,^. 
Council to determine whether this Sum ought to be demanded from M^". Ardleys 
Attorneys here, or be also wrote off to the Debit of Fort S'^. George Presi- 
dency in order to be received there. 

Extract of Minutes of Consultation dated 11^^. and Sl^t. May 1763. 

Agreed to make a demand on his Attornies here. 

The Secretary, presents the following Letter to the Board which was in 
consequence of a demand of two hundred Dollars he had made agreeable to a- 
resolution in Council dated the YI^^. Instant. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 55 

To Mb. Edward Coles 

The reason Why M^". Ardley credits this Establishment for an advance- 
ment made him on leaving Madras at the rate of ,^ 15 instead of 16 for Pagodas 
10 We apprehend might be, that on exchanging the Pagodas for Dollars to 
bring over here, he could get no more than 15 of the latter for 10 of the Former, 
other Reasons might be suggested for this seeming inconsistency but having 
no particular Knowledge of the Affair, We beg leave to refer the Honble Presi- 
dent & Coruicil to Mr. Ardley himself, vv^ho cannot fail of satisfying them, for 
in this Article of his accounts he could not be subject to Mistake. Nor are we 
sure that we have any money of his in our hands for the outturn of what he 
carried from hence if he should choose to appropriate it to that purpose, might 
possibly discharge all the private demands he had on this Coast. 

We are 
Fort Marlbro Sir, 

31st. May 1763. Your most humble Servants 

Robert Nairne 
Stokehamd Donston 

Attorneys to 
Sami. Ardley Esq^. 

Agreed to write off to ^ort S'r. George Presidency of which the Gentle- 
men must be acquainted in order to demand an Explanation of this inconsis- 
tency from Mr. Ardley 

A true Extract 
Fort Marlbro Edward Coles 

4™. February 1764. Secv. 

No. 64. 

To the Honble Robert Palk 

President & Governour &c*- Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

.Honble Sir & Sirs 

We dispatch this purposely to request your Honors &e^. will please to 
transmitt the accompanying Packett for the Honble the President & Council of 
Bombay by the very first Opportunity it Containing the Annual Papers of 
this Settlement. 

Our Honble Masters Ship Speaker sail'd from this Place for Great Britain 
the 6*1^. Instant with a full loading 

We are 
Anjengo Honble Sir & Sirs 

25th. May 1764. Your most Obedient 

humble Servants 
Thqs. Whitehill. 
Arthur King. 
Robert Sparks. 

«S6 Records of Fort St. George 

No. 65. 


Preside. & Governoxjk &c^. Council 

OF Fort S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

This waits on you to acquaint you of M^. Smiths arrival here yesterday & 
that agreeable to your Letter of the 9*^. Instant to M"". John Calland the charge 
of this Settlement together with the Ballance of the Honble Companys Cash 
being in Gold Pagodas twenty four thousand & eighty one (24081) in Fanams 
Nineteen thousand four hundred & forty Thirty one cash (19440 31) was 
immediately delivered over to him. 

Mr. Smith assures your Honor &c^. that his utmost attention & endeavours 
shall be exerted to promote & expedite the Investment as well as to every other 
measure that may appear conducive to our Honble Masters Interest at this 

Mr. Robert Barclay is also arrived & begs leave to assure you of his care 
& assiduity in whatever Service he may be employed in. 

We shall pay due attention to the directions in your Letter of the 9**1. to 
M^^. Smith those respecting M''. Whitehills Godowns & the arrack Farmer as 
soon as they can be complied with, will acquaint you with the result. We are 
with great respect 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
CuDDALORE Your most Obed*. & most huBible 

15''H. June 1764. Servants. 

John Lewin Smith. 

John Calland. 

No. 66. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq». 

President & Governour &c^. Council 
AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

Your favor of the IQ^^. May we received the 28^^ii. with the enclosed Bill 
drawn upon us by Messrs. Rotwelf & Hunlbeck for Pagodas 156 9 fan^. 
and in the same you remind us of that Bill drawn upon us by M^. Hinckell for 
Pags. 1875 we should long since have acquitted this last mention'd Bill had it 
not been that we have expected every day of these nine or ten Months past 
allmost an equal sum to be paid to our order at Madrass by the late Captain 
Matthison, in whose estate we now mus(szc)sue for it However we beg excuse 
for that delay, And as there is now in our Road a Portuguese Frigate that 
intends to go from here to Madrass in two or three weeks time, we shall take 
th-it opportunity to send the Payment for both Bills. 

We have the honor to be with the most perfect esteem and consideration 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
Fort Dansbory Your most Obedient Servants 

9™. June 1764. H. Abbestie. 

J. H. Gille. 

P. Falk. 

P. R. Hvulbeck. 

0. P. BiE. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 57, 

No. 67. 


President & Governour &C-*-. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Our last address waited on you ^ Ship Royall Charlottee under the 26*^1. 
April Duplicate of which is now enclosed since we have been favoured with 
yours of the IQt'i. April and have only in reply thereto to advise your Honor 
&ca. that Part of the Indent for Timber & Planlc is allready provided & we 
flatter ourselves the whole will be in readiness by the opening of next Season 
for Shipping on board any conveyance that may either come from your Side or 
our Superiors at Bombay. 

Ship Latham sailed hence the 15*^. Ultimo for Canton, having nothing 
more to communicate. 

We remain 
Tellicherry Honble Sir & Sirs 

2». June 1764. Your most humble Servants 

Thqs. Byfeld. 
W. Hurt. 


Thqs. Day. 

No. 68. 

To the Honble Egbert Palk Esq=. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^ . George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

Our Merchants having this morning brought in a Quantity of Cloth to be 
sorted on examining some Pieces brought by Irshapa Chitty for Salem cloth 
we are of opinion it is not that kind of Cloth but of different Species & Fabrick, 
we acknowledge it is good, but as this article is so principal an object of our 
Investment, we thought it highly proper to advise your Honor &ca. immediately 
thereof, in order to have your Sentiments & directions on this Head, that in 
case you should not approve of it, we may prevent any more being brought in, 
or made as its probable the other merchants may likewise provide some of the 
same sortment, we have therefore sent you four Pieces for your Inspection 
by a Boat belonging to Eamah Lingah (The Porto Novo Merchant) & in the 
Interim shall not receive a piece of it, till we have your answer, we take this 
Opportunity also of acquainting your Honor &c^. that the abovemention'd 
Eama Linga exports in the said Boat in account of the Honble Company for 
your Settlement (as ^ his account deliver' d in) Long Cloth Fine & 2 Call 
three Corge (3) Chinamanaickpollam 9 Call, seven corge four Pieces (7. . 4) 
Worriarpollam 8 Call, Eighteen Corge (18) Half pieces Blue 9 Call Twenty 
Corge (20). 

Sadasheverow the renter of the Cuddalore & Trivenduporam bounds has 
paid into the Honble Companys Cash the arrears due from him for April & 
May Kists on acco*. of those Farms. 

We have the honor to be with great respect, 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
Cuddalore Your most Obed*. humble Servants 

27™. June 1764. J. L. Smith. 

John Call and. 

List of Cloth on hand of the new Investment. 

Bales 101 at Wash. 


58 Records of Fort St. George 

N°. 69. 


Preside. & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Port S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

This serves only to enclose you Invoice of six Chests of Rupees now dis- 
patch'd to you by cooleys under escort of one Serjeant, Two Jemadars & forty- 
five Seapoys who have been paid their hire and Batta here. 

I am very respectfully 
Mazulipatam Honble Sir & Sirs 

16™. June 1764. Your most Obed*. humble Serv*. 

John Pybus. 

No. 70. 

To THE Honble Rob^. Palk Esq». 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Port S"'. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have received your Commands of the 9*^. & now dispatch to you by 
Cooleys under an escort of one Serjeant Two Jemadars and forty five seapoys 
forty four thousand Rupees contained in six Chests as ^ Invoice inclosed 
which I hope will reach you safe. 

Inclosed I have the honor to transmit you the Accounts of this Settlement 
for last Month. 

Your Honor &&. may be assured I will use my utmost endeavours to pro- 
cure as much Cloth as possible to be sent you early in September. M^. Dolben 
acquaints me that on communicating to his Merchants the indulgence you had 
been placed to offer them of taking in such of their Turn'd out Cloth as he 
might see proper at an abatement of 10 ^ Cent they did not seem inclined to 
consent to those terms, but desired to have their turn'd out cloths delivered 
them that they might return it to the weavers conformably to their Agreement 
with them pretending that unless the prices of that first Numbers of their 
Cloths were raised they could not afford to deliver their turn'd out at an abate- 
ment of ten ^ cent, and that they had declared the same to me when here; 
They did indeed solicit as I had the honor of advising you in my Letter of the 
4*11. Ultimo an advance in the prices of their fine & Ordinary Cloths which I 
gave them not the least room to hope or expect, but they never made that a 
Point on which only they vsould consent to an abatement on such of their turned 
out Cloth as might on a resorting be taken in, nor did they make any other 
Proposal to me than what I communicated to you in my Letter above referred 
to. In answer to this Information from M^. Dolben I have acquainted him 
that as I considered the taking in the Turn'd out Cloth from the Merchants 
at an Abatement to have been intended by you as an Indulgence to them they 
were I concluded at Liberty to benefit by it or not and therefore that such of 
them who might not chuse to deliver on the Conditions proposed, were to have 
it returned them to dispose of as they should think proper. 

I will embrace any Opportunities which may offer for sending up the old 
Guns lying here in obedience to your Orders on this Subject, and am very res- 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
Mazulipatam Your most Obed*. & most humble Servant 

10™. June 1764. John Pybus. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 5^ 

Cloth on hand 

At Bandarmalanka at the Wash 

Long Cloth ordinary C°. 54 8 

Midling 55 17 

Fine 22 10 

Corge ... 132 15 

No. 71. 


President & Governour &ca. Council 

atFortS't. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

This serves only to acquaint you that M^. Dolben having some affairs to 
settle at Madrass which require his Presence there & being desirous of removing 
from Bandarmalanka has wrote to me to request you will pleased to appoint 
a Person to receive from him the Charge of that Settlement & grant him your 
Permission to Proceed to Madrass by the first Opportunity which may offer. 

I am with Respect, 
Mazulipatam Honble Sir & Sirs 

Sls'f. June 1764. Your very Obedient and most humble Servant 

John Pybus. 

No. 72. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq^. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 
at Fort S''. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

Since writing to you under date the 23<i. April Duplicate of which goes 
enclosed, We have received your Letter of the lOti^. Ultimo and 1^*. Instant. 

We have recovered the amount of the Bills of Exchange drawn on Lieut.: 
Grant, and we have also discharged that which you Granted in his Favor. 

In consequence of your last Letter we have made enquiry regarding the 
Deficiency of Gun Powder and we now transmit you a Copy of Military Store 
Keepers report on that subject together with a rectified Invoice agreably to 
which you will please to credit this Presidency. 

By the same Report your Honor &c^. will observe that there is a deficiency 
of 9582 Flints in the supply sent us by the Savoy Salamity. We are 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
Fort William Your most Obedient humble Servants 

31st. May 1764. Henry Vansittart. 

J. Spencer. 

Randh. Marriott. 

H. Watts. 

Sam^. Middleton. 

RApH. Leycester. 

Jo. Burdett. 

1763-64— 8a 

Records of Fort St. George 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort William. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

By a Letter which I received from your Secretary accompanying the 
Copy of a Paragraph of a Letter from Fort S*. George, and an Account of the 
Weight of Gunpowder sent down there on the Deptford, I find that out of the 
two hundred Barrels that were invoiced at one hundred Pound a Barrell 
One Hundred and thirty seven of them turn'd out only sixty two Pound : Upon 
enquiry I find it was a Mistake of the Person under whose charge the Powder 
was sent down, by his making an wrong delivery, for on board the Sloop, that 
carried down the Powder for the Deptford, there was likewise sent One hvmdred 
and forty sixty Pound Barrels to be shiped on board of the York & Midway, 
one hundred and Thirty seven of which I have since learned was shippd on 
board the Deptford from whence this Deficiency arose, as I have received back 
f I'om the Men of war One hundred & Thirty seven hundred Pound Barrels and 
only three sixty Pound. I now send you another Invoice of the Gunpowder sent 
upon the Deptford which I beg your Honor &c^. will be pleased to forward 
to Madrass. 

By this Invoice of Stores received from Madrass by the Savoy Salamatty 
there are forty three Barrels of Flints invoiced at one Lack Twenty thousand 
upon examining of them here they only turn out one Lack' Ten thousand, Four 
hundred & Eighteen, from whence there is a Deficiency of Nine thousand five 
hundred & eighty two. I am with ye. greatest Respect, 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Fort William Your most obd*. Hble. Serv*. 

30™. May 1764. Thomas Woodward 

M. S. K. 

(True Copy) 

Andrew Ramsay 

No. 73. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 
atFortS't. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

The Honble Company Snow Greyhound & Leopard carrying our General 
advices the principal purport of this is to accompany the Ship Luconia, Captain 
Mathews who now prosecutes his voyage to Fort S*. George having landed fronr 
his Ships forty six Chinese, sent here by M^. Drake & Council from Manilha 

Not finding it possible to adjust the sums which ought to be paid for the 
freight of these people here with the Supracargoe Mr. Robinson We are oblig'd 
to refer the consideration of this Affair to your Honor &c^. Council as his 
demands and what we think equivolent differ so widely We now enclose a Copy 
of Mr. Drakes & Councils Letter to us by her, as also of those which have Pass'd 
between M^, Dobinson and us on the occasion, to which we have no occasion to 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 61 

add anything as by a reference thereto you will have all that is necessary for 
your Guidance Due Credit will be given your Presidency on our receiving 
advice of the Sum paid on this occasion. 

We are 
FoBT Marlbro Honble Sir & Sirs 

3». May 1764. Your most Obed*. humble Servants 

Roger Carter. 

Hen^'. Idell. 

EoBT. Nairne. 

John Herbert. 

Extract of a letter from the Deputy Governour & Council of Majsiilha To 
the President & Council of Fort Marlborough dated the 23^. February 1764-. 

On the Ship Luconia we now send you 48 Artificers &c*. we have agreed 
• with the owners to victual them at the rate of four Fanams ^ Day which you 
will please to pay them and they have consented to leave the sailing settling 
an allowance for their Passage to be determined by your Honor &C^. 

(A true Copy) 

Edward Coles 

To the Honble Roger Carter Esq^*. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 
OF Bencoolen. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

The Ship Luconia having brought forty six Chinese from Manilha here for 
account of the Honble United East India Company, the Governor cfec^. Council 
of Manilla referred me to this Settlement for the Payment of 4 Fanams ^ day 
agreed by them for victualling each Chinese on his Passage, likewise for 
settling the Freight for them, I most humbly request in behalf of the owners 
your Honors will please to take into consideration that the Ship was ordered 
here solely on their account her Cargo being laid in for Madrass & the diffi- 
culty we have had .in obtaining a Passage through contrary wind and Currents 
since we left the Streights of Sunda, will have some weight in what you shall 
think reasonable to allow for their freight, and that your Honors will acccjd- 
ingly please to order the same to be settled. 

I am with the greatest Respect, 
Bencoolen Honble Sir & Sirs 

25^3. April 1764. Your most Obedient & must humble Servant 

Rob'. Dobinson. 
To Mb. Robert Dobinson 

The Board on peruseing your Letter and considering the diviation of your 
Ship have agreed to grant you an Allowance of six hundred Dollars for the 
Passage of the Chinese you will be pleased therefore to make out a Bill & 
Robert Nairne Esqr. Land Paymaster will discharge the same on presentation. 

I am 
Fort Marlbro Sir 

.25™. April 1764. Your most humble Servant 

Edward Coles 
(A true Copy) 

Edward Coles 

62 Records of Fort St. George 

to the honble roger carter esq^^. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 
OF Fort Marlborough. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

The Secretary having advised me of the allowance Granted by your Honors 
for the Passage of the Chinese, I beg leave to remonstrate that it is no way 
equivalent to the Expence of the Ship, which with having lost a large anchor 
in the streights of Banca & the great damage we have sustain' d in our Sails & 
Riging in making our Passage has doubled that expence, likewise as the Ship 
did not come here to trade, neither can the owners reap any benefit from it, 
which your Honors must be sensible of They will undoubtedly expect an advan- 
tage for its deviation and the wear and Tear of the Ship, I should be extremely 
sorry to be thought either unreasonable or troublesome in my demands to this 
Honble Board, yet I believe I may with great truth affirm that fifty Dollars 
each Man will not be one eight part of the Expence to the Honble Company, as 
those brought here by the India men on account of the demurrage the Deviation 
of their voyage would occasion besides Freight, therefore as they certainly could 
not have been brought here by any other method returned so advantageous to 
the Honble Company, as this Ship could not bring them I humbly hope your 
Honors will after weighing these circumstances grant me the above allow- 
ance which I flatter myself may be done without deviating from that Impartial 
Judgement ever practised in this and every Honble English Council I am with 
the greatest respect and esteem. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Your Honors Most Obedient humble Servant 
Robert Dobinson. 
Fort Marlbro 
27™. April 1764. 

(A true Copy) 

Edward Coles 

To Mk. Robert Dobinson 

Supra cargo of the Ship Lucoota. 


We have received and considered your Letter of the 27tii. Instant. 

The reasons you alledge and the Calculations you have made either with 
regard to the Chinese, received by the Honble Companys Ship or your own does 
not appear to us in the same light as they appear to you, we apprehend the 
Freight of your Ship had she been taken up solely on the Companys account' 
from Manilha to Madrass would not have been higher than the sum you men- 
tion for bringing so few Chinese here & that your going to that Port by this 
way is little or no deviation on account of the season & we have however agreed 
to offer you ^ 1000 which we think to be a very high rate and hope you will 
on reflection think also equivolent to the Service, should you differ in opinion 
We should be glad you would refer it to the consideration of the Presidency & 
Council of Fort S*. George to be determined by them who being more conversant 
are of consequence better acquainted with this Matter 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 63 

M^. Drake & Council acquaints us that they had agreed with the owner 
of the Luconia for the Diet of the Chinese at 4 Fanams |^ Diem, but they have 
represented that they did not receive any allowance except water of conse- 
quence we suppose you have no demand on that account 

We are 
Your humble Servants, 
Roger Carter &c-'^. Councii-. 
Fort Marlbro 
28™. April 1764. 

(A true Copy) 

Edward Coles 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort Marlborough. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Having just received the resolutions of the Honble Board with regard to 
the Freight of the Chinese I beg leave to reply that the sum offered is not equal 
to the expence I shall very readily comply with your request in referring it 
to the Presidency & Council of Madrass on your Honors granting me 
receipt for them as to victualling the Chinese, I have to declare that it was 
given the owners as a further inducement to bring them here, by making it 
better worth their trouble and that the Captain of the Chinese that procured 
these to come did in my & the Cabauciler presence who is now here ask of Mr. 
Drake money for their provisions Mi'. Drake asked them the reason 
of their laying in provisions when had before told them he had agreed 
with the owners, the ship was to find them with provisions on their 
passage, therefore would not pay them, but if they would send their rice 
ashore he would take it and pay for it on the Company s account, and not 
withstanding they had an Opportunity they did not chuse to do it this I am 
ready to attest upon oath if required therefore as it was their own faults they 
put themselves to any expence, there being no failure on our Parts, having laid 
salt Fish and rise on purpose for them which they might have made use of if 
they pleased, I cannot think it unreasonable of consequence no injustice to the 
Honble Company to charge them agreable to the agreement made with M^". 
Drake & Council, which I hope cannot after this be disputed therefore shall 
make out the Bill accordingly I am with the Greatest Esteem & respect, 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
Your Honors Most Obedient & most humble Servant. 
Robert Dobinson. 
Fort Marlbro 
30™. April 1764. 

(A true Copy) 

Edward Coles 

64. Records of Fort St. George 

To Mk. Egbert Dobinson 



We have received your Letter of Yesterdays date, as you agree to refer 
the consideration of the Freight necessary to be paid as an equivalent for 
bringing here forty six Chinese from Manilha to the President & Council of 
Fort S''. George this Letter will serve you as a Receipt for them and answer 
your request on that head. 

It is impossible we can look upon the victualling of the Chinese to be in 
the least connected with the allowance that ought to be made you on the devia-; 
tion of the voyage, The rate fixed by M^. Drake & Council was without doubt 
thought by them only an Equivolent for the expence the owners was to be at 
in finding them provisions, Now it is certain that these People have not put 
your owners to any of consequence, the paying you according to the agreement 
is giving them so much for nothing, we admit that the Chinese might have had 
provisions had they applied for any and that some might have been laid in for 
them, but this being saved it under j^our Indents to us for rice &&. so much the 
less as what was appropriated for victualling the Chinese will serve your 
ships Company over to Fort S^ . George & therefore is rather of benefit to your 
owners, as Provisions here are so much dearer than at Manilha. 

It gives us much concern that we cannot bring our Sentiments on these 
matters to coincide with yours as we should take a pleasure of doing all in 
our power to serve your owners, it is this consideration only which induces 
us to offer that this affair may be left also to the President & Council of Fort 
S*. George. 

We are 
Fort Marlbro Sir 

1st. May 1764. Your humble Servants 

Roger Carter Szc^. 

No. 74. 

To the Honble George Pigot Esq». 

President & Governoitr &c^. Council 

AT Fort Sf. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

Since we had the pleasure to address you the 16^^^. March, by the way of 
Batavia, we have been honored with your several Letters ^ Houghton, Hector, 
Hawke, London, Admiral Pocock & Malmouth a Country Ship being under des- 
patch for Fort S*. George gives us the opportuniy of informing you that as 
we now begin to give over all thoughts of being ordered from hence in time 
to return by this Monsoon we have resolved to dispatch the admiral Pocock 
for the Coast by the way of Xolo at M^. Dalrymple request if the Ship with 
the Difinity Treaty should not arrive before the Tenth of March. 

By her we propose to send the Books & Papers with an Account of our 
Transactions, we shall therefore only beg leave at present to observe, that in 
case we are to stay here another year, our stock of cash will but suffice untill 
the end of June, and as it will be near the end of December before we can. 
embark for the Coast, and the expence of Shipping off Stores & the many other 
contingent Charges that will naturally occur (among which may be reckoned 
the removal of the Chinese the greater part of whom we hope will proceed to 
Fort Marlborough) will require a large supply of cash, wherefore we are earn- 
estly to request your Honor &c^. will be pleased to make us as early as possible 
a Remittance of at least three Lacks of Euoees without which we shall be 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763- 


reduced to the greatest distress, as we were last year, which obliged us to 
detain part of the consignment to Canton we must likewise request a supply of 
Medicines stationary & cloathing for the Troops. 

Mr. John Lewin Smith having requested our Permission to return to the 
Coast by the way of China, as we expected to be ordered away from hence, 
we thought it would only anticipate his Departure a few Months & therefore 
imployed \_sic'\ with his request. 

Mr. Henry Brooke apply'd to us also for a like Permission, and as he 
was in a bad state of Health and nothing but a change of air could affect his 
discovery he with leave accompanied M^. Smith to Canton. 

Mr. Francis Jourdan succeeded to one of the vacancies in Council occa- 
sion'd by the departure of the before mention'd Gentlemen leaving a seat for 
My. John Nodes now at Cavita as Paymaster & Civil Magistrate when his duty 
will permit him to return to Manilla. 

In order to support the heavy charges of this Settlement we have drawn 
upon your Honor &c,^. the following setts of Bills for Money received into 

B'rom whom recoived. 

To whom payable. 


Rate of Exce. 

Time of 



Geo. Scot 


. 7362 


— 15^ ^ 10 

PO after 

Francis Barnewal 


. 2937 


— Pms. fl D°- 


Caleston Cavond \ 
Batthazar and Joseph/ 

Joannes Marcar . 

. 10080 


— 16 ^ D°- 


Metchom Bekton 

Pgos Cat chuck . 

. 2560 


— ^ D°- 


Caleston Cavond 

Shamier Sultan . 

. 17900 


1 D- 


Morad Seth 

Gregorio Miguel . 

. 10080 


— ^ D°- 


Batthazar Joseph 

Joseph Monut 

. 16600 


— fl D°- 


Caleston Cavond 

Shamier Sultan . 

. 3360 


— fl D°- 


Dawsonne Drake 

Rob*- Palk and . 
N'- Morse. 

. 6000 


— fl D"- 


Edward Wogan 

George Scott 

. 1469 

— fl D°- 


Hugo Cavenagh 

Matthew Lynch . 

. 4117 


- ^ D"- 





We are with respect 


HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Febry. 24™. 1764, 

Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Dawsonne Drake. 

Henry Parsons. 

WiLLM. Stevenson 

Francis Jourdon. 

No. 75. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 
AT Fort S^. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

T address'd you by way of China & shall take the Opportunity of the 
vessell intended for the Coast from hence to pay my respects to you again this 
is chi( fly intended to enclose some brief Instructions for the ship you may think 

■66 Records of Fort St. George 

proper to send to Sooloo which I request may be dispatched as early as possible 
& be directed to proceed strictly to Balambangan & to call there without fail 
I beg the commander may have directions to obey my orders whereever he may 
receive them & be caution' d to behave himself in such a manner as not to 
hazard insolving the Companys Affairs or bringing them into discredit by ill 
treatment of the Natives Bugguese or the strangers. 

I have the honor to be with 
Manilha Perfect Respect, 

2'S^. Feb-s^. 1764. HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Your most Obed*. humble Servant 

Ml'. Dalrymples instructions for the direction of the Ship that may be 
•dispatch' d to Sooloo. 

After passing P°. Aro (or Wawoor) & Timoan it is necessary to keep 
much farther to the Northward to avoid the Natunas than the Draughts des- 
crible [^sic'] it will be most expedient to make a course from Aro not more easterly 
than N.NE. into the Latitude of 5>=. N°. The Distance from Aro to Banguly 
is far from being well determined in the London going & coming it was reckoned 
from 12°. 30° to 13° 30° in the Cuddalore 11° 30° and in the Neptune about 
11° I imagine it will be about 12° But the Current makest the reckoning very 
uncertain; The Log here reckon' d by is 50 Feet to 30. 

In traversing this Sea I have in four voyages met no Shoals or Dangers 
butt off the Coast however there are several both to the Northward & Southward 
which make it most eligible to keep as near as possible to the Tracks marked 
in the accompanying Charts which is to be annexed to that in the Directory 
of the southern parts of the China Seas. 

The West Coast of Borneo to the Southward of 6. 55. No has many banks 
so that if you happen not to have good luck in falling in with the Channels 
thro them or have bad weather they may be very troublesome & dangerous but 
Balambangan and the parts adjoining 6-55 No. to 7-33 No is free from all 
dangers so far as four voyages will permit me to judge It is therefore most 
eligible to make the coast about 7 No. Lat making all allowances for declinasion 
&c^. should not blow fresh from the westward. It will be proper for the ship 
to come too off the Coast of Borneo to the Eastward of Sampangmagnio which 
is the No Point & there make signals as soon as the weather will permit them 
to be seen or heard but if the weather be good it will be more eligible for the 
ship to anchor in the entrance between Sampangamagnia & Balambangan near 
the last. 

Should the ship be forced by any accident past Balambangan, the follow- 
ing observations may be usefuU in passing the strait which ought not however 
to be attempted in bad Weather as the good sounding along Balambangan will 
allways afford a ship the opportunity of waiting till the dirty Weather is over 
which never lasts long. 

The soundings to the Westward of Balamgan & the N°. end Borneo at 
5 Leas, off about 35 'S^^. which Shoalens very gradually standing in shore. The 
Bottom Chiefly clay standing to N^. along the W. Coast of Balambangan till 
Banguey Peak bears about S.B.W. then stand. N B E till you get sight of 
Loomboocan which Island kept N E or a little more easterly will carry you to 
the westward of the Banks on the Salingasingan side & also far enough of 
the Eastward of those towards Balabac, the most Eastern having been set in 
•one with Loomboocan No. 16o E Having kept Loomboocan in the Bearings 
above directed till you get sight of the Simanakan Shoal you must stand to the 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 67 

eastward, passing on which side of it you please, The south side has above 20 
Fas. at 2 dist*. The N°. side appeared also steep but I was never close to it In 
passing the strait it will allways be proper to have a Man at the mast head 
who will see the discoloured water on the shoals a bold Man in clear weather 
may pass through without making so long a Track by steering towards Saling- 
singan & directing his course by the colour of the water but the other is the 
widest & most convenient passage it will allways be proper to have the whole 
day for passing the strait tho with the above precautions you will never have 
so little as 20 feet tho not much above it the ground is clayed & ouze towards 
Balambangan and but sandy in the middle of the strait whe]"e you may come 
too in case of necessity. 

After passing Simanatan it will be eligible to steer so as to pass near the 
Cagayan Sooloo Island the largest is a high peak'd Island is visible at least 12 
Leags. to the N.E. of it 8 Lea^. was the appearance of a sm.all spot of discoloured 
Water tho no soundings between & the nearest Island which is about four 
Leags. from it, I have pass'd both to the Northward & Southward of this bank 
whose existence is uncertain, The inner Passage between Banguey & Cayagan. 
is the most eligible but not known expermentally. 

If the ship has no Directions till she passes the Island she must steer from 
Gagayan so as to pass between Pangootaran & the Islands to the southward of 
it the Deckan Islands whph lye about S W B W from Pangoottaaran 7 or 8- 
Leagues will be a good guide as the Lat^. of Pangootaran is not very precisely 
determined tho the Channel is at ab*. 6 20. N°. These Islands are^ all low & 
Pangootaran is steep to without soundings. From hence to Sooloo there is 
nothing to be apprehensive of. 

No. 76. 

To THE HoNBLE Egbert Palk EsQK. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S'^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Accompanying you will receive DupUicates of our last address which 
waited on your Honor &g^. the 2<i. Instant & this serves purposely to give 
cover to a Packet for the Honble the President & Council of Bombay which we 
are to request you will be pleased to forward them by a Pattamar express 

We remain with great respect 
Tellicherry Honble Sir & Sirs 

11™. June 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Tho^. Byfeld. 

W. Hurt. 

Willm. Ashburner. 

No. 77. 
To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq^. 

President & Governour &ca. Council 
at Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

Your favours of the IS^h. Ultimo and d^^. Instant we have had the honor 
to receive and have now the pleasure to reply thereto. 
1763-64— 9a 


Records of Fort St. George 

Out of the Consigmnent j^ the Cuddalore we are sorry to find so many 
as sixty eight Pieces of Brown Cloth Torn and damaged with Holes we shall 
endeavor to prevent such oversights in future, by examining every days sortment 
before the Cloth is put into the Godown and we shall call on those Merchants 
who provided that Cloth, and make them refund the amount thereof, as soon 
as they return from the Country, 

We are uncertain what quantity of Cloth we shall have for the September 
ship and are much afraid it will not be so considerable as we could wish as 
the Merchants are very dilatory, notwithstanding our frequent Remonstrances, 
they at present are in the Country, but we expect their return in a few days, 
as we have sent for them and shall endeavour to find out an expedient for 
setting a contract with them in order that some certainty may be had in au 
Investment the Quantity of Cloth now on hand is express'd at the Foot hereof 
and your Honor &c^. may depend on our utmost endeavours in providing as 
much as possible. 

Agreable to your commands we now enclose a compleat List of the Revenues 
of this Settlement. 

We are with the greatest respect 


June 23^. 1764. 

Cloth on hand, at the wash- 




In the warehouse — 

HoNBLE SiE & Sirs 
Your most Obedient humble Servants 
John Smith. 
William Barker, 

136 7 
54 18 
26 13 

14 14 


217 18 
15 13 

Gorge .. 

233 11 

List of the Rbvencbs for the Towns and Villages Undbe 


Time and Tebm Anno. 1764. 

The Names of ye- Renters. 


Mabohitty Chomana 


Walteee New Salt Gbound 
for two years commencing 
the let^h. December 1763 @ 
Rupees 1256 ^ Annum. 


for two years commencing 
the 20ti'- Deer- 1763 @ 
Rupees 1007 ^ Annum, 


BACCO & Pasque Jtjncan 
for two years commencing 
the 20''^- December 1763 @ 
Rup'- 1800 fi annum. 

This was let for ye. 
same at last ye ar 
because he was 
two Kistys in- 
debted by this 
means we have a 
probability of re- 
triving the Debt. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 

List of the Revenues foe tse Towns and Villages Under 

vizagapatam, to whom rented for what 

Time and Term Anno. 1764— eow*. 

KtrsHARR Begg 

Kelapillbe Ramanah 

The Names, of ye- Renters. 
Ohicddu Andiapah . . 

Paul de Rozario 

Hacking Peddah Vbncana, 
And Punxa I'oo 



John Smith — 

Ammanabadah Town & 
Salt with Inge Rauze 
Pettah Salt for two years 
commencing 11*'' Jtinuary 
17 64 @ 600 Pag^- 

Waltbeb Town And Salt 
for two years commencing 
pt. jigby 1764 @ Rs. 4010 
^ annum. 

Walter New Salt Ground 
for two years commencing 
1^*- February 1764 @ 60 
Rupees ^ annum. 

Vizagapatam New Rough 
Ground broke up for salt 
Pans and let for 5 years, 
first year nothing, second 
year 40 Rupees, third 
year 60 R*- fourth yeaf 
80 Rupees and fifth yeay 
100 Rupees, commencing 
1»'- Feby 1764. 

Matoapobam &C-*^. Town & 
salt for two years com- 
mencing the 1^*- Feby 1764 
@ Rupees 1772 ^ annum. 

Ditto New Salt Ground 
for two years commencing 
12*- Feby- 1764@ R.upees 
350 fl Annum. 


and salt for two years 
commencing 13'^- Febry- 
1764 @ Rupees 3455 ^ 

Ditto new Salt Pan for 
two years commencing 
the !*• April 1764 @ 
Rupees 30 ^ annum. 

Wa.tara & Ca- Towns two 
years commencing: the 
l**^- April 1764 @ Rupees 
3700 ^ Annum. 

XJpARRA Town For two 
years commsncing the I"'- 
April 1764 @ Pags. 275 ^ 

It is was Jet for the 
same as last year 
because they were 
two Kistys indeb- 
ted by this means 
we have appro- 
bability of retriy^ 
ingye- debt. 

For the same reason 
as they are in- 
debted for one 
year at 250 Rup^- 
& the year of a 
year at 350 Rup». 
^ year. 

SS". June 1764. 

John Smith. 
WiLL»i. Barker, 

70 Records of Fort St. George 

No. 78. 


President & Governour &ca. Council 

OF Fort S'r. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

I have to pay to you for two Bills of Exchange the first dated Bombay 
August the IQtii. 1763, and drawn by M^. Hinckel. 

Star Pag'. 1875 — — 
The other of the 16"i November 1763 drawn by- 
Mess" RottwiU and Huulbeck 156 9 

The Sum of Star Pagodas .. .. 2031 9 

I wrote to M''. Charles Bourchier, the 28*i^. of last 

Month and desired him to deliver to you, upon 

this account Star Pag^. .. .. .. .. 733 8 

And now I send, by the Bearer of this Captain Pedro 

Anthony, commanding a Portugues Frigate . . 1298 1 

Compleating thus the above mentioned Sum of . . Star Pag^. 2031 9 — 

I beg to be favoured with an answer that this sum was duely delivered, 
having the honor to be with the most perfect esteem and consideration. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Fort Dansbory Your most Obedient humble Servant 

2o. July 1764. H. Abbestee. 

No. 79. 


President & Governour &c*. Council 
AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have duely received your favour of the lO^^i. of April and agreable 
to your desire, shall take the first Opportunity which may offer for sending 
round the Timber & Plank you have indented for as soon as the Season will 
permit, unless your Honor &c^. should send for them before. 

We have not yet heard of any of the Ships from Bengal, & as the Season 
is now so far advanced, we conclude they must have lost their Passage, which 
will be unlucky, as we shall be much in want of the Salt Petre we expected by 
the Lord Mansfield to assist in dispathing our Ships home early next Season. 

We are 
Bombay Castle Honble Sir & Sirs 

10™. June 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Chas. Crommelin. 

WiLL>i. Hornby. 

W. A. Price. 

Chas. Waters. 

Samuel Court. 

Cecil Bowyer. 

James Ryley. ■. ,.;■■ 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 71 

No. 80. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 
OF Fort S''. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have been honoured with your Letter of the IQ^^. Ultimo inclosing Cowles 
for the Farms lately relett which I have deliver'd to the several Renters. 

Meer Baucker late Renter of Nizampatam I have allready inform' d you, 
is considerably indebted to the Honble Company a statement of which shall be 
sent to you so soon as the Salt remaining on the ground belonging to him can 
he taken an account of which the Rains we have had here has hither to Pre- 

I last Night received a Letter from Dolben at Bandarmalanka advising 
the Arrival there of the Leopard Snow John Panton Master from Fort Marl- 
TDro bound to Fort S*. George, but had been obliged to bear away for want of 
Water & Provisions M^. Dolben acquaints me that the Captain reports the 
vessell to be very leaky and in want of Repair, who with your approbation 
proposes carrying her into the River there to give her such bad weather in his 
Passage, by which he had three Fellers broke and that in shipping the fourth 
he had the Misfortune of hurting his right hand so as to disable him from 
writing or he would have given your honor &c^. an account of the situation ot 
this vessell himself he will wait at Bandarmalanka for your orders. 

I am very respectfully 
Mazulipatam Honble Sir & Sirs 

6th. July 1764. your very Obedient and most humble 

John Pybus. 

No. 81. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq^. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 
AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have had the Pleasure to receive your Favor under date of the 4tii. of 
February last by the Companys Ship the Lord Clive Captain William Webber 
who imported here the 19*1^. of March. 

We very sincerely congratulate M^. Palk on his Accession to the Govern- 
ment, and we flatter ourselves that we shall allways experience your Attention 
to what we shall have occasion to acquire your Assistance in. 

Our last addresses went by the Plassey Captain Durrell Clews (Via Nat^ 
tal) under date of the 4tii. & 14th. of February, and enclosed you will please to 
receive Duplicates thereof as also of other Papers sent by that conveyance. 

72 Records of Fort St. George 

.We have come to a resolution to dispatch the Lord Clive on to China and 
we purpose putting on board her Two hundred and fifty Tons of Pepper; which 
we apprehend wiJl nearly if not quite sufficient to purchase her a carge of 
coarse Teas & China, what further may be necessary depends on your Honour 
&ca. Council to supply by the Ships which may sail from your Presidency to 

The Cargo of the Lord Clive for this Place has been deliver'd some time, 
and she is now taking in from the Godowns at Pooloo One hundred and nine- 
teen Tons of Pepper which we hope will be compleated in a Day of two, as 
Captain Webber acquaints us that he is want of Arrack and many other articles 
which cannot be supplied him here we have given our consent to him touching 
at Batavia to which Place the Prince Henry was dispatched a few days by 
the way of Croee where she is to take in the remaining sixty Tons of Pepper 
and carry it to Batavia to be delivered to the Lord Clive there — The Prince 
Henry is afterwards to return here, with a supply of Arrack and Timber, Arti- 
cles We are now in some distress for. 

We shall have remaining in our Godown here after the Lord Clive' s depar- 
ture about three hundred and twenty Tons of Pepper and we expect to be able 
to collect near one hundred & fifty Tons more in Time for this years shipping 
which we think it necessary to apprize you of as it may be of service in regulat- 
ing what is proper for your Honour &c^. Council to send to Canton this year 
either an Account of the Shipping destin'd the way of this Coast or your 

From the purport of our advices from Canton, we have had reason to ex- 
pect a much more considerable Number of Chinese than we have received which- 
amount in the whole to only two hundred & fifty five we therefore shall not lay 
under any apprehension of want of Grain for their support as was mention' d 
in our Letter of the 14tii. of February and of consequence there is no necessity 
for putting the Company to any extraordinary expence on this account. The 
Large supply by the Lord Clive, with that we shall be able to collect on this 
coast, will we imagine be fully sufficient to answer our demands for the cur- 
rent Year. 

Upon the Houghtons arrival we determined to send the Greyhound Snow 
Palimbongon the Coast of Java for a supply of Rice, which resolution was 
alter' d on Captain Bowlands arrival here, as we there found, that no great 
number of Chinese, could be induced to come here, it gives us much concern, 
that this vessell was lain so long here on heavy and dead Charge to the Com- 
pany our incapacity for giving her mast a repair, would not permit us to dis- 
patch her back last year in Time, to save the monsoon, and the long and severe 
Illness of Captain Corry has prevented her being dispatch' d sooner this and 
indeed we were the less anxious, as she is now full early for a Quick and a safe 

The Leopard Snow has been kept in employ and been of Service to us in 
bringing up the Pepper from our Subordinates. 

We now dispatch both these vessels by which you will receive this address 
in Duplicates, and we beg your reference to the accompanying Lists of the 
Packets for the several Papers on them. 

We are informed by private advices from Batavia, that the Earl Temple, 
is supposed to be lost on the Coast of the Island of Borneo many Bodys wear- 
ing, the uniform of that Ship having been seen there. 

The Glatton Captain Doveton & the Pocock Captain Hook lost their Pas- 
sage to Canton last Season, and were obliged to return to Batavia, from whence 
the former sail'd the 15*^^. November, and the latter the 2^. February to pur- 
sue their voyages by the Pitts Track. 

His Majesty's Ship the Panther left Batavia, the bound, to your side 
of India and the revenge Commodore Watson, proceeded on his voyage to Manil- 
ha the 13*ii. December. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1762-64- 73^ 

The Cruttenden Captain Bowland arrived here, the Q^^. March, but the 
Havanna Captain Madge meeting with a tedious Passage, we had not the 
pleasure of seeing her till the 30^^. following. The Cruttenden was dispatch'd. 
the 11*1^. March and the Havanna, sail'd the 8^1^. of April, the Houghton left us 
the 28*1^. of February. 

As it was difficult procuring Chinese at Manilha to come here, M^. Drake 
& Council dispatch'd the Falmouth Captain O'Hara direct from thence to 
Europe, and she pass'd the streights of Sunda the ll^i^. of March. The Egmont 
Captain Mears and Britannia Captain Rous have also had a favourable voyage 
so far. 

On adjusting M^. Huberts Batavia Accounts, we find that Captain Dur- 
rell Clew has credited M^. Herbert, Twelve hundred & thirty six Dollars less^ 
than was really advanced him by that Gentlemen an account of the Ship Pleasy 
at Batavia, we enclose in this Packet, an authenticated account of this mistake, 
with Captain Clews original Accounts and we hope you will not meet with any 
difficulty in recovering this sum from Captain Clews as we apprehend he can 
make no Exceptions thereto. Captain Clews must also refund to the Company, 
ninety six Dollars Two Soocoos on Account of his Chief Mate M^". Alentons 
Wages he having drawn on M^. Herbert for that sum, and afterwards charged 
in his Pay list here. 

Mr. John Herbert is appointed to go to Batavia, and will embark on the 
Lord Clive, our Intention in sending him there is we are apprehensive, that 
the Dutch may raise difficultys in granting us the supplies we are in want of, 
which may be obviated by his experience, & Personal acquaintance with them, 
and we also think it necessary to procure some information of what they are 
doing at Batavia and M^'. Hubert, will have direction to forward to your Honor 
&c^. what Intelligence he may think interesting. 

Dollars have been a long Time very scarce there, and our Currency consists 
entirely of Rupees and Paper Notes, which our necessitys have obliged us to 
circulate so far from being able to supply the Lord Clive with any for China 
we cannot furnish M^. Herbert with what is wanted to purchase the few neces- 
saries we write for to Batavia Last year we experienced, what a great loss 
arises by taking up in that City money for Bills on Europe, no less than 13 
^ Cent exclusive of what further loss there may be by the remittance of the 
Payment from London to Amsterdam. It is this consideration, which has 
endured us to take up. Four hundred Teals of Golds on the Companys account 
for our purpose at Batavia. 

As the value of this Gold is to be adjusted hereafter, according as it would 
have turn'd out in the Madrass Mint, we have taken out from each parcel 
lOZ which we now transmit on the Greyhound, and we request that you will 
please to order the same to be assayed, and a Calculate to be return'd us. 

M'". James Burnett, who transact our Affairs at Batavia, acquainted us, 
that our Honble Masters Snow the Luconia, which was drove from Manna to that 
Port in December last, received from the Panther Men of war 490 Yards of 
Canvass, the value of which was to be settled and paid for at Fort S*. George, 
you will please to inform us how much we are to credit your Presidency on this 
account, as also to honor the Bill he drew on you for Two thousand five hund- 
red Rex 

Our Honble Masters have been pleased to permit us to erect a bank here 
for lending there money to private Persons for the Benefit of Trade the same 
took place in March last, and on this Snow the Greyhound we have lent the 
sum of two thousand two himdred Dollars one thousand to M^. Scott & one 
thousand two hundred to M^-. Coles by the Tenor of their Bonds, their attor- 
neys are to acquaint you with the vessell on which it is propos'd to load the 
Goods to be return'd on this Account, and they are to have your approbation 

1763-64— 10 

74 Records of Fort St. George 

thereon, and we are to acquaint your Honor &c^. that by the regulations laid 
down the Honble Court direct that no more than one thousand Pound be ris- • 
qued on one Vessell. 

By this Vessell we have drawn your Honor &c^. Council for a large amount, 
as you will observe by the account of the Certificates annexed, we cannot say 
that the money is absolutely necessary on the Company s account, but the hard- 
ship would be so great on Individuals, that we could not refuse, them this 
Priviledge, the more especially as there is no other way for to remit the amount 
of their Debts as Dollars cannot be procured, nor even are there more Rupees 
on the Place, than will serve the currency. We hope that these Drafts will not 
put you to any great difiiculty to discharge, as we persuade ourselves that before 
they become due, you will have received remittance from England. 

We return your Honor &c^. Council Thanks, for the Blach Cattle sent 
by the Lord Clive seventeen of which were landed here and we shall be glad of 
what further supplys can be conveniently sent at Times, without incurring any 
extraordinary expence, and as the improvment of ours here, is what we mostly 
wish, an attention to the sort sent is necessary. 

The Cargo of the Lord Clive turned out agreable to the Invoice. 

Our Account current with your Presidency comes a number in our Packet.- 

The Arrival of the Chinese, among whom are some artificers, renders it 
less Material for us to detain longer here the Bombay and Bengal artificers, 
who are very desirous of returning to their respective Countrys, and are in no 
ways answerable to the Large Pay, they have. We have therefore taken the 
Opportunity of these two Vessels, to send the greatest part and were for your 
Honor &c=i. to the accompanying List, for the Number Names and Occupations, 
those for Bengal We suppose may be accommodated with a Passage immediately 
on their arrival with you, and the Bombay artificers can be employ' d on your 
Works, till an Opportunity offers to return them there, we have laid in pro- 
visions for them for the voyage so that the Captains have no demand on you. 
on this account and enclosed is the Account of particulars. 

We beg to refer you to the respective Invoices of these Vessells for what 
we have sent on them on the Company s Account, we hope the anchors. Beef & 
Pork will be useful, and with respect to the other particulars, we are of 
opinion, they will sell for more at Madrass, than here and the keeping them 
longer in our bad Godowns only will subject them to more damage, than they 
have allready received, as the Plassey could not take in all the Military Cloath 
ing that we had no occasion for, the remainder now goes, and is included in their 
Invoices, and you will please to forward them to Bombay by the first Convey- 

Manifest of Private Trade, which we have permitted to be laden on the 
Greyhound & Leopard comes a Number in the Packet. 

We are to request that you will please to send us by the first Conveyance 
Two hundred & fifty suite of cloathing for our Seapoys, amongst which must 
be sixteen Havildar's and twenty Naigs suits. 

We remain with due regard. 
Fort Marlbrotjgh Honble Sir & Sirs 

SB. May 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Roger Carter. 
Henry Idell. 
Robert Nairne. 
John Herbert. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 



We have drawn on your Honor &c^. Council the following Bills of Exchange- 
ail dated the 24*^. April 1764 Value deposited into the Honble Companys cash 



1 Sett in favour of Willam Flockhart 

payable to M"'. Peter or order . . . . Pags 

1 Sett in favour of Captain Rich"*. Daw- 
son payable to Charles Bourchier Esqr. 
1 Sett in favour of Roger Carter Esq''. 

payable to B". 
1 Seti in favour of Captain Rich"^. Dawson 

payable to M''. John Parley or orde ■ 
1 Sett in favour of Captain Robert Fra- 

zier payable to M''. Rob'. Tourii g or 

1 Sett in iavour of George Scott Esq''. 

payable to M"^. Peter Perring or order . . 
1 Sett in favour of Edwa.d Coles payable 

tj Claud Russell Esq', or order 
1 Sett in favour uf Robert Nairne Esq'^. 

payable to Samuel Ardley Esq'', or order. 
1 Sett in favour of Henry Idell Esq'. 

payable to M'. James Hay or order 
1 Sett in favour of M''. James Stevenson 

payc.ble to M''. Robert Turing or order. 4234 — — 

10 Set :s amounting to D= Ds. 30679 — 31 



7092 3 81 







406 3 30 

4433 3 36 

1562 18 — 

2646 9 -X- 

18924 15 21 

Fort Marlbro 
3d. May 1764. 

We remain 
Honble Sir & Sirs 
Your most Obedient humble Servants. 
Roger Carter. 
Henry Idell. 
Robert Nairne. 
John Herbert. 

No. 82. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq^. 

President & Governour &c-'^. Council 

of Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

This accompanys our Cash Accounts Journal Parcells & other Monthly 

We are sorry to say our Merchants have been hitherto rather backward, 
in bringing in cloth however they promise to make up for their lost time, and 
no means shall be wanting on our parts to excite them to the Performance of 
their Engagements, and the dispatch of the Business. 

Your Honor &c^. are well acquainted that in the late War, when the 
French were in possession of this Place, they entirely destroy'd the Fort of 
S*. Davids. The Factory House at Cuddalore, & in a great measure, the 
Garden House at new Town, and in short most of the Buildings belonging to 
the Honble Company so that since, the reestablishment of this Settlement, there 
has been no house of the Companys for the Chief here to live in, and therefore 
have been oblig'd to rent houses at different times for that purpose, but as the 
owners of them may (& as we are inform' (d) have intentions of disposing of 
them whenever, an Opportunity Offers in such case the Chief would be oblig'd 
176.^-64— 10a 

76 Records of Fort St. George 

to remove & there not being many houses here fit for him to reside in, the 
Inconvenience it would put him to as well as hindrance it might occasion to the 
Companys Business must be obvious to your Honor &&. and consequently how 
necessary it is to have a house of the Company's for his residence. This 
induced us to have a survey taken of the Garden house. The walls of which are 
standing & on inspection are reported to be perfectly Good & also that several 
of the Outhouses are remaining intire for being arch'd their Roofs were not 
destroyed by the French with the rest so that the chief repairs it wants are 
Eoofs to the House & some of the Godowns, Windows Doors &C'\ which we 
are informed by a Calculation we have had made if it is cover "d vv^ith an 
Armazon Roof 'of Palmeiras & Tiles & the other Repairs conducted with 
occonomy it may be done in such a manner, as to be a convenient House for the 
Chief for about the sum of one thousand Pagodas, & as we have all ready set 
for the necessity there is for having one for the Chief We therefore take the 
Liberty of recommending to your Honors &ca. Consideration, the repairing the 
above mentioned House, as it can be done at so small an expence & as otherwise 
it will in a short time be entirely in ruins. 

We have the honor to be with great Respect 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Ctjddalore, Your most Obedient humble Servants 

17™. July 1764. John Lewin Smith. 

John Calland. 

A List of Cloth on Hand. 

At the Washers 45 Bales 

Beaters ... ... ... ... ... 6 

Dyers ... ... ... ... ... 15^ 

661 Bales 

No. 83. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S'f . George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

The Present is solely to give cover to a Duplicate of our last, and to a 
Bill for Customs on Goods imported by the late M^-. John Hatfield, belonging 
to Messrs. Pelling and Defreis at your Place, which we are to request you will 
recover from those Gentlemen & Credit us for the amount as M^. Hatfields 
Executor acquaints us it has never been charged to their Account by the Deceas- 
ed, and consequently they become answerable for the same. 

We are 
Bombay Castle Honble Sir & Sirs 

I5tu J-one 1764. Your most Obedient Servants 

Chas. Crommelin. 

Willm. Hornby. 

Willm. Price. 

Chas. Waters. 

Saml. Court. 

Cecil Bowyer. 

James Reyley. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1762-64 71 

No. 84. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S'^ George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We wrote you under date the 31^^. Ultimo of which a Duplicate has been, 
since transmitted. 

On the 1#^. Instant Imported here the ship Plassey from Fort Marlbro 
having met with a violent Gale of wind, in her Passage she put into Vizaga- 
patam, in a very distressed Condition, which rendering her incapable of pro- 
ceeding to Madrass at this season of the year, the Chief & Council at that Place 
dispatch' d her to us, and perceiving by an extract of the Fort Marlbro Letter 
to your Presidency, that they report her to be by no means, calculated for the 
service of that Coast We have determined to dispose of her at publick sale to 
the highest Bidder. The Amount of the Sale, in which shall be included the 
stores supplied her at Vizagapatam, shall be carried to the Credit of your 

We purpose to dispatch the Diligent Snow as soon as she can get out of 
the River, with a supply of Provisions for Fort Marlbro, and we shall also 
i'cturn thither the Greyhound, as soon as possible after her arrival ; of these par- 
ticulars we advised your Honor &c^. that knowing our Intentions you take what 
Opportunity you can of further supplying their wants which they represent 
tobe very urgent. 

We are 
Fort William Honble Sir & Sirs 

18™. June 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Henry Vansittart. 

J. Spencer. 

Warren Hastings. 

Ranch. Marriott. 

H. Watts. 

Sam^-. Middleton. 

Ralph Leycester. 

John Burdett. 

No. 85. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq«. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

This is to advice your Honor &c». that Ramah Lengalh, the Porto Novo 
Merchant, Exports by a Chellingea on account of the Honble Company for your 
Settlement, as '^ his Account delivered in Long Cloth Worriarpolum 8 Call 
fourteen Corge (14) Long Cloth Chennam W^'^. pollam 9, Call Three Gorge two 
Pieces (3-2) Long Cloth Fine 12 Call Three Corge two pieces (3-2) Half pieces 
Blue 9*11. Qall sixteen Corge (16) ; and Remain with great Respect, 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
CuDDALORE Your most Obedient Servants 

23". July 1764. J. L. Smith. 

John Calland. 

78 Records of Fort St. George 

No. 86. 


President and Governour &c*. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

From a Calculate of the Remains of Salt Petre, now in our Warehouse, 
and the Investment, which we ma yexpect this year of that Article, We judge, 
we shall be able fully to supply your Wants, We desire therefore to be advised 
«arly, what they may amount to, & what prospect you have of an Investment 
for Assisting in the Dispatch of the Ships for Europe the ensuing season. 

We are 
Honble Sir & Sirs 
Fort William Your most Obedient humble Sevants 

THE 25™. June 1764. Henry Vansittart. 

John Spencer. 
Warren Hastings. 
Rand=. Marriott. 
H. Watts. 
Sam^. Middleton. 
Ralph Leycester. 

No. 87. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq». 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

Agreable to our last advices of the 23^. Ultimo we have had the Merchants 
recalled from the Country and have now the Pleasure to acquaint your Honor 
&&■. that we have with great difl&culty prevailed with them to contract for 
two hundred Bales, the half of which will we imagine be in readiness for the 
Dispalch of the September Ship, so that we now flatter ourselves with hopes of 
being able to procure near three hundred Bales by that period, the Quantity of 
Cloth now on hand is expressed at the foot hereof. 

In consequence of your Honor &&. directions concerning the Beteelas, we 
have ordered a few Pieces of each Sort to be made by way of Musters, which 
we shall send your Honor &c^. when finished, by which you may judge, whether 
they will answer the end proposed, as we are not sufficiently acquainted with 
their real values. 

The Moores for Chints of the like Musters as those which M^. Smith brought 
down, we have not been able to provide, as the Merchants say they cannot 
undertake to make them at low prices your Honor &c^. have been pleased to 
direct of which we before advised you in a former address of the IS^i^. August 
1763. so that we shall now endeavour to find out some other Cloth, which may 
answer the same purpose as formerly. 

The method which you Honor &q,^. proposed for the Increase of our Invest- 
ment, will tend little to the purpose as our Cloth which is turn'd out at Sorting 
is so excessive bad, that we cannot think of accepting it at any abatement what- 
soever, and as to the Fine & Midling Cloth which are not of their proper 
Qualities, are generally sorted to inferior Numbers or returned to the Mer- 
shants, as not being fit for the Compays use. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 79 

By your Honor &c^. favour of the Sl^t. Ultimo we observe you desire the 
Company, may not be put to any unnecessary expence, in making alterations, 
or new Works to this Garrison, which was never our Intention, and you like- 
wise please to say, that we have allready had permission for making Gun Car- 
riages, but that order we apprehend extended no farther then for those six. 
Guns, which we received by the Deligent Snow in April last, whereas a general 
supply is much wanted as we have none but what are intirely unfit for service. 

By this conveyance the General Books of this Settlement ending April 
1764 are now forwarded together with the Journal Parcells for the Months of 
April May & June and we have nothing further, to add, but to beg your Honor 
&ca. Council will please to favour us, with a further supply of money for the 
use of the Investment of which we are in great want, as we have since the- 
close of the account for June, disburst all the Money on hand for that Purpose, 
and we have the honor to remain with the utmost Eespect. 

HoNBLE SiK & Sirs 
VizAGAPATAM Your most Obedient humble Servants 

30™. July 1764. John Smith. 

William Barker. 

Glotii in ye. Warehouse Embaled — 
LOO.. 33 Bas. 
LCM .. 17 r>o. 

L C F . . 2 Do. 

Bas. 59 
At the Wash — 




No. 88. 


President & Governour of Fort S'^. George. 
On the Coast of Chord mandel for the 
Right Honble the English East India 
Company & the Gentlemen of the.-Council. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

The Gentlemen of our Factory at Bimilipatam in their Letter dated the 
8^^. Ultimo informs us, that the following Merchants of that Place Mopody 
Chitty Jagaya, Tamana Jagoonaikaloo & Nalamalla Narsimboloe, who are 
indebted to our Company in the large sum of Florins 25024 18 — absconded 
themselves, some to Poondymarka & others to Vizagapatam & Visnagar; that 
they did thereupon endeavour to seize them again or bring them back, but they 
were denied that satisfaction by Mess^'^. John Smith & William Barker, your 
Residents at Vizagapatam as you will observe by Copies of their Letters "sent 
herewith for your perusal and we take the Liberty now to apply to you requesting 
that you will be pleased in a friendly manner to order the Delivery of the 
said Merchants now at Vizagapatam to our Resident at Bimilipatam, that 
they might settle their accounts with the Company & then go their way, as to 
their allegations that their Ballances were Transferr'd on Sicawirana. & ttat 

. . Co. 49 










101 10 — 

Co. 149 








217 7 — 
318 17 — 



80 Records of Fort St. George 

it has been paid by bim & tbat it is now four years since tbey had left Bimili- 
patam they are no more than excuses invented by them; We flatter ourselves 
you will depend when we have the honor to tell you that these three Merchants 
signed to their Accounts last year with the rest of Merchants & agreed to their 
contracts for the present year. 

We assure you on such Occasions you will find us with great readiness 
to return you the compliment being with the most perfect Esteem 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Negapatam Your sincere Friends & Obedient Servants 

THE July 1764. [Lacuna] 

No. 89. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort S^. George . 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have been favour 'd with your Commands of the IQ^^. Ultimo & shall 
punctually conform to your directions relating to the Salem Cloth. 

In consequence of your Directions to M^. Smith, he has enquired into the 
state of the Arrack Farm & from the best information he has been able to 
procure hnds it really is as the Renter represented to your Honor &c^. it appear- 
ing by the account lie has delivered in & which is confirmed by others M"^. 
Smith has likewise procured and which we transmit you herewith, that the 
neat proceeds thereof from the 1^*. of February to the Sl^t. July inclusive 
amounts only to Pags. 398-20-5 consequently had he been oblig'd to Pay his 
monthly Kists of Pags. 175-0-0 for these six Months past he would actually 
have been a considerable sufferer, we shall therefore agreable to your Permis- 
sion, receive for the present the said sum of Pagodas 398-20-5 & continue to 
receive Monthly whatever the said Farm may produce untill a change of 
circumstances may alter the state of it . 

W~e have also view'd, the Godowns at Cuddalore belonging to M^. John 
Whitehiil, & which as we apprehend, they must be pulled down (or at least 
Part of them) whenever a Factory house is erected there & having likewise 
been occupied by the Company for some years past, the Pent of which would 
amount to a considerable sum. We are therefore of opinion it would be most 
eligible for your Honor &ca. to purchase them, & the rather so as from a 
Survey we have had taken of them, they are valued only at the sum of Pag^. 

Sometime ago we received the accompanying Letters from our assistants 
Messrs Goddard & Barclay setting forth the unavoidable necessity they 
are under of keeping Pallankeens by the great distance, they are from the 
sorting GcdowTi & their inability to support such an expence on their small 
salaries having uo other Emoluments of any kind, & therefore requesting us 
to interceed with your Honor &c^. to make them some allowance for that pur- 
pose, & which as we are sensible of, the Justness of their Plea, we beg leave 
to recommend to your most favourable Consideration assuring your "Honor 
&ca. their Deligence and behaviour equally claim it. 

Enclosed are our Cash Account Journal Parcells and other monthly Papers 
for July and remain with great Eespect, 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

Cuddalore Your most Obedient & most humble servants, 

"'4th. August 1764. J. L. Smith. 

John Calland. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 81. 

List of Cloth on hand. 

At the Washers 38 

Dyers 53f 

Beaters 41| 

Bales ... 133A 

To John Lewin Smith Esq». 
Chief &c^. Council at Cuddalore. 


I beg leave to lay before you the great Inconvenience I labour imder by 
being obliged to keep a Pallankeen owing to the great Distance (about 3 Miles), 
I am at from the sorting Godown Besides having rivers & deep sands to 
cross, & there being no Apartments nigher renders it absolutely necessary, & 
without which it is impossible for me to give proper Attendance to the Honble 
Companys Business. 

Finding my Inability to support such an Expence out of my very small 
Allowance & no advantage accruing to me at this Place lays me under the 
necessity to request the favour of you Sirs, to represent this to the Honble 
Governour & Council, who I doubt not will be pleased to take into Consi- 

I am with much Respect, 
Cuddalore Sirs 

Is*. AuG^^. 1764. Your most Obedient & most Hble Serv*. 

RoBT. Baeclay. 



Records of Fort St. 

Oi \ CO t~ 

to t^ 

1^ I 

^ I 


§ 1 






CO l> 

■g . 




^ [ 

2 CO j3 ' 

■S "1^ o 
.g ^ a eo 

a CO 6 o 



I 3 

rv] 9h 
p CO 



<l to 









Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 









«3 ® 



i I 









o '^ 






pq W 





1763-64— llA 


Records of Fort St. George 

o 8 

.A 1 


,Cfi EH 








•W s 

O f^ <=> .Jd ja 
O ctf =^ 3 "^ 



<lj Oh 





3 t;; 

t3 . .mu, O 

pq-s JO O 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 65 

■.To John Lewin Smith Esqr. 

Chief &c^. Council of Cuddalore 


I take the Liberty to lay before you the Inconvenience which I have Laboured 
under, ever since my Arrival at S*. Davids, being oblig'd to keep a Palankeen 
owing to the Distance, I am at from the sorting Godown, & Besides Rivers, to 
Cross, which renders it, absolutely necessary; & without which it is impossible 
for me to give a Proper attendance to the share of the Honble Companys Busi- 
ness, allotted me Finding my Inability to support it longer must beg leave to 
desire the Favor you will represent it to the Honble Governour & Council 
humbly hoping they will be pleased to take it into consideration. 

I am with Respect, 

Cuddalore Sirs 

23». July 1764. Your most Obed*. & very humble Servant 

Walter Goddard. 

N". 90. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esqb. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

at Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have been honored with your Commands of the 16*^. & 27*^. Ultimo In 
consequence of which M^. Dolben was acquainted with the Permission you 
had pleased to grant him of coming to the Presidency & of your having appoint- 
ed Mr. Whitehill to succeed him at Bandarmalanka who took upon him the 
charge there the 31st. Ultimo, and begs leave to return your Honor SiC^. his 
Thanks for this Mark of your Favor & to assure you, that his best endeavours 
shall be exerted to deserve it M^. Dolben likewise desires me to return his 
thanks for the Indulgence granted him & the satisfaction you have been pleased 
to express with his Conduct in the Bussyness of the Investment during his 
Management there. 

I have acquainted Captain Panton of the Leopard Snow with your Resolu- 
tion relating to the Destination of that Vessell & under Cover is Copy of the 
orders I have given him in Consequence. 

Inclosed I have the honor to transmit you the Accounts of this Settlement 
for the two last Months, and must beg your excuse for not having forwarded 
those of June earlier which has been owing to Indisposition. 

Your Honor &c^. will find at the Foot hereof no Account of the Cloth on 
band here and at Bandarmalanka, but M^. Whitehill has since advised me 
that he hopes to have 250 Bales in readiness by the 8<^i^ or lOtii. of next Month 
when he purposes to dispatch them & to order the Vessell here to take in those 
from this Place which will be about twenty two so that your Honor &g^. may 
reckon on having upwards of two hundred & seventy Bales by the latter end of 
next Month. 

I am very respectfully, 
Masulipatam Honble Sir & Sirs 

12™. AuGT. 1764. Your very Obedient & most humble Servant 

John Pybus. 

86 Records of Fort St. George 

Cloth on hand at Mazulipatam — 

Chay Goods 2000 Pieces— 

At Bandarmalanka 

Long Cloth Ordinary Co 125 6 — 

Midling .. 107 11 — 

Fine .. 38 15 — 

7 2 — 

278 14 

N". 91. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We have received your Letters of the l#t. Ultimo & 4*1^. Instant with- 
the Honble Companys Packet for this Presidency ^ the Northumberland. 

On the l#ii. Instant the Companys Snow Greyhound arrived here from 
Fort Marlborough According to her Destination she should have proceeded to 
your Presidency We have therefore been under the necessity of opening the 
Packet, to take out the advices for ourselves & the Papers relating to the Vessel 
we have also kept the papers relative to the error in Captain Clews account, & 
shall demand the amount thereof from him. The remaining Number of the- 
Packet are herewith transmitted to your Honor &c^. 

In consequence of your Letter of the 14*^. Ultimo we have directed a 
supply of Packing stufi & Jaggery to be prepared for the use of your Presi- 
dency, But in future we desire you will specify by an Indent the Quantity of 
Gunneys & Gunny Eope you may want as we are not acquainted with what- 
the Package of your Bales require. 

We are 
Fort William Honble Sir & Sirs 

16 July 1764. Yur most Obedient humble Servant 

Henry Vansittart. 

J. Spencer. 

Warren Hastings. 

Rand^. Marriott. 

H. Watts. 

Samuel Middleton. 

Ralph Leycester 

John Burdett. 

N". 92. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq». 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have been favoured with your Address of the W^. and shaU strictly 
observe the Commands of our Honble Masters regarding the Turn'd out Cloth. 

The Repairs are begun of the Garden house & your Honor &c'. may 
depend they shall be conducted with the greatest economy. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 87 

We are to advise you that Ramali Lingah the Porto Novo Merchant 
Exports on account of the Honble Company /^ a Chelingea for your Settlement 
Long Cloth fine 12 Call four Corgs, tv?o pieces (4 — 2) Long Cloth Chinna- 
maickpollam 9 Call seven Corge two Pieces (7 — 2 — 0) Long Cloth Worriarpolam 
8 Call, Ten Corge six pieces (10:6) Half pieces Blue, sixteen Corge (16) & 
Remain vpith great Respect . 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
CuDDALORE Your most Obedient humble Servants. 

-24™. August 1764. J. L. Smith 

John Callanu 

List of Cloth on hand — 

Bales 28^ At Washers. 
40 Beaters. 

58 i Dyers- 
20 Embal'd. 

Bales 147 

N". 93. 

To THE Honble Rob'^. Palk Esq«. 

President & Governour &c^ Council 
AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

This serves chiefly to enclose the accounts of this Settlement for last Month 
by which your Honor &c^. will please to observe that our Ballance of Cash is 
very low therefore we hope you will be pleased to assist us with a further supply 
the first Opportunity and we hope you will likewise please to furnish us with a 
sufficient quantity of Madeira Wine for the use of this Settlement The Long 
Cloth now on hand is expressed at the foot hereof, and we have nothing farther 
to add, but to assure your Honor &c^. that we remain with the utmost Res- 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
VizAGAPATAM Your most Obedient humble Servants 

18™. Aug''. 1764. John Smith 

WiLLM. Barker. 

Cloth in the Warehouse 


L.C.O. 33 Bales .. qtg- Corge „ 49 10 

L.C.M. 17 34 — 

L.C.F. 9 18 

59 Qtg. Co. 101 40 

At the Wash— 

L.C.O . . Co. 



278 10 
Corge 380 — 

Records of Fort St. George 

N-. 94. 


President & Governoue, &c^. Council 

AT Fort S'f. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

I have been honored with your Commands of the 13*i». Instant, and in 
Obedience thereto have acquainted M^". Whitehill vpith that part of them 
relating to the taking in all Cloths of the sortments providing at Bandarmalanka 
of the proper Lengths & Breadths, on an adequate abatement being made in the 
Price for defect in Quality, but this v^rill I apprehend be a very difficult Point 
to adjust vyith the Merchants, as it must be determined by the Opinion of one 
Person only, and I must fear could this ever be settled to their entire satis- 
faction) which 'tis vain to hope can ever be accomplished) it will not be the 
only Inconvenience attending the adopting this Plan But that it would very 
soon have a visible bad effect on the Quality of the whole Investment made 
there, which has been with much Pains & Difficulty brought to its present state 
of Perfection, as it would require a very nice Judgement to put such a value 
on the Cloths that would in a short time be brought in, as should be adequate 
to the difference in Quality if its being full measure was the onlv Point to be 
regarded, and as the ordinary sortments are manufactured with so much more 
care & dispatch to the Weaver than the fine the Investment would I may ven- 
ture to pronounce, very soon consist of nothing else, as they would be better 
satisfied with a small Profit with little Labor, than a larger one with more As 
therefore I apprehend it can be of no material bad consequence to differ the 
putting this method in Practise, a short time longer I have given M^". White- 
hill orders to wait the doing so till I can receive your further Directions on the 
subject, and here it becomes proper to request to be informed, whether this 
order is meant to extend to the Chay Goods providing at this Place, as the 
Quantity of these has been usually limited. The Qualities of which too, 
I am sorry to observe have been so exceptionable this year, that I have been 
under the necessity of turning out near half of what the Merchants have 
brought in, & begin to fear I shall fall some what short of the quantity I gave 
hope of sending you by the vessel 1 shortly expected here with the Bales from 

The Neighbourhood of Nizam Allys army to these Parts should seem a 
favourable Opportunity for the sale of Woollens, but I do not find the demand 
for them in the least increased by this Circumstance nor can I prevail with 
any Merchants here to engage for any Quantity which they seem to be deterr'd 
from by the Arbitrary Proceeding of the Subats, who has of late seized Goods 
& effects belonging to several Merchants at Idrabad without paying for them, 
and who should he be in want of Broad Cloth, would they conclude use as little 
Ceremony, with them & prevent their disposing of it to such who would gladly 
purchase it for them for ready money But I shall be particularly careful to 
advise you of any favorable Occasion, which hereafter present itself for getting 
off any Quantity to advantage. The Indent I forwarded for this Article some- 
time ago, for the retail demand here I am to request may be complied with as 
likewise my Indent for stationary for which I am very much distressed. 

I forwarded yesterday to Vizagapatam under an escort of Seapoys ten 
thousand Madras Pagodas for the services of the Investment agreeably to what 
you have been pleased to direct, which is all the Present state of my cash & the 
demands for the Investments providing at Bandarmalanka and this place 
would allow me to spare. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 S9 

Inclosed you will be pleased to receive a Manifest of sundry Goods shipped 
on board bound from this Place for Madras which have paid no Customs 

The weather having been so favourable as to admit of settling the Account 
Remains of Salt belonging to the late Renter of Nizampatam who is very con- 
siderably indebted to the Honble Company a Statement of his Account Current 
and a particular Account of the several outsanding Debts here due from theirs 
shall wait on you with my next address. 

I am very Respectfully 
Masulipatam Honble Sir & Sirs 

28th. August 1764. Your most Obedient & most humble 

John Pybu.«;. 

N°. 95. 
'I'd the Honble Robert Palk Esq». 

President & Governor &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

Your favour of the 27*^1. Ultimo we duly received & shall endeavour to 
have the Cloth we have on hand ready as soon as possible, but it is with regret 
we must acquaint your Honor &c^. that notwithstanding the strong Assurances 
cur Merchants gave us of fullfilling the first part of their Contract, that they 
have not near compleated their Quotas of Cloth they were to deliver in by the 
first of September there being no less than eleven thous^K^. seven hundred & 
Eighty three (11783) Pieces deficient & great part of what is delivered, brought 
in so late, that it will be with difficulty we can have it all embaled by the end of 
the month, however your Honor &e^. may depend on our utmost Dispatch. 

In consequence of the above mention' d neglect of our Merchants we call'd 
them before us to give their reasons for this failure in their Engagements, but 
found they had no reasonable excuse to offer, only promising as usual to be more 
carefull in future & punctually to perform the remainder of their contracts 
It may not be amiss to inform you, that Nella Chitty Strashlaputy & Ramiah 
have been the most tardy for of the before mention' d Deficiency three thousand 
four hundred & twenty six Pieces (3426) are due from the Former & four 
thousand nine hundred ninety three Pieces (4993) from the latter, to make up 
their respective Quotas. 

All the Honble Companys Buildings at this Place, that were not totally 
destroyed by the French being greatly out of Repair by the damage & Neglect 
they suffer'd during the late War & which was encreas'd bv the violent storm 
that happen'd here last year. Your Honor &c^. cannot therefore be surpri'^ed, 
that many Repairs are wanted for in the abovemention'd Storm our Flag 
Staff was entirely destroyed & nothing left for a long time to distinguish the Port 

so Records of Fort St. George 

but the Colours belonging to the Dutch Factory, which has induced us to set 
up another & our Surgeon has represented the Hospital to be in so bad a 
Condition that unless it is repaired before the approaching Monsoon it will 
not be habitable for the sick, the place we also make use of for a Magazine 
is in as bad a Condition & consequently if not immediately repaired the Stores 
therein must be all spoilt & a few days ago the Roof of the Guard Room at 
Cuddalore fell in, as these were Works that required to be immediately set 
about we have therefore ordered such Temporary Repairs to them as are abso- 
lutely necessary with some other trifling ones equally requisite all which we 
hope your Honor &va. will approve of several necessaries likewise are wanted 
for carrying on the Company s Buisness such as Writing Desks, Tables & a 
few Chairs &c^. at the sorting Godown Mercalls & other Measures & Weights 
for collecting the Measureing Duty &c^. which we hope your Honor &c^. will 
permit us to provide assuring you we will only procure such as we have real 
occasion for. 

Ramah Lingah the Porto Novo Merchant exports on account of the Honble 
Company ^ a Chillinga for your Settlement as '^ his account deliver 'd in Long 
Cloth Sheally 12 Call Two Gorge (2) Long Cloth Chennamanickpollam 9 Call 
for Gorge ten pieces (4 10) Long Cloth Worraiarpollam 8 call nine Corge (9) 
Half Pieces Blue 9 Gall twelve Corge (12). 

Enclosed are our Cash Accounts Journall Parcells & other monthly Papers 
for August together with Indents for Wares & Stores which we request your 
Honor &ca. speedy complice, with the Settlement being in much want of them. 

We are Respectfully. 
Cuddalore Honble Sir & Sirs 

1ST. Sept». 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

J. L. Smith. 
John Calland. 

P.S. — Since writing the Foregoing we have received your Honor &c^. 
Letter of the 8*^. Instant & will dispatch our Bales to you, as we get them 
ready in the manner you direct. 

We are with Respect 
Honble Sir & Sirs 
Your most Obedient humble Servants 
J. L. Smith. 
John Calland 

List of Cloth Hand. 
Bales . . . . 48 At Washers. 
15 Beaters. 
66J Dyers. 
57 Embal'd. 

Bales .. .. 1861 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 91 


Can. Md. lb. 

Genebaij Stores 

Bolt Iron 

Flat Barrs D° 

Square D° 

Red Iron 


Nails 4 Penny 

6 D° 

10 D° 

20 D°- 

30 D"' ... 

40 D°' 

Pump Nails 


Pitch « 

Europe Canvas 



Anchors from 3| — to 9. Weight 

Brass Na Is 

Hour Glasses . . 

2 Hour D°- 

I Minute D°- 

I D°- Do- 

SaU Needles .. ... 

Spying Glasses . . 
Tin Lanthorns . . 
Horn Lanthorns .. ». 
Em:ope (.'ordage | Inch. Coils. 
Do- 2J D"- Do- 
3i Do- Do- 
4 Do. Do- 
Screw Plates 

Hand Vices 

Files of sorts . . 

ARMouBy Stores. 
Drum Heads Snares 
Drum Cords 
Drum Sticks 
Goods for Presents & Sale. 
Broad Cloth Fine. 


Superfine Scarlet . . 3 

Scarlet fine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 

Green Do- „ i 

10 Pieces 

Broad Cloth Aurora . . 6 

Broad Cloth Ordinary. 

Red „ 3 

Green . . . . . . ... 3 






























h" 6 

~ ^ 


• 2 


1 6 


• 1 

i Chest. 

6 Cheat. 




















Pairs 6 

Perpetctanoes Ordinary. 


Yellow . . 


Lead 1 Candy. 


lO^H. Septb. 1764. 
John Calland. 

1763-64— 12a 

S2 Records of Fort St. George 

N°. 96. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 
OF Fort S^. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

This is to advice your Honor &&. tjiat we have this day dispatch'd to you 
a Chellinga on board of which we have laden Forty two Bales of Callicoes on 
account of the Honble Companys Invoice & Bill of Lading of which are en- 
closed & hope will arrive safe. 

We are with Eespect 


13™. Sept». 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

<J. L. Smith. 
John Calland. 

List of 


: ON Hand. 



At Wash. 


At Beaters. 


At Dyers. 



Bales lUi 

N". 97. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq^. 

President & Governour &c-^. Council 
OF Fort S''. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have now the Pleasure to acquaint that our Hoflble Masters Ship 
Devonshire Imported here on the 28*^. Ultimo, by which conveyance we have 
received the Treasure and Stores which were consigned for this Settlement, 
and agreable to your Directions we have this day dispatch'd the said Ship for 

The Complaints of the Dutch at Bimblepatam concerning their Merchants 
a,re far from just, however, we shall enquire very particularly in those matters, 
and shall inform you by the firt Opportunity of the true Circumstances relative 
to those Affairs. 

As to the sale of Woollen Goods at this Place we shall endeavour to pro- 
mote as much as possible, the Quantity we are afraid cannot be great. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 17 63-6 A 93 

We must beg some Directions from your Honor (fee*, concerning the fol- 
lowing Persons who have served their limited time in the Companys Service, 
and are now desirous of renewing their Contract for five years from the 2^'^^. 

Hendrick Boyl 

Jacob Bisdon )■ Souldiers 

Ger heard Slother J 

Nothing further occuring at present we have only to add our due Respects 
& are 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Vis AGAR ATAM Your most Obedient humble Servants 

1st. Septic. 1764. John Smith. 

Charles Smith. 
WiLT.w. Barker. 

N". 98. 


President & Governour &€*. Council 
AT Fort S'. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Since the date of the enclosed which is Duplicate of our last, we have 
-:ceived your Letter of the 14ti\ July with the Honble Companys Packet ^ 
Ship Worcester. 

As we have resolved to send a Sum of Money to China the latter End of 
this Year, and think that the giving an early Intelligence of such supply may 
prove of essential consequence in Supporting the Companys Credit we have 
this day dispatched a vessell to the Supra cargoes with advice of our Intentions 
and enclosed we transmit a Triplicate of our said Letter to be forwarded by 
the first Opportunity from your Places, the same being left open for your Honor 
&C'*. more particular Information 

We are 
Fort William Honble Sir & Sirs 

6™. August 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Henry Vansittart. 

John Spencer. 

Randh. Marriott. 

Henry Watts. 

SamI'. Middleton. 

Ralph Leycester, 

John Burdett. 

No. 99. 

To the Honble Robt. Palk Esq". 

President & Governour &c-'^. Council 
OF Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

We were this day favor'd with your address of the 1&^. inclosing Extracts 
from our Honble Masters Letter relating to our Investment & shall carefully 
Observe their directions & remarks thereon . 

1)4 Records of Fort St. George 

Eamah Lingah the Porto Novo Merchant exports by a Chellinga for your 
Settlement on Account of the Honble Company as ^ his account deliver' d in- 
Viz*. Long Cloth Worriarpolam Call Ten Corge (10) Long Cloth Chinnema- 
naickpollam 9 Call six Corge sixteen Pieces (6 16) Long Cloth Sheally 12 Call 
one Corge four Pieces (1—4) Half Pieces Blue Tw^elve Corge (12) & Remain 
with great Respect. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
CuDDALORE Your most Obedient humble Servants 

21s'. SEPTfi. 1764. J. L. Smith. 

John Calland 

List of Cloth on hand. 

At the Washers . . 21\ 

Beaters . . 57| 

Dyers . . 12| 

Embaled . . 77 

. . 174J 

N". 100. 

To THE Honble George Pigot Esq». 

President & Governoitr &c^. Council 

OF Fort S^. George. 


I have taken the Opportunity of the Revenge Captain John Watson lo^ 
remit the Cash Accounts of Manilha making a Ballance of one hundred and 
Eight thousand & six hundred & forty four Dollars in your favor. 

Sixteen Chests are ship'd on board the admiral Pocock Captain Thomas 
Riddell containing 129288 Rupees for which you have herewith the Bill of 
Loading Eleven Chests containing 88000 Rupees making up the Ballance, I 
ship'd upon the Revenge Messrs. Stevenson and Jourdon have taken this 
Treasure under their management, and the Captain deliver' d them the Bills 
of Lading, which they have retained in their own Custody. 

I have the honor to be with great Respect 
Ship Ad^'. Pocock Gentlemen 

At sea .1 one 11™. 1764. Your most Obedient humble Serv*. 

Dawsonne Drake. 

N°. 101. 

To the Honble George Pigot Esq" . 

President & Governour &c^. Council 
OF Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sip & Sirs 

The Deputy Governour & Council of Manilha having been pleased to 
appoint me Resident at this Place & to empower me to drawn upon your Honor 
&c». for what sum I may have occasion, for, they not having left any Cash with 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 95 

me I have been under the Necessity of drawing for two thousand Spanish 
Dollars (D^. 2000) at sixty days sight in favor of M^. Antonio D^Souza or his 

I am with great Respect 
Manilha Honble Sir & Sirs 

5™. April J 764. Your most humble & Obedient Servant, 

QuiNTiN Crawford. 

N". 102. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have received your Commands of the 27^^. Ultimo, and shall be mindful! 
to take the earliest Opportunity of forwarding the Bales from hence and Ban- 
darmalanka which will not be laden I imagine than the 20*1". of this Month 
at farthest, as M^. Whitehill acquaints me he shall dispatch his Vessell to this 
Place with his Bales the 16*1^. where you may be assured she shall meet with 
no unnecessary detention I have allready informed you, that I had found the 
Chay Goods brought in by the Merchants here so very indifferent in quality 
as to lay me under the necessity of rejecting nearly the half which will reduce 
the number of Bales of that Assortment by the conveyance above mention' d I 
fear to ten or twelve almost instead of twenty two which I before gave hope of 
But the remaining part of these Goods will wait on you in January. 

In my last Address I acquainted you that the Salt remaining at Nizam- 
patam, belonging to Meer Bauker the late Farmer of that District had been 
taken an Account of, and promised at Statement of his account Current with 
& a list of other outstanding Debts due from sundry Persons to the Honble 
Company which I have now the Honor to transmit you. In Meer Bankers 
Account Current No. 1 Your Honor &g^. will perceive he has credit given him 
for Rupees 18,503 being the amount of Salt remaining on hand on reletting the 
Farm, and which has been carried to the Debit of the new Farmers, and that 
there still remains by the Books here a ballance due from him of R^. 193094, 
of which only Rup^. 43315 — 6 — 2 can be considered as recoverable. This will 
undoubtedly appear to you an immense debt to have arisen in three years being 
the time this man held the Farm of the Company, but tis to be considered that 
on his first taking charge of it he became burthened with a Debt of Rups. 
65445 — 5 then due from Meer Said Husseen, for whom he had acted in the 
management of this Farm the year before, and in order to account as far as 
was in my Power for the Causes of this large outstanding ballance. I obtained, 
with some difficulty from the Inhabitants Despondus Masumadars Szc^. an 
account of the exact Produce of that District for the four years of Meer Bankers 
Management, and from the Servants who kept his (Meer Bankers) accounts, 
as well as from his own Information a particular account of the Disbursements 
he had made during that Period, which two Statements your Honor &c^. will 
find in N". 2 and will serve to set this matter in a much clearer Point of view 
to you, than any other method I could take. At the foot whereof vau will be 
pleased to observe I have remarked that the greatest part of this Ballance has 
arose from the Deficiency in the quantity of Salt Manufactured & sold during 
this Period, which has been usually estimated at one half of what the Country 
has let for from the Ruined state to which the late Farmer is reduced by hold- 

96 Records of Fort St. George 

ing this Farm, it must appears somewhat strange to youi" Honor &c». that 
there should notwithstanding be found others ready to take it on nearly the 
same Terms it was to let him, in answer to which I must here beg leave to 
remarK, that It was not without the greatest difficulty I could prevail on the 
present Farmers to deliver in Proposals who being I knew Responsible People; 
The most fit for the management of it, and for making such Improvements as 
I was informed it was still capable of I was the more solicitous to engage them 
in this Business who were I am perswaded prevail' d on from no other con- 
sideration than the prospect they at that time had of holding it for five years, 
which should they be disappointed in on the Expiration of the present CowJe 
they must be considerable sufferers. N". 3 Contains a General account of the 
outstanding Debts due from sundry Persons to the Honble Company wherein 
I have particularized such as may be look'd upon as irrecoverable which as 
your Honor &ca. will perceive are to a very considerable amount; That due 
from Meer Banker I have endeavored to account for Those due from Tella- 
gapah, Condanah & Mova Comrauze are of Long Standing & of which there 
were no hopes of recovering any Part for some time before M'". Fairfield left this 
Settlement. I might have inserted in this account The large Ballance due from 
Meer Said Hussein and Timajee Renters of the Mazulipatam & Ponracca Salt 
for the year ending November 1762 amounting to Rupees 34,550, but as there 
was considerable, quantity of Salt remaining belonging to them which had 
been secured towards the Payment of this debt and which on being delivered 
over to the present Farmers Rustum Ally Cawn & Meerseid Hussein, they 
made themselves responsible for to the Company, it has been carried to their 
Debit in the Books of this Settlement. It may not be improper notwithstand- 
ing to say something here on the subject of this ballance, That your Honor 
ikc^. may determine whether or not the Parties, are intitled to any considera- 
tion on account the Circumstances I shall here have the Honor to relate to you 
on my arrival here in December 1762 & taking upon me thn Charge of this 
Settlement, I found the Mazulipatam & Ponracca Salt Farm commencing the 
November before, had been let for the ensuing year of 1762 to Mahomed Hus- 
sein (son of Ishmail Begg a Considerable Merchant in the Pettah) & that there 
still remained a considerable Ballance due from the former Farmers Meer 
Said Hussein & Timajee which it became my Principal care to endeavour 
to obtain Payment of before the new Farmer "had manufactured any Salt to 
supply the demands for that article, as in Justice to him and conformably to 
the Tenor of bis Cowle I could no longer continue to the old Farmers the Previ- 
ledge of selling theirs. M^. Fairfield in an address to the Board before his 
Departure gave an account of the severe storm which had happen" d here the 
1st. of December, and of the damage which had been done to the Salt Works 
but in a General manner only, as a particular account of the loss sustained 
had not then been taken; This was complecated not long after, and I had the 
honor of transmitting to the Board in my address under date the 22<^. December 
1762 a Statement of the loss to the Salt Farmers on that Occasion, who I took 
the liberty of recommending to their Consideration on account of so heav}- 
and unavoidable a misfortune, who in answer to such representation in their 
Commands under date the S^t. January 1763 direct me only to secure the 
Payment of what due from them to the Company as far as I was able. Thus 
the affair rested, & I endeavoured to assist the Farmers all in my Power in the 
disposal of their large Ballance prevailing on the new Farmer however repug- 
nant to his Interest (from a Representation of their distressed Circumstances 
to consent to extend to them the Priviledge of selling their salt till the end 
of March, although he had for sometime before manufactured sufficient for 
supplying the demands for this article. This Indulgence although of some 
small service to them was not attended will the good Effects hoped for 
from it. and on settling there account at the time the new Farmer began to 
sell his Salt (when the sale of their was consequently stopp'd') There remained 
due from them the ballance before mention'd of Rup^ 34550 as T had the 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 9^ 

honor of advising the board in my Letter under date the March 1763, & as I 
knew them incapable of clearing it off by any other means, I 
scoured to this end, the salt belonging to them then laying at Pon- 
racca, as their whole stock of what manufactured at Mazulipatam remain- 
ing at the time of the storm was entirely lost; some time after this Meer 
Seid Hussein represented to me that by private agreement made between him 
& Timajee the Salt works at Ponracca as to the expences of manufacturing & 
Sales were to belong to & be entirely under his Meer Said Husseins Manage- 
ment ; That Timagee was to have the direction of those at Mazulipatam (or Inne- 
godroo) in like manner & that neither was to interfere in or concern himself 
in the Business of the other that he therefore thought it hard the whole of his 
Salt should be secured for the Payment of the Companys Ballance This agree- 
ment being of a private Nature I could not consider in the least binding on the 
Part of the Company, and told him in auswer to this Representation of his 
that as he & Timmagee were jointly & separately responsible to the Company 
for the Ballance due from them it became a Duty incumbent on me to take the 
most effectual means I could for securing the Payment of it & that as 
I knew neither he or Timmagee had were withal to clear off by any other 
means I had secured the salt remaining belonging to them, & had it not in my 
Power to make the same Distinction in a Publick Concern of this Nature, 
which he informed me they had done in Private, That I could only afford him 
my Assistance in settling his accounts, with Timmagee, & in securing to him as 
far as Timagees distressed situation would admit the ballance which should on 
settling their Accounts be found due from him on account his half share of 
the Companys Demand on them. This was soon after done by People chosen, 
by themselves, as Arbitrators in this Business, when it appeared that Timagee, 
by being made accountable for one Half of the Ballance due to the Company 
became indebted to Meer Seid Hussein Eups. 1*5496 for the Payment of which 
he assigned over to him the Fees that might become due to him on the sales of 
Salt as Masumadar and the Produce of some Charity Grounds here which have 
been held by his Family for many years till the whole should be cleared, & Meer 
Seid Hussein on his Part gave him a Note under his hand, whereby he engages 
not to give him (Timmagee) any further molestation, but to permit him to 
seek such means as he was able for maintaining himself, free from Interruption 
or Hindrance on account his demand on him. Both parties seem'd satisfyed 
with this decision which indeed was the only method that could point out for 
adjusting the accounts depending between them. & it must rest with your 
Honor &€•«. from this plain state of the matters of Fact, to determine whether 
to make them any Consideration, or not for the loss, they sustain'd by the storm 
the estimate of which allready referr'd to in the former Part of this address 
may be depended on I believe as just. Meer Seid Hussein you will be pleased 
to observe by the method of settling the accounts between him & Timmajee 
became answerable for the Ballance due from them to the Company, which 
Eustum Ally Cawn & him (Meer Seid Hussein) the Present Salt Farmers have 
made themselves responsible for as particularly specifyed by the Tenor of 
their Cowle, but sorry I am to acquaint you that I have not yet been able to 
obtain from them above thousand Eupees towards clearing off the old 
Ballance which should by agreement have been done some months ago, or the 
Payments which ought to have been made, on account the Farm for the Present 
year, amounting together to near sixty thousand Eupees owing to the trifling 
demand there has lately been for this article from the Lombardy People who 
come down from the Country to purchase it and which may I conceive be in 
gi-eat measure imputed to the exorbitant Customs exacted from them by the 
Demands, in this Neighbourhood through whose Districts they pass, which I 
have taken every means in my Power to prevent by frequent Representations 
& Eemonstrances to them on this subject to no effect as there are only to be 
awed to Moderation & Good behaviour by Force which I have neither the autho- 
rity or indeed the means to employ ag.-nnst them, but that your Honor &ca 

98 Records of Fort St. George 

may judge of these growing Impositions I have hereunto annexed an account 
of the Customs collected by them, when the French held these Countries, and 
what they have exacted these last four years Viz*. 

In the 
Time of In 1762 

the la 1761. & In 1764. 

French. 1763. 

§ §) fByApparow ..8 8 16 24 

=*• f^ I By CaUowa CoUue. 1:81:8 6 6 

I" !>^S J By Sooranany Pot- 1 : 8 1 : 8 6 6 

^ § M I tanah. 

* (^ "g I By Sooriah & Pau- . . . . . . '^\ ■ 

<§ l_ piah. 

From hence it must follow that unless some effectual means can be taken 
for putting a stop to these unwarrantable Impositions, this Business of farm- 
ing the Salt here cannot be carried on any longer with the least Prospect of 
advantage & I know of no other measures that can be employed for preventing 
the pernicious effects of these Practices but force and as Y^. time for reletting 
this Farm now approaches I request to be honor^. with your Directions on this 
subject. The Farms of y^. Pettah Juncan & Hydrabad Customs & Narsipore 
Town Expiring very shortly I rquest your orders concerning for reletting them 
I enclosed I have y^. honor to transmit you y^. accounts of this Settlem*. for 
last Month & am very Eespectf ully 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Your most obed*. & most humble Servant 

John Pybus. 
14™. September 1764. 

Letters to Fort St. George, . 1763-64 

I 2 I 



k the 



>>44 §5 



-3 -fl S 

iv'd at sever 
as fl Cash 

the day 
t of this F 


S 05 M § 



^ a 


M g 

ft- a-TS 







tS fin's 

2 .g 

.2 t>^,'C _0 • 

^ ,5 '3 "^ • 

a g^^ 

«i « ^: ® ^ 

fl g -Q 

W "" ^ a - 1 
o 1 ^ * -S S 

5:! & « ^ ^ .2 

O P (M 

2^ 2 m tj =5 

I I 


1763-64— 13a 


Records of Fort St. George 

, CO |co I 

O lO 

— o • * 
cS o ts 

-5 .. ^ H 

* cS § 

: : § t ^^ 
- 3§-s§ 

a S 3 S 

as S cB g ^ 


/s:?* .a 

> > g -P o I ^ 

^^j:g ft? ^P3 

ai g oj ® eo — ' ^. 


■1- (B 



"o o @ 

^ ax? 


^ . 








1 : 







2 S 






Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 


N.B. — The following Outstanding Debts due 
from the Undermention'd Persons who 
took this Farm to rent from Meer Baucker 
may be considered as good although they 
may be sometime in cjllecting Viz*. Sura- 
nany VencanaVi Zemindar of the Nizam- 
patam Circar, took the Grain Produce of 
this Farm from Meer Banker @ rent for 
the year 1762 @ Rups. 70,000 by which he 
was a considerable sufEere. , but as his Fees 
a Zemindar may be reckon'd @ about 
Rupees 7000 ¥ Anno. ye. Ballance which 
now remains due fr. >m him must be secur- 
ed from thence it now amounts to 

grain Farm to Rent for the year 63 @ 
Rs. 45000 of which there still remains due 
from them (the greatest part of which if 
not ye. whole may be look'd upon as good). 

Rupees . , 

28155 2 9 

15160 3 5 

43315 6 2 

A STATEMENT of the Produce of the NIZAMPATAM CIRCAR for the years 60, 61, 
62 & 1763 during Meer Baukers Management as taken from the Mazumadars, Desh- 
mooks, Despondahs & Inhabitants of that district. N.B. — The first of these years, 
Meer Bauker acted in this Business on Behalf of Meer Seid Hussein who was account- 
able to the Company for the annual Rent Viz*. 


Collected by Meer Bauker 1760 . . 




1761 .. 




70168 5 

Collected by Suramani Vajcanah 

for 17fi2, tie year he took it to 

Fent from Meer Bauker ® 

Rups. 70,000 

41844 13 i 

Collected by Vencanah Desamocco 

for which he agreed to pay 

Rs. 45,000 




Outstanding due to Vencanah from 

the Inhabitants 



— 3&7I7 7 7 


4927 3 3 


17561 11 3 



14901 6 6 



12994 14 3 

NADDIGUDDAH a Pass over the 
River Kistna at a great Distance 
from Nizampatam but in the 
Road to that Circar where Cus- 
toms are collected frcm the Lom 
bardy People who came from the 
Cotmtry to purchase Salt which 
wer.- estimated during the French 
Government at Rups. 2,000 
^ Annum but for the four last 
years has produced in the whole 
no more than 

151730 10 6 

50385 7 3 

6000 — — 

Rupees . . 


Records of Fort St. George 

A Statement of the Disbursements of the Monies collected from the Nizampatam 
Circarforthe years 1760, 1761, 1762 & 1763 being the Period Meer Banker had the 
Mangement there Viz*. 

Paid by Meer Banker to Meer Said Hussein in 

the year 60 25012 8 

Received into ye. Companys Cash from n*'K 
Aug*. 1761 the time Beer Bauker took 
charge of this Farm on his own accot. & be- 
came Responsible to the Company for the 
Rents to the 31st- July i764, as f his several 

accota- Current 129849 5 

Charges — 

Salt Makers Pay, for 4 years 17460 15 3 

Sibbendy charges, seapoys Batta bringing 
Lombardies Repairing Tanks, & other Petty 
incident Charges for 4 Years . . . . 16757 4 — 

Lost by the Exchange on Old Rupees & Pago- 
das 2478 13 — 

Fees paid to Mazumadar &ca. = . . . . 1351 12 — 

38048 12 3^ 

Rupees .. 192910 9 3 

From tbese Statements it appears that the whole produce of this Circar 
for four Years amounted only to Rup^. 202716 1 9 to which if we add ye. 
amount of Salt remaining the first June last & carried to the Debit of ye. New 
Farmers, the whole will be no more than Rups. 221219 — 1—9 The Rent at 
which it was farmed for these four Years Rup^. 92,000 '■'^ ana amounts to 
Rup^ 368,000 To which if the sum of Rup^. 38048 12 3 the amount of sib- 
bendy charges for that time be added The whole will be Rup^. 40,6048-r-12 — 3 
deducting then from the amount y". real Produce of the Farm the disburse- 
ments will be found to exceed it on no less sum than R^. 184,829 — 10 — 6 which 
will acco*'- for y^. present outstanding Ballance due from Meer Bauker The 
greatest part of which has been owing to the very trifling Sales, which have 
been made of Salt here, usually estimated at one half of the Rent on Rups. 45,000, 
which for four years will amount to R^. 1,80,000 But by the above statement, 
after adding the value of the sale remaining on hand delivered to the new 
Farmers to the sales of this article for 4 years the whole will be no more than 
Rups. 68,888 — 7 — ^^3. From which deducting the money Paid for manufacturing 
it, and one half of the other Charges (the great part indeed of which are in- 
curr'd on account this Business) amounting to Rups. 27,754 — 13—9 The 
Ballance will be no more than Rup^. 41,133 — 9 — 6 so that there will appear to 
have been lost by this article only in four years Rupees 138,866 — 6 — 6 of the 
present large outstanding Ballance due from Beer Bauker. 

A General Account of the Outstanding Debts due from Sundry Persons to the Hon- 
ble Company at Mazulipatam to the Sl^t- of July 1764 Vizf. 


He rented the Farms of Innegodroo, & Pettah 
Juncan & Hvdrabad Customs from Mr. An- 
drews for the years 1759 1760 & 1761 on 
the former account there remained due from 
himPags 660 — — 

On the latter Rups. .5517 ffl R^ 350 H % P^. .. 1576 10 23 

Ballancp now due from him & which there 
no hopes of recovers. 

2236 10 2^ 

Letters to Fort St, George,. 17 63-6 Jf 


Nebatjnpoody Tbllagapah. 

Renter of Gondoor & Relumanar for the years 
1760 from whom there remaias a ballance 
without prospect of Recovery off . . 

CanocuUoo Oondanah & Nebaunpoody Tella- 
gapah Renters of Gondoor & Auclamanar 
for the year 1761 Ballance due from them on 
that account & irrecoverable 

Meek Baccker. 
Renter of Nizampatam for the year 1760, 1761, 
1762 & 1763 ballance due from him as his 
.A ecu*. Currt. now transmitted Rup^. 1,93,094 
of which may be considered irrecoverable 
Rupees 149,778-9-10 2) Rups. 350 ^ % . . 

42793 32 3 

The amo*. 
able Ps. 

of Debts considered as Irrecover- 

55841 33 62 

Mahomtjd Hussain. 

Renter of Mazulipatam & Ponracca Salt, 
Petfcah Juncan & Hydrabad customs for the 
year ending 1763 due from him of which 
the Payment is not in the least dubious 
Rb 9000 @ 350 ^ % 

Total of Outstanding Debts Curr*. Pags. . . 

2771 15 33 

58413 13 15 

Mazulipatam 14^^^ Sept». 1764. 

Errors Exceptei 

John Pybus. 

N-. 103. 


President & Governour &c*. Council 

at Fort S^ . George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We are to acknowledge the I'eceipt of yoiir Favor of the 25ti». Instam . 
enclosing your Warehouse Keepers Remarks on our Investment, In answer to 
which we can only assure your Honor &c^. that we have done our utmost to sort 
in the most impartial manner between the Company & the Merchants & if 
some of the Cloth has not turn'd out so well as you expected, we must attri- 
bute it to the Artifices made use of by the Weavers who by putting Conjee, Oill 
<&ca. in the Cloth often deceive the best sorters, however, we have given the 
strictest Order to put a Stop to this Practise in future which with the direc- 
tions we shall give our Merchants to mind their several Fabricks in the parti- 
culars you mention will we hope be a means of improving the Investment. 

104 Records of Fort St. George 

Invoices & Bills of Lading for 127 Bales of Callicoes (being all we have 
at present Embaled laden on board two Chellingeas & dispatch'd this day for 
your Settlement wait on you here with & hope will arrive safe. 

We have the Honor to be 


28™. September 1764 Your most Obedient humble Servants 

J. L. Smith. 
John Call and. 

List of Cloth on hand. 

Bales 40 At Washers 
17^ Dyers 
12^ Beaters 


N". 104. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq«. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have now to reply to your Honor &C''>«. Commands regarding the Com- 
plaint of the Dutch Governour &&. Council of Negapatam, concerning Mo- 
poddy Chitty Jagaya (who is the son of Mapoddy Chitty Butchaya) & Tam- 
mana Jagoonaickaloo who is the son of Tomana Savaramoodu) we have again 
inquired of them about their Ballances, which they were indebted to the Dutch 
at Bimlapatam & both their Fathers assure us that Sicavirana was made sole 
Merchant there & took upon himself all the Ballances due from the other 
Merchants; & in consequence thereof paid about half of their Debts before 
his Death, as we are informed so that it appears to us that their excuses are 
real & not invented as the Governor & Council of Negapatam seem to alledge 
& as to their having signed their Accounts last year they absolutely deny, as 
one of them has not been in the Place & the other says altho he was in the 
Place he was not call'd upon to sign, neither did they take any Notice of him, 
or ask him any Questions for four or five Days, when he was in the Place, 
neither have they made any agreement or Contract since they Transferr'd their 
Ballances to Secaverana so that the Gentlemen of Negapatam seem to have 
misrepresented this Affair to your Honor &C''. The Translate of our Letters 
to the Gentlemen of Bimbilapatam is much to the same purport as what we 
wrote them, M^. Smith the Chief has now a demand of five thousand one hund- 
red Rupees on Mopoddy Chitty Butchaya, & other people of this Place have 
also considerable demands on him which we make no doubt but you'll think 
ought first to be discharged, & as to Temmana Savaramudoo he has not where- 
withal to pay, as f?>r as we can learn, so that we shall not think of delivering 
them up without your orders for so doing. 

Ml'. Dolben having made Application to us for a Cable for the use of the 
Greenwich, which being in distress enduc'd to comply with his request, & we 
accordingly supplied him with one of fifteen Inches, which we hope you will 
please to replace the first Opportunity, and we now enclose you a Copy of M"- 
Dolbens Letter to us on that subject. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 10& 

The Accounts of this Settlement for last Month, are herewith enclosed^ 
and we have the honor to remain with the utmost respect . 

HONBLE Sir & SiRb 

VizAGAPATAM Your most Obedient humble Servants 

17™. SeptR. 1764. John Smith. 

Charles Smith. 
William Barker. 
To John Smith Esqr. 

Chief &c^. Council 

at Vizagapatam. 

In Justice to the Eespondentia Creditors & Insurers on the Ship Green- 
wich, now in actual distress in your Port as you have allready been madfr 
acquainted for want of a Cable such a one as you have now in your Stores & for 
which you have not any immediate use I think myself in Duty bound to repeat 
earnestly the request I have allready made & which if not complied with you 
will at least favor me with your Reasons for denying me this Assistance the 
application allready made, having been without Effect and as I think myself 
in some Measure intitled to such were it only from the large Duties I shall 
shortly have to pay to the Honble Company if the Ship arrives safe at Madras 
& I cannot but judge it a great hardship in the present unhappy case to be 
denied the Honble Companys aid & Assistance. I am with all due respect 

VizAGAEATAM Your most Obedient humble Servant 

12TH. September 1764. George Dolben. 

N». 105. 

To the Honble Egbert Palk Esq». 

President & Governoijr &c^. Council 
AT Fort S^. George 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

The Ship Essex Captain David Fell arriv'd here the 2S^^. Instant, the 
President & Council of Fort William having ordered her to call at this Settle- 
ment, to take in the Hoiible Companys Bales in consequence of a request made 
by the Chiefs Correspondent at Bengal, as the vessell which was intended for 
this Service was unfortunately lost, & we have now laden on board her. One 
hundred & fifty three Bales of Callicoes, on account of the Honble Company 
which amounts as •'^ Invoice to Current Pagodas Eleven thousand nine hundred 
& seventy three Twenty seven fanams & seventy two cash 11973 — 27 — 72. 

Our reasons for not having made so considerable a consignment as we 
intended, has chiefly been owing to the heavy rains which have fallen for this 
Month past which has prevented the washers from bringing in the Cloth in 
time Mr. Charles should be sent to Madras as usual, which consequently must 
lessen our consignment very considerably, as you will please to observe by the 
Quantity now on hand expressed at the Foot hereof. 

The Captain of this Ship assures us that he will not stay any longer at 
this Place, so that we are under the necessity of dispatching him immediately 
otherwise we could in a very few days make a considerable addition to our 
present consignment. 

The ten thousand Madrass Pagodas which you was pleased to order M^ 
Pybus to remit us from Mazulipatam we have received by an Excort of Seapoys 

We cannot as yet bring the Merchants to make an Abatement on the turu'd 
out Cloth, which has prevented our sending you a Bale as directed, but we 
imagine you may be able to judge from the worst of N". 3 Ordinary whither it 
will serve the Companys use at a worse Sortment. 

106 Records of Fort St. George 

The Invoice & Bill of Lading are herewith enclosed & We have the honor 
to remain with the utmost Respect 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
VizAGAPATAM Your most Obedient humble Servants 

-THE 25™. Septk. 1764. John Smith. 

Charles Smith. 
WiLL^. Barker. 

Cloth on hand at the Wash 


. . 86 14 


..23 7 


..16 4 

126 5 



..35 6 


.. 26 16 


.. 7 13 

69 15 


106 .. 

N». 106. 

To the Honble Egbert Palk Esq^. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S'^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

This is to advice your Honor &c^. that Ramah Ling ah the Porto JNovo 
Merchant Exports ^ a Chellingea on account of the Honble Company for 
your Settlement as ^ his acco*. deliver' d in Long Cloth Fine 12 Call Twelve 
Pieces ( — 12) Long Cloth Chinnamanaickpollam 9 Call Five Corge Eight 

Co. Ps. 

Pieces (5 : 8) Long Cloth WorriarpoUam 8 Call thirteen Corge four Pieces 
{13 : 4) Half Pieces Blue 9 Call Twenty four Corge (24) & Remain with great 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
Cuddalore Your most obedient humble servants 

5TH October 1764. J. L. Smith. 

John Calland. 
List of Cloth on Hand. 

At the Washers . . 40 
Beaters . . 12| 
Dyers . . 17j 

.. 70 

N°. 107. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esqr. 

President & Governour &c-*^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

Since our last of the 6^^. Ultimo whereof the enclosed is Duplicate We 
have received your several Letters of the 28^'^. July & ISti^. Aug*. & Bills of 
Exchange advised in the former We have duly Honor'd. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 107 

By the Ship Cairnarvon we received safe the Companys Packetts ^ the 
Duke of Gloucester & Earl of Lincoln & in the Cairnarvons own Packet our 
President having orders to the same Effect with those mention' d in one of 
your Letters of the 13*. August from M^. Secretary James we have directed 
the necessary search to be continued during the Delivery of that ships Cargo. 

We have duly attended to your Sentiments in regard to the manner of 
employing the ships of this Season, but we are of Opinion, that they may all 
be dispos'd of without the necessity of Stationing any for the Slaving Service, 
and that upon the following Plan. 

To the six Ships taken up for Bombay we add the Middlesex & tne Lord 
Mansfield apprehending that the latter might arrive too late from hence to be 
dispatch 'd home last Year, which makes in all Eight Ships; In a disposition 
for these we calculate that the Quantity of Salt Petre we have engaged to send 
to that Presidency being fifteen thousand Bags & the produce of their own 
Investments will enable the Gentlemen Do return five Ships direct to Europe and 
we hope from the Latitude which you & ourselves have given them to draw, 
they will have it in their Power to send two to China agreably to the Com- 
panys Recommendation, so that we judge only one Ship on that side will remain- 
unprovided for which we conclude they will send round either to Madrass or 

To the four Ships distin'd for Coast & Bay, We add the Pocock & Bute 
of last Year & the Ship unprovided for at Bombay making in all seven. Two 
of these you acquaint us you shall be able to provide Cargoes for. 

Three at least we shall dispatch Home from hence and we shall want one 
or two to proceed with the Money by the Pitts passage to China. 

Of this Disposition we have advised the Gentlemen at Bombay in the 
accompanying Packet, that they may either concur with us in fulfilling it, or 
inform us in due time if Circumstances should oblige them to make any material 

We have ordered your Indent for Packing Stuff to be complied with, & 
We shall not fail to supply you with the Quantity of Salt Petre which you 
require As to the bad Quality of that which was sent you by the Deptford 
we cannot otherwise Account than that it may have been a part of what lay 
undermost in the Warehouse for it is allways shipp'd in the same condition 
we receive it from Patna. 

Being informed that the Gentlemen at Vizagapatam are in want of a 
Vessell to Transport three hundred Bales of their Investment to Madrass we 
have engaged Captain David Fell to call with his ship the Essex & take them 
on board on the usual Terms of Freight. We have accordingly furnished him 
with a Letter of Advice to the Chief & Council & the Ship falls dovm the Eiver 

We are 
Fort William Honble Sir & Sirs 

3°. September 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Henry Vansittart, 

J. Spencer. 

Warren Hastings. 

Henry Watts. 

Samuel Middleton. 

Ralph Leycester. 

John Buedett. 

1763-64— 14 a 

108 Records of Fort St. George 

N". 108. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We have received your Letters of the 4*1^. & 12tii. Ultimo & beg leave to 
•congratulate you on the arrival of our Honble Masters Ship Northumberland 
Worcester & Lord Holland none of these for this Presidency have yet made 
their appearance. 

The Supracargoes of our Honble Masters Ship Talbot having drawn upon 
to the amount of about 3 Lacks (3,00,000) Rupees to enable them to provide a 
Cago of Coffee for that Ship at Mocha which alone exclusive of our own imme- 
diate Demands for Money our Treasury is unable to discharge we liave found 
ourselves under the disagreeable necessity of granting Bills on the Presid*. 
& Council of Fort William, altho contrary to their express desire but as very 
little money is procurable here for Bills on your Honor &c^. we had no other 
resource; We are therefore most earnestly to entreat your Honor &c^. will 
•excert your best endeavours to throw what money you may possibly be able into 
Bengal the better to enable the Gentlemen there, to honour our Drafts, should 
their Circumstances, require it & which considering we have not had it in our 
power to draw on your Honor &c='. for the amount you formerly gave a Lati- 
tude for and that the Supracargoes of the Talbot have not given any Bills 
on you we flatter ourselves you may comply with and we also request you will 
shew due honor to a sett of Bills we have drawn on you in favor of Captain 
William Powney for sixteen thousand Pagodas at the rate of three hundred & 
fifteen Arcot Rupees ^ hundred Pagodas & one hundred and two Arcot for 
one hund"!. Bombay Rupees. 

We are 
EoMBAY Castle Honble Sir & Sirs 

1st. September 1764. Your most Obedient Servants 

Charles Crommelin. 

William Hornbv. 

W. A. Price. 

Charles Waters. 

Samuel Court. 

N». 109. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq". 

President & Governour &ca. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

Your Favour of the ISti^. Ultimo having been duely received, we beg leave 
to congratulate your Honor &c^. upon the arrival of our Honble Masters Ships 
destin'd for your side of India We have also the pleasure to inform you, that 
hy private Advice, we learn the York & Calcutta are arriv'd at Bombay, where 
they imported the 5*1^. Instant, The Talbot likewise from Mocha with her 
Charter party Tonnage of Coffee. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-6A 109 

In a letter from our Superiors dated the 22'^. Ultimo they acquaint us that 
they will endeavour to send a vessell for the Timber & Plank, provided for 
your Presidency, which we have the pleasure to inform you is in great for- ' 
wardness, and are in hopes that the whole will be ready in time. We are 

very respectfully 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Tellicherry . Your most Obed*. humble Servants 

29™. Sept«. 1764. T. Byfeld. 

H. Hurt. 


RoRT. Sparks. 

N". 110. 


President & Governour &ca. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

We wrote to you in Duplicate under date the 23^. Instant since which we 
have received your several Letters of the 23'i. 30*^. & 3ist_ xjlto. & 4*^. & loth. 
Instant, by the Ships Devonshire, Vansittart Luconia & Ganges. 

We can say nothing further at present with respect to the bad Condition 
of the Salt Petre, as the whole Consignment received from Patna at that time 
was laden on board the Deptford & Boscawen; The Remains of the same 
years Petre which we have since received is found to be of the same Quality 
as usual & the Director of the Powder Works informs us that in refining & 
pulverizing different Parcells thereof for Powder there generally arises a loss 
of about six Parts in Forty How so extraordinary a Deficiency thereof can have 
arisen in that which was sent you, We are unable to determine unless We were 
made acquainted with the Process observed in pulverizing, and had before us 
a Sample of the Petre itself. But as We think it very necessary that such an 
Enquiry should be made We request you will send us, a Bag or two of the 
Salt Petre with a Copy of the Report of your Committee of Works. 

It will not be in our power to spare any Ship for the purpose of carrying you 
Grain in the Companys account, but we make no doubt, that sufficient sup- 
plies will be imported with you according to Customs by private Traders at 
present it appears We shall be in want of a Ship to transport the Consign- 
ments of Salt Petre & packing Stuff for your Presidency & We desire therefore 
that the one which Remains on the Coast after the Dispatch of your October 
Ship may be sent down to us to enable us to forward you these Consignments in 
time for your Ship in February. 

We now dispatch the Grampus Sloop Captain Caruthers porposely to 
carry the accompanying Packet for the Court of Directors, which we request 
you will transmit by the Duke of Albany. This Sloop being in want of Repair 
we have directed Captain Caruthers immediately after landing his Packets 
to proceed for that purpose to Bombay & We desire that you will give him 
Permission accordingly observing in case the Duke of Albany should be ssliVC- 
before his arrival to send on the Packet for Europe by him to Bombay to be for- 
warded by the first Opportunity from thence. 

110 Records of Fort St. George 

We have sent you under the care of Captain Caruthers a small bdx con- 
taining about 3 dozen & a half of parting Glasses which are all that our Assay 
Master can possibly spare. 

We are 
Fort William Honble Sir & Sirs 

27™. September 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Henry Vansittart. 

J. Spencer. 

U. Playdell. 

Warren Hastings. 

H. Watts. 

Ralph Leycester. 

John Burdett. 

SamI'. Middleton. 

No. 111. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq«. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

at Fort S'^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

As the Vessell which I advised you in my Letter of the 28*^. Ultimo had^ 
been dispatched from Bandarmalanka by M^. Whitehill for the Bales here does 
not yet appear, I conclude she must have passed & proceeded directly for Fort 
S*. George I therefore now enclose your Honor Ac^. Invoice of two hundred & 
fifty four Bales of White Goods laden on board her by M^. Whitehill on acco*. 
of the Honble Company, and hope this may find her safely arrived with you 
My Chay Goods shall come by a Vessell which I expect here every hour. 

I am very respectfully 
Masulipatam Honble Sir & Sirs 

8™. October 1764. Your very Obed*. & most humble Servant 

John Pybus. 

N". 112. 

To the Honble Robert Palk EsqR. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

By the Neptune Snow Thomas Briston Master bound for your Port I have 
consigned you ten Bales of Chay Goods on account of the Honble Company as 
'^ Invoice & Bill of Lading enclosed I wish the Vessell safe to you & am very 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
Masulipatam Your most obedient & most humble Serv*. 

13™. October 1764. John Pybus. 

List of cloth on hand. 

At Mazulipatam. 

Chay Goods Brown, cured & at the Wash. 

Co 50 — — 
At Bandarmalanka — 
Long Cloth Fine . . . . Co 14 : 15 

Midling 34 : 9 

Ordinary 25 : 16 

Co 73 - - 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 111 

N". 113. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort S^. George. 

. HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

I have been honoured with your Commands of the 11<^^. Instant, and am in 
hourly expectation of the vessell from Bandarmalanka for my Bales, as she 
■ was dispatch'd from thence five days ago but contrary Winds & Currents have 
prevented her getting hither. 

I observe the Contents of the extract you have been pleased to honor me vpith 
from our Honble Masters Commands of the 30*. December last relating to 
turn'd out Cloth, and the reasons which have induced them to give the direc- 

,tions, therein specifyed as communicated to me in your Letter abovemention'd 
I have already taken the Liberty of giving my Opinion of the Consequences 

. which I apprehend, will attend a compliance with these directions, and you 

, are pleased in reply to call upon me to point out some method that may serve 

. to fulfill the companys Intentions with producing them It would afford me a 
very particular Pleasure could I flatter myself with the hopes of giving you, 
that satisfaction : I will nevertheless lay before you what further has occured 
to me on this subject since the receipt of your late Commands that I may be 
more fully furnished with your directions & more amply acquainted with your 
Intentions concerning the putting in Execution the Orders lately received from 
ouj' Honble Masters, which taken in the general sense they now stand seem to 
warrant the taking in of any Cloth that may be brought in by the Merchants 
who contract to furnish their Investment (of the Assortments it usually con- 
sists) without regard to its Quality, provided it be of proper Lengths & Breadths 

^& a reasonable Abatement can be made in the Price. This being the sence in 
which I understand these their directions, it should seem that the Plan which 
has been lately adopted for carrying on the Investment at Bandarmalanka of 
having each Assortment of Cloth of an Established Number of Punjums, was 
no longer to be regarded such I say is the General Sence in which these direc- 
tions may be understood, although I will not suppose they are so meant. But 
that it is intended the Investment thei'e should be still provided on its present 
footing with the difference of rejecting, on only such Cloth which may be brought 
in a.s shall be deficient in measure, a reasonable abatement being made in the 
price for its defect in Quality ; should be your Intentions, there will only remain 
the difficulty of settling the terms on which the turned out Cloth may be taken 
in, so that the Company may have no cause for Complaint. The Merchant have 

■justice done him, & that the conditions at the same time be such as not to make 
it worth his while to attempt the Debasement of the general Fabrick of the 
Cloth by finding it more for his advantage to have his Cloth taken in at the 
abatement allowed on the turn'd out, than at the full Price of what may be 
taken in. This is so long as the present established Method of carrying on the 
Investment at Bandarmalanka is observed, will be in great measure prevented, 
as by taking Care to keep the Cloth up to the proper number of Punjums, it 

. cannot undergo any very material Debasement some will unavoidably be of a 
thinner, & some a coarser Fabrick than the rest, & for those reasons not thought 
fit to be received at the Companys full Price, This is kind of Cloth then of 
which the turn'd out will consist, and is to be accounted for with the Mer- 
chants at an Abatement, whereon will rest in the principal difficultv in comply- 
ing with the order lately received from our Honble Masters; for as the Merchant 
pays the weaver the same Price for all the Cloth he receives from him unless 
he returns it him, he will not readily agree to submit to such a deduction in 
the Price of his Turn'd out Cloth as may be thought equivolent to the badness 
of its Quality, as some of it will without doubt be very wretched Stuff To settle 
this matter on some established Eule will therefore in my Opinion be the most 

112 Records of Fort St. George 

eligible Plan either by agreeing to except all the turn'd out Cloth in the gross 
at a stipulated abatement or by sorting it when washed to three Numbers on 
the Merchants account & allowing him a certain price on each Number it may 
be sorted to the former it should seem, would be most agreeable to the Mer- 
chant as it would then become his Care not to bring any Cloth to be sorted 
that he judged exceptionable, but such as was imder ye. value of the abatement 
agreed to which for the Companys Security must of necessity be large; in this 
case then it may be apprehended the Investment in general would very soon 
suffer (by perhaps in sensible degrees) some debasement. The sorting the turn'd 
out Cloth to three Numbers after Washing, on accoimt the Merchant (as was 
practised by the whole Bandarmalanka Investment till last year) & paying for 
it at certain stipulated Prices for each number, appears to me therefore the 
most likely means to prevent the above Inconvenience as by a regulation of the 
prices of the numbers of the turn'd out Cloth; it might be made the Merchants 
Interest to take Care the Cloth be brought in was nearly equal to the Muster 
required for the Investment that as little as possible might be turn'd out, and 
that such as was, might sort to the highest Numbers, by which a Debasement 
in the Investment would be guarded against as far as may be practicable Thus 
have I given you (on a supposition that the Bandarmalanka Investment is still 
to be provided on its present footing of an Established Number of Punjums for 
each Assortment of Cloth) my Sentiments on the subject of receiving the turn'd 
out Cloth from the Merchants, which if you approve I will endeavour to settle 
the term with them on the most advantegious footing I am able for my Honble 
Masters, and shall with Pleasure proceed for that purpose to Bandarmalanka 
so soon as M^. Whitehill advices me he has got any Quantity of turn'd out Cloth 
on hand to whom I have given directions to reecive all that shall be brought in 
of the proper Lengths & Breadths, setting aside what is not good enough to 
be taken in at the full Price till the Terms on which it is to be received on ac- 
count of the Company, can be settled with the Merchants. I shall be mindful! 
to observe your directions of noting the Quantity of turn'd out Cloth on hand 
at the foot of my Letters in future. 

I have in readiness to put on board the Vessell I expect from Bandarma- 
lanka, no more than ten Bales of Chay Goods : The Colouring of the first 
Number I think better than those provided last year but the Quality of the 
Cloth seems not quite so good I have as I had before the honor of advising you 
turned out nearly half of what the Merchants have brought in though liad I 
taken the whole; it would not have been equal to one half the Quantity ordered 
to be provided which should have waited on you at this Season so very back- 
ward have the Merchants been in bringing in their Cloth this Year; In Excuse 
for which they alledge their Apprehensions of making early advances to the 
Weavers, as Basalat Jung with his disorderly Troops, was in the Circar of 
Gontoor where many of the Weavers live and which is contiguous to the several 
weaving Towns where these Goods are provided within the Companys Limits; 
and the dearness of Cotton this year on account the disturbed State of the 
Countiy is what they alledge in excuse for y^. defect in the quality of the 
Goods i beg leave to assure you, that no Pains or attention of mine have been 
spared to the Improvement of this Part of the Investment though unattended 
with the wished for success. 

I have received the supply of Stationary sent me ^ Country Boat, & M^. 
Whitehill has been acquainted with your Orders for the Provision of fine Goods 
for the Presidency of Fort Marlbro. who has promised to procure & forward 
them to me as early as possible. But as Goods of those Sortments are pur- 
chased from the weavers, in single Pieces as opportunities may offer, they are 
not allways to be met with and not being provided by contract are never "to he 
had of the Lengths and Breadths stipulated for the Investment. 

The Leopard Snow went over the Bar of Bandarmalanka River two davs 
ago & will proceed for Bengal so soon as the stores can be put on board her I 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 113 

have yet received no Particulars of the Eepairs done to her or money advanced 
the Master for Disbursements which shall be forwarded to you so soon as I am 
furnished with them I am very Respectfully 

28™. Sept". 1764. 




HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Your very Obedient & most humble Servant 
John Pybus. 

OF Cloth on hand. 


10 Bales 

Taken in & at Wash. 





698 ^.^. 

N-. 114. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esqr. 

President & Governour &C'^ Council 

OF Fort S^. George, 
Honble Sir & Sirs - 

Since our last address of the 5^^i^ Instant the Chelingea with the Sundrys 
your Honour &c^. consigned us is arrived & the several Articles deliver'd to 

Ramah Lingah the Porto Novo Merchant will export in a few days on 
account of the Honble Company for your Presidency as :^ His Account deliver' d 
in, Long Cloth Worriarpollam 8-Call Thirteen Gorge sixteen Pieces (13:16) 
Long Cloth Chennamanaickpollam 9 Call 3 Corge sixteen Pieces (13 : 16) Eight 
Gorge (3). 

Enclosed are our Gash Account Journall Parcells & other Monthly Papers 
for September which concludes us with the Honor of being 

Honble Sir & Sirs 
Cuddalore Your most Obedient humble Servants 

llTH. October 1764. J. L. Smith. 

John Galland, 

List of Cloth on hand 

At the Washers Bales . . . 51^ 
Beaterss 12^ 

Dyers 25| 


114 Records of Fort St. George 

N". 115. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort S^. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Yesterday we had the Honor to address you concerning the arrival of the 
Ship Illocos, & other Circumstances relative thereto, therefore we now request 
your Honor &ca. will please to favor us, with a supply of twenty thousand 
Pagodas," which Sum is much required in the present Exigency of Affairs, as 
our Expences are considerably Increased, by the pressing Necessity of the 
Military, of which we advis'd you yesterday, in a more particular manner 
& if their arrears, should be paid at this Place, our Cash will be reduced very 
low you'll please to observe by the Close of last Months Account, that the 
Ballance of Cash was Pagodas 14,853-3-32 since which we have advanced the 
Merchants about Pagodas 7,000 on Account of the Investment, & the other Mer- 
chants will soon want a Supply also, so we hope you'll please to assist us as 
soon as possible. 

The Accounts of this Settlement for last Month, are herewith enclosed, and 
the Quantity of Cloth remaining on hand is expressed at the foot hereof. 

We have the Honour to remain with the utmost Respect, 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 


Your most Obedient humble Servants 

17^=. October 1764. 

John Smith. 
Charles Smith. 
William Barker. 

Cloth in the Warehouse, 

Embaled c°- 
L C 45 Bas. qty. . . 6^ : 
LCM10I>°. „ .. 20 
L C F 6 Do. „ . . 12 




At the Wash 

L G .. „ 91 3 

LCM .. „ 50 — 

LCF .. „ 15 5 

156 8 

Gorge .. 255 18 

No. 116. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq». 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have been honor' d with your Commands of the 3<i. Instant and imme- 
diately gave notice for receiving Proposals for reletting the Farms of the 
Pattah Juncan and Hydrabad Customs & Narsipore Town, such as have been 
deliver'd me in consequence come under cover but I am in daily expectation of 
others from y®. Mugalatore Rajah which shall be forwarded so soon as they 

Letters to Fort St. George, 17 63-6 A 115' 

come to hand. The Characters & Circumstances of those from whom Proposals 
now wait on you I shall here take the Liberty of giving you the best account of 
I am able, as well from Information as my own knowledge. 

Bodaputty Gorauze, Son of Boddaputty Gorauze a Man of fair Character 

& in very good Circumstances. 
Mova Comrauze, a Man of good Character but still owes a Ballance of 
near Eup^. 6000 as former Renter of the Pettah Juncan & Hydrabad 
Customs which he has no Prospect of being able to discharge. 
Abdul Hussein Cawn, a Moorman lately come to settle here whose Charac- 
ter or Circumstances I cannot pretend to answer for. 
Meer Bauker Cutwall of this Place, but one I know little of and cannot 

Gahin Labdin, the late Farmer of the Pettah Juncan & Hydrabad Cus- 
toms by which he is thought to have been a considerable looser is esteemed 
a man of very fair Character, though not reckoned a Person of much 
1 was in hopes likewise by this time to have received your Determina- 
tion relating to the reletting the Salt Farm expiring the 9<^^i. of next Month as 
it will be necessary the Person who may take it for the next year should have 
timely notice for collects'. People to carry on the Salt Works, which are gener- 
ally begun upon, the first week in December as the reany [.sic] Season this way 
is by that time pretty well over; On this AccountMeer Hussein one of the 
present Renters applied to me for Information what might be your determi- 
nation relating to this Farm for the ensuing Year, who upon my telling him I 
was not yet acquainted with it, desired I would give him leave to deliver me 
a Letter address'd to your Board on this subject & containing as he informed 
me some Proposals for renting that Farm, the ensuing Year; This I consented 
to & it now comes under Cover, for your Perusal I expect something of this 
Nature too from Meerja Ishmail Beg a Moor Merchant in the Pettah of some 
substance & good Credit in whose Sons Name this Farm was let in November 
1762 and as he was a considerable Looser by it, & has a very large Stock of 
Salt remaining which so long as the Farm is in other hands he cannot dispose 
of, I conclude he will .be desirous of engaging for the rent of it again; should 
he deliver me an address to you on this subject it shall be immediately for- 
warded He has given a Bill on a Responsible Soucar here for Rs. 5000 in 
part payment of the ballance due from him and promises to discharge the 
remaining four thousand in few days I have likewise received since my last 
advices from Rustum Ally Cawn & Meer Seid Hussain the present Farmers 
Rups. 6500 & I am informed there are a Number of Lambardy People coming 
here from the Country for Salt, as an Escort to whom, and in order to pre- 
vent as much as possible the Impositions they are subject to from the Neigh- 
bouring Zemindars, I have granted the Farmers a Company of Seapoys to 
meet & Conduct them hither who are to bear the Expence of Batta to them 
while on this Service. 

Meer Bauker the late Farmer of Nizampatam dyed a few days ago in the 
Pettah, who being considerably indebted to the Company I sent a Braminy to 
ta,ke an Account of & Seal up such effects as might be found in his House which 
have been since sold at Publick Outcry the Nett amount whereof as ^ account 
Particulars enclosed being Rups. 1634 : 6 shall when collected be carried to the 
Companys credit & this is all there can be any hopes of recovering as his 
Family is in a distressed situation. 

Inclosed wait on you the Accounts of this Settlement for last Month. I 
am with Respect, 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Masulipatam Your very Obedient & most 

30™. October 1764. humble Servant, 

John Pybijs. 
1763-64— 15a 

116 Records of Fort St. George 

N". 117. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We have been favour 'd with your Address of the 7*1^. Instant & in Conse- 
quence thereof have appointed Audy Mootum Amuldar of the Villages of 
Nadaputt & Chiennaickpollam with the Allowances you mention & have also 
directed Mootu Kistnah to render us his Accounts & pay what Baliance may 
Appear to be due from him for the Revenues of those two Villages since the 
Expiration of his Cowle. 

The Persons accused of Coining shall be sent you by the first returning 
escort that offers, with the Base Coins & Moulds which are in the Chiefs 

On M}\ Calls arrival we will agreeable to your Honors &c-'>. Orders Con- 
sult with him a Plan for a Factory house with proper Appartments for the 
Companys Servants & OflBces & Godowns for the several Employs, besides 
which we beg leave to offer it to your consideration whether Barracks for the 
Troops belonging to this Garrison, Quarters for the Officers Commanding 
them & Guard Rooms at each Gate would not be necessary as well as a Maga- 
zine for our Powder &c^. all which conveniences we are at present distitute of 
& if at the same time M^. Call was directed to Survey the Wells & Bastions 
of Cuddalore which are at present in so ruinous a Condition that the Town 
is quite open & Defenceless, that in case, it should appear the Place could be 
made tenable at a Moderate Expence against a Country Enemy or a Surprize 
whether the Repairs of them might not be worthy your Attention as it would 
be both a Security to the Companys Effects as well as those of the Natives 
which might induce many substantial Merchants &e^. to settle here; These are 
the only Representations we can make you on this head till we have discoursed 
with Mr. Call. 

The Remarks & Effects your Honor &ca. have pointed to us in the last 
Bales sent you would have been remedied if it had been in our power, we 
assure your Honor &ca. we have rejected a good deal of Cloth & had we not 
taken that we did you would have been totally disappointed in the Investment 
from hence We have & will still endeavour to prevail on our Merchants tu 
Exert themselves & mend the several Fabricks, but are sorry to say. We appre- 
hend it will be attended with no greater success than hitherto, They still conti- 
nuing very deficient both in the Quantity & Quality of their Cloth. 

Mr. Buchanan our Surgeon having lately presented us with an Indent of 
Clothing for our Hospital, we enclose it you & as he informs us it is much 
wanted we hope your Honor &ca. will order it to be complied with we must 
also acquaint you that since closing our Cash Account for last Month (which 
together with our other Monthly Papers wait on you herewith) the Baliance 
of our Cash is greatly reduced by the necessary advances to the Merchants 
& other Charges, therefore request your Honor &ca. will send us a further 
supply as soon as possible. 

We are with great Respect, 
Cuddalore Honble Sir & Sirs 

14th. November 1764:. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

J. L. Smith. 

John Call and. 


•rs to Fort St. 





List of 


on Hand. 

At the Washers 




. 12i 


, 48 




Bales ... 


se of the sick : 

in ye. 

An Indent of I 

& Cloathing for the u 


Companys Hospital 


100 Beds. 

200 Quilts. 

200 Pillows. 

100 Banyan 


280 Shirts. 

100 Drawers. 

100 Caps. 



^ Bu 


1ST. NovK. 1764. 

N". 118. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq^^. 

President & Governour &c-\ Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

Since our last of the l^*. Instant a Duplicate of which accompanies this 
we have not been favour 'd with any Letters from you. 

Our Honble Masters Ship York & Calcutta Imported here the 5*i^. Instant 
The former left England the 15*. & the latter the 2^. April in Company with 
the Anson & London for Madeira & this Presidency The Duke of Albany, 
Yansittart & Earl ol Lincoln for your Coast, sailed the two former, the 4*1'. 
& the latter the 17*'^. March & the Royal George from Bengal arrived at S*. 
Helena the 31^*. of that Month. 

We are 

Bombay Castle Honble Sir & Sirs 

8™. September 1764. Your most Obedient Servants 

Chas. Crommelin. 

W^. Hornby. 

W. A. Price. 

Chas. Waters. 

SamI'. Court. 

Cecil Bowyer. 

N". 119. 

To the Honble Rob^. Palk Esq^. 

President & Governour Siqa. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

The accompanying is Duplicate of our last since when your Favour of the 
14*ii. July has been received & We have now the Pleasure to acquaint you that 
your Honble Masters Ship Anson & London are likewise arrived. 

118 Records of Fort St. George 

The President & Council at Fort William advice us that they hope this 
Season to be able to supply us with fifteen thousand Bags of Salt Petre m 
which case we shall cargoes for six Ships to Europe, & two to China & as 
the Assia Captain Ingles is order'd at all events to Bengal & is consequently 
to be look'd upon as a coast & Bay Ship & another Ship will be employed in 
carrying home the Talbots Coffee as that Ship is under a necessity of being 
dock'd & We think it proper to send home the Coffee as soon as possible We 
shall be in want of at least one Ship for these Services the following being the 
Ships we expect to have on hand Viz*. 



Earl of Middlesex. 





Kent, Lord Mansfield of which no accounts have been received since she 
left Bengal River in March & there is therefore too much reason to fear some 
accident may have happen' d to her in which case we shall want two Ships your 
Honor &c^. will therefore be pleased to concert such Measures with the Gentle- 
men at Bengal as will best easy our Honble Masters of the heavy Expence of 
Demorage by dispatching to us one or two of the Surplus Ships which may remain 
on your side of India. We have sent the Calcutta to Bengal to assist in 
bringing round the Salt Petre from thence & have fully set forth our Situa- 
tion in respect of Tonnage to the President & Council therefrom which you 
will observe we shall not have it in our Power to send a ship with ye. Timber & 
Plank provided for your use at Callicut & We therefore beg leave to recomm<i.. 
your ords. one round for that service if you have one to spare. 

We are 

Bombay Castle Honble Sir & Sirs 

3». October 1764. Your most Obdeient Servants. 

Chas. Crommelin. 

William Hornby. 

W. A. Price. 

Chas. Waters. 

SamI'. Court. 

Cecil Bowyer, 

R. H. Boddam. 

N". 120. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq". 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S'f. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

Conformable to your Favour of the 21^*. Instant we give it you as our 
Opinion, that besides an House for the Chief & the proper Conveniences 
thereto must be also places Errected for Sorting & Embaling the Cloth & 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 119 

Godowns for Depositing it in & also for the Civil & Military Stores & Wares, 
as well as for the Sea & Land Customer Employ, all which should be conti- 
guous to the Factory House, an house or at least Convenient Apartments, 
should be constructed for the Gentleman that is second here with a Couple of 
Rooms for each of the Assistants with suitable Conveniences thereto & which 
Buildings we think had better be detached a little from the other House to 
which it might be so contrived as to Form the Wings and as we before observed 
to your Honor &c^. a Magazine for our Powder Guard Rooms & some Bar- 
racks for the Men that may remain in Garrison here & Quarters for the Officers 
Commands, them are equally necessary, for the Charges of House Rent & 
continued repairs to the Temporary Places made use of at presents & which 
are at the same time very inconvenient will in time be more chargeable than 
Erecting proper places for these uses. 

It is very difficult if not impossible for us to determine whither our In- 
vestment may be extended & Improv'd so as to produce Adequate Advantages 
to the Charge the Repairs of the Fortifications at Cuddalore may incurr, as 
this Point depends on so many future Contingencies, but this much we believe 
we may venture to say that very probable it may greatly contribute thereto for 
Cuddalore being made a Place of Safety or at least in appearance so, which 
will be almost the same thing to the Natives for them to retire to & Deposit 
their Effects in, will no doubt have very good Consequences & very likely may 
induce many Weavers & other substantial Merchants to settle within our 
Limits & which whenever the French returning in our Neighbourhood will still 
have greater Weight with them. Besides in the manner we meant to recommend 
the Repairs of Cuddalore works to your Honor &c^. we imagine it would not 
he attended with very great Expence, as we cannot be expected to be Judges 
in this Branch we must refer it to M^. Call. 

We will try whether other Merchants cannot be got to contract for the 
next years Investment & will acquaint you as soon as possible with the Result 
of our Enquiries & the particulars you required. 

Our Merchants are very pressing for further Advances assuring us they 
have good deal of Cloth in the Weavers hands almost finished & as we have 
a good deal of turn'd out Cloth in the Warehouse which is a security for part 
of the Ballances that "mav be due from them we believe there would be no 
great Danger in making some of them another advance, but which it you 
acquiesce in to be enabled to do, we must beg leave to remind your Honoi 
■&ca to send us the supply of Cash we requested of you in our last & which we 
shall even want soon for the disbursements of our Settlement. 

We are with great Respect 
Cuddalore Honble Sir & Sirs 

29™. Nov«. 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servant 

J. L. Smith. 
John Callanu. 

List of Cloth on Hand . 


At the Washers 139 

Beaters ... ... 12^ 

Dyers ... 78| 

Embaled 10 

Bales ... 240 

120 Records of Fort St. George 

N". 121. 


President & Governour &c-^ Council 

AT Fort S^". George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

I have received your Commands of the l^t. & 8^^. Instant you may be 
assured of my particular Attention to the recovery of the several Outstanding 
Debts at this Settlement Mova Comrauze has been supported by Charity ever 
since I came here, and has not I am very well assured, v?herewithal to pay of 
a Rupee of his Ballance unless I should seize his House & everything he has 
which might produce three or four hundred Rupees. 

I have acquainted Meer Seid Hussein & Timmagee v^ith the Indulgence 
you have been pleased to shew them in Consideration of the loss of their Salt 
sustained by the Storm in 1762, for which they have desired me to return you 
their most gratefull thanks. The Ballance remaining due from them is in- 
cluded in the Cowle granted for the last year Salt Farm to Meer Seid Hussein 
& Rustum Ally Cawn who stand indebted for it on the Books of this Settle- 
ment, and as by the Tenor of their Cowle, the Salt they may have left on hand 
after the last Payment becomes due (which is the 9^'\ of March next) is to be 
received on account the Company at one Quarter of a Rupee less than the rate 
they sell it at, The Ballance that may be due from them cannot be ascertained 
till then when you shall receive immediate Information, & which I shall not 
fail to endeavour to secure the Payment of as far as may be in my Power I 
have not received any Proposals as I expected from Ishmail Begg : Those 
sent me by the Rajah of Muglatore come under Cover. 

Inclosed you will be pleased to receive the Accounts of this Settlement for 
last Month, The present state of my Cash is so low as not to admit of furnishing 
the Gentlemen at Vizagapatam wit hany, but as I shall receive some consider- 
able Payments from the Renters the latter end of this or beginning of next 
Month I shall receive some considerable Payments from the Renters the latter 
end of this or beginning of next Month I shall not fail to supply them with all 
I can possibly spare from the Occasions of this Settlement & Bandarmalanka it 
is with much Pleasure I observe the Goods from Bandarmalanka gave such 
Satisfaction. I purpose going thither in a few days to discourse with the 
Merchants concerning their turn'd out Cloth and on my return you shall be 
acquainted with my Opinion on their Conduct for framing your directions for 
the ensuing years Investments. 

Enclosed I have taken the Liberty of transmitting an Estimate of the 
Expence which will attend repairing the hospital here & Conveniences there- 
unto belonging, which being a very necessary work I beg your Permission to 
'set about it. The Barracks for our Military here are very old, much out of 
Repair and indeed very insufficient for the Purpose; I'he Works round the 
Fort are in a most ruinous State. There is no Parapet to the Bastions, no 
Rampart between them. No Platform to any of them fit for use or indeed 
hardly anything that bears the least resemblance of a Fortification Remain- 
ing. This I think it my Duty to represent to you That an Engineer or some 
other Capable Person may be sent here to take a Survey of the Place & form 
an Estimate of such Works as may be necessary for the Defence of it & for 
accommodating in a proper manner such Garrison as may think requisite to 
station here. 

Having some very Particular Business to settle which requires my Pre- 
sence at Madrass, I request your Permission to come up for a few days & am 
very respectfully. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Masulipatam Your most Obedient & most humble Servant 

23". November 1764. John Pybtjs. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 


An Estimate of the Expence that will attend Repairing the Hospital Cookroom, & 
other Conveniences thereunto belonging and rebuilding the Wall round the Inclosure, 
now entirely washed down. 


Carpenter work . . . . . . . • . • 30 — — 

Smiths Cooly, Iron & Charcoal • . . . .™ 40 ^ — 

Cooleys with Bricklayers 20 — — 

Chunam & Sand 60 — — 

Jaggery 12 Maund . • . . . . ... . . 36 — — 

Timbers 70 — — 

Bricks 4000 20 — — 

Bricklaj'ers . . . . • . . . . . . . 40 — — 

316 — — 

CooKEOOM, and other Conveniences. 

Carpenters Work . . ... . . . . . . 35 — — 

Smiths Cooley, Iron & Charcoal 34 — — 

Bricklayers . . ... ... ... . . . . 20 — — 

Cooley with Bricklayers . . ... . . . . 20 — — 

Chunam & Sand 28 — — 

Bricks 3000 15 — _ 

Palmeiras 30 60 — — 

212 — - 

EiEBTJiLDiNG the Wall round ye Inclosure, 

Cooley . . ... . . 75 — — 

Clay 40 — — 

Sticks 600 , ... 75 — — 

Reapers 6000 . . « 30 — — 

Coarse Coir 3 Candy ... . . ... . . 35 — — 

Tyles, 60,000 " 60 — — 

315 — — 


843 — — 


23". November 1764. 

Errors Excepted. 
John Pybus. 

No. 122. 

To the Honble Robert Palk Esq*. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

iWe have now the Pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your favors 
of the 9th. & 20tii. Ultimo. 

122 Records of Fort St. 

As you desire to know whetlier the Merchants Complained of by the Dutcb 
have been employed at Vizagapatam we have only to acquaint you that Mopaddy 
Chitty Butchayya, was employed during the Chiefship of M^. Boddam & Lewin 
Smith but that Tomana Savaramudoo was never employed at this Place. 

The Accounts of this Settlement for last Month are herewith enclosed, & 
we must beg leave to remind you of our request of the 17*1^. Ultimo, as the 
Ballance of Cash is reduced to Pagodas 5475-10-39 and we have since ad- 
vanced the Merchants Pag^. 3000-0-0 & others likewise want advances, which . 
■we cannot comply with, untill we have a farther supply, as what money now 
remains, is to pay the Military, and the Garrison Expences. 

Agreeable to your Commands of the 20*1^. Ultimo we discharged the Ship 
Illocos from the Honble Companys Service from the day, she came into the 
River which was the 25*^1. Ultimo as will appear by a Copy of our Letter to 
M"". Nodes which is herewith enclosed. 

We are with due Respect, 
Vizagapatam Honble Sir & Sirs 

13™. November 1764. Your most Obedient Servants 

John Smith. 

Charles Smith. 

William Barker. 

Cloth on hand Embaled 

Co. Ys. 

L C 40 Bales qty 67 70 

LCMIO Do. 20 — 

LCP 6 D". 12 — 

At the Wash 

LCO 99 10 

LCM 98 10 

LCF 25 10 

In the Warehs. Brown. 

LCO 16 1 

LCM 17 19 

LCF „ 12 10 

223 10 

Gorge 369 10 

No. 123. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esqk. 

President & Governour &c^. Council 

OF Fort 8"^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have now the honor to forward you the Books of this Settlement for the- 
year ending Ulto. April 1764. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 123 

The Company of Seapoys which in my Letter of the 30*^1. Ultimo I 
acquainted you I had sent as an Escort to some Lombardy People coming down 
here from the Country to purchase Salt joined them about fifty Miles on the 
other side the Besora Pass They consisted of two different Tribes & had been 
engaged in Disputes with each other to such a length, that many People of both 
sides are killed; The Zemindar, in whose Districts they then were, taking 
advantage of this, pretended they had- done considerable damage to his Country, 
& robbed some of his People, demanding from them therefore a considera.ble 
Sum of Money in Consideration of these Outrages which they not having to 
pay, he seized on their Cattle & such Merchandize as they were bringing with 
them from the Country to exchange for Salt & then endeavour 'd to drive them 
out of his Limits by force of Arms. In this Situation they were when our 
Seapoys joined them a Party of whom being in a Village when some of the 
Lombardy People had taken up their Quarters, were set upon in the night by 
the Zemindars Peons & two of them were slighly wounded. On receiving this 
Information I sent immediate orders to be Subadar to march into Garrison with 
his Command, & leave the Lombardy People & Zemindar to settle their Dis- 
putes themselves, not choosing to engage in a matter of this nature which was 
likely to be attended with serious Consequences & wherein I could not pretend 
to determine which Party was in the right. If the animoisities between the 
different Tribes of Lombardy People subsist (as I hear is still the case) we 
can expect but little demand for Salt. 

I am very Eespectfully, 


HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

29™. NovK. 1764. Your very Obedient & most humble Servant 

John Pybus. 

List of Cloth on Hand 


Chay Goods at Masulipatam 


Goods at Bandarmalanka 

Long Cloth Ordinary 








Turn'd out of the different Sortments 546 Pieces. 

No. 124. 

To THE Eight Honble Egbert Palk Esq^. 
President & Ggverngur gn the Coast gf 

Chrommandel & Council at Madrass. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

We are very sorry to see by your Letter of the 9*'i. of last Month, 
that you did not find good to give over the Merchants reclaimed by us that fled 
from Bimlipatam to Poenemarken Visagapatam & Visianagaram, because 
what the Gentlemen your Eesident of Visagapatam wrote to you the 17tii. 
Septr. before whereof you send us an Extract the said Merchants having 
engaged themselves in your service. Consequently were first obliged to finish 
their Affairs there, & tho we must testify as we have wrote in our Letters of the 

124 Records of Fort St. George 

31st. July last, that their pretences are false saying that their Debts to the- 
Dutch Company were paid by one Siccaweerana likewise that they should not 
have sign'd theirs accounts, nor have made any Contracts with the Company 
for this year at that Settlement, we shall inform ourselves at large these 
Affairs by the arrival here of the last Bimilipatnams second Ian Vishcher who 
we expect here after the monsoon is over, and in that case shall entertain you 
about that hereafter. 

We desire in a friendly manner that you be so kind to give strong Orders, 
that the said fled Merchants may not further escape or run away, & if in the 
meantime they should agreed & finished accounts with your Residents at 
Vizagapatam then to have them sent to our new Chiefs at Bimilipatanam. 

In which expectation we have the Honour to be with Eespect. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Negapatam Your most faithful Obedient humble Servants 
30'H_ November 1764. 

No. 125. 


President & Governour &ca. Council 

AT Fort St. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

As we are disappointed in the Arrival of the Admiral Pocock from 
Manilha We have thought proper to apply to M^. Tinker to permit the Argo 
Frigate to proceed to China with the Consignment of Treasure which we are 
now preparing & intend to compleat to Ten Lack of Rupees; By this means 
we shall have no other Occasion here for the Admiral Pocock, & as the Gentle- 
men at Bombay have wrote us that they shall be in want of one or two more 
Ships to carry their Tonnage for Europe this Season, We recommend to you 
to dispatch that Ship round to them as soon as she arrives with you. 

One Mathew Templeton who was lately concern' d in running away with 
the Devonshire Boat, & appears indeed to have been the Principal We are 
inform' d is gone on a Voyage in the Argyle Ketch Captain Mackay in the 
Capacity of Gunner, We therefore think it necessary to make this mention 
of him that if you should at any time have it in your power you may order him 
to be seiz'd & sent to England. 

Since our last has arrived the success Captain Gardiner one of the Trans- 
ports from Europe with about two hundred & Twenty Recruits. 

We are 
Fort William Honble Sir & Sirs 

19th Novb. 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

Henry Vansittart. 

J. Spencer. 

U. P. Playdell. 

John Johnston. 

Randh. Marriott. 
.' ■ Sam'^. Middleton. 

Ralph Leycester- 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 125 

No. 126. 



AT Fort S'f. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

Your favour of the 7^^\ Instant with the ten thousand Pagodas (10,000) 
you advised us therein you had ordered to be forwarded to us for the use of 
this Settlement, are received & shall duely observe the Contents of your said 

Agreeable to your Directions in yours of the 7^^. Ulcimo, we take the 
Opportunity of the returning Seapoys that Esccorted the Treasure hereto send 
you under their Charge the five persons then accused of coining & uttering 
Base Com Since which two other Persons have been apprehended on suspicion 
of the same crime who we therefore likewise send your Honor &ca. with their 
Communications taken before the Chief as well as the Base coin, & Moulds 
for Coining Seal'd up & attested by him & the Witnesses, Two more Prisoners 
go likewise with the same Escort charged with Robbing the Rev^. M^". George 
Hutteman & M''. Duncan Buchanan both of this Place of considerable Sums of 
Money in Order that they may be delivered into the Custody of the Proper 
Officers untill they can be tryed at the next Quarter Sessions when those 
Gentlemen or at least some of the parties Robbed intend prosecuting them, 
the Depositions against them with their Examinations & confessions are en- 
closed you But as there appears no prosecutors against the Persons suspected 
of uttering false coin &ca. It may be necessary your Honor &c^. acquaint 
us what Witness you may want in that Affair & which you will judge of by the 
Depositions now sent & those before transmitted the President by the Chief. 

Our Journal Parcells & other accounts for last Month accompany this 
which concludes as with the Honor of being. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
CuDDALORE Your most Obedient humble 

16™. Deck. 1754. " Servants 

J. L. Smith. 
John Call and. 

List of Cloth on Hand. 

Bales 154 At Washers 
15^ Beaters 

99 Dyers 

18 Embaled 

Bales 286^ ^ ' ' 

No. 127. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

AT Fort S''. George. 
HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We have received your Honor &c^. Favour dated the 15th October with 
a Packet enclosed, address'd to the Honble the President & Council of Bombay 
which was immediatey forwarded by a Pattamar Boat Express. 
1763-64— 17a 

126 Records of Fort St. 

We have the Satisfaction to advise your Honour &c^. that our Honble 
Masters Ship Assia passed by this Port in her way to Bombay the 18*^. Ultimo 
whose Commander acquaints us of his having spoke with the Anson Captain 
Galbreadth of the Cape of Good Hope; We have only to add, that our Honble 
Masters Ship the Lord Mansfield, dispatch'd from Bengal so long since as 
the 8*11. March last, arrived at Bombay early last Month & will be dispatched 
to England from thence, as soon as she has had the necessary. 

We are very Respectfully, 
Tellichebry Honble Sir & Sirs 

1ST. December 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

T. Byfeld. 

H. Hurt. 


Robert Sparks. 

No. 128. 

To THE Honble Robert Palk Esq^, 

President & Governour &c-'^. Council 
AT Fort S't. George. 
Honble Sir & Sirs 

I have been honor 'd with your Commands of the 7*^. Instant & in obedi- 
ence thereto have acquainted Meer Said Hussein that you have been pleased 
to accept his Proposals for renting the Masulipatam & Ponracca Salt for three 
Years who has accordingly taken upon him the Management of that Farm. 
The Mugalatore Rajah has likewise been informed that his Proposals for rent- 
ing the Town of Narsipore are accepted 1 made Enquiry immediately on the 
Receipt of your Orders for Abdull Hussein whose offers for the Pettah Juncan 
& Hydrabad Customs have been accepted, that I might put him in the Manage- 
ment of that Farm, as it has been some time expired but I found he had left 
the Place; I have therefore continued Gahin Labdeen the late Renter in Pos- 
session of it, who is willing to give the same Rent for the Terms of three years, 
as has been offered by Abdull Hussein That is to say 20,000 Rupees ^ 
Annum; And as he is a man who bears a fair Character & has paid his Rents 
duely (although I have been well informed he was considerable looser by the 
last Years Farm) I take the Liberty of recommending him for being confirmed 
in it, on the above mention' d terms. The Reasons why the Offers for this Farm 
have been so low are owing I conclude to the heavj^ loss sustained by the Farmer 
last year from a great decrease in the Customs on Goods for Hydrabad & on 
Grain brought in from the Country & imported by Sea & carried to the Pettah, 
The former depends entirely on the demand for printed Goods for the Inland 
Trade & the Latter on the Price of Grain, which having been much cheaper 
last Year than usual has not been brought to market here in such large Quanti- 
ties as was Customary, and this is likely to be the case this year, from the great 
Prospect there is of Plentiful Crops throughout the Country. 

I have set about repairing the Hospital conformably to your Permission 
•& shall wait your further Orders relating to the Works. 

In my address of the 23^. Ultimo I had ye. honor of acquainting you with 
my design of proceedings to Bandarmalanka to discourse with the "Merchants 
there on the subject of their turn'd out Cloth, & ye. Business of the Investment 
in general I returned from thence a few days ago, & shall now lay before you 
an Account of my Transactions. The first Point I attended to, was an Enquiry 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 


into the Quantity of Goods which had been brought in by the Merchants on 
the present Years Contract, & the State of their several Ballances ; The former 
of which I found to be very inconsiderable, & the latter very large, owing to 
the Quarter part of the Amount of the Investment contracted for, having by 
agreement been advanced them on making the Contracts, which was to be 
accounted for after the delivery of three Quarter of what contracted for, they 
would have the Sum first advanced them allways remaining in their hands, 
which I thought it necessary to reduce as low as possible before any new Con- 
tract was made with them, that some Judgement might be formed who among 
them were the most responsible, & to be depended on, for which Purpose, I 
had some time before I went to Bandarmalanka given M^. Whitehill orders not 
to pay for any Cloth which might be brought in after the last of October, 
till I should come there. On my arrival I found the Investment brought in on 
this Years Contract, and the Merchants Ballances the SOti^. Nov. to be as 
follows Viz*. 

Merchants Names. 

Lackum Chitty Erapah 
Lachum Chitty Mulloo 
Cauma Chitty Paupiah 
Shanah Antravidu 
Marra Mulloo 
Gundam Omiah 
Conkisha Narsoe 

from this Statement it will appear ; that although by Agreement one half of the 
Investment contracted for, was to have been deliver' d in by the last of July, 
yet but little more than one third was brought in the last of Nov^'. & as the 
present Contract expires the 31^*. of next Month, there was no great Probabi- 
llity the remainder would be brought in by that time, I therefore thought it 
best to begin to stop Payment for their Cloth, that their Ballances at the Ex- 
piration of their Contract might be nearly reduced at which time I acquainted 
them that such who were desirous of being employed again as Companys Mer- 
chants must pay down in ready money the Ballances which might be due from 
them, before any new Contract would be made with them, which I hope will 
induce them to exert themselves in clearing them off, I then proceeded to 
settle with them the Terms for receiving their Turn'd out Cloth, conformably 
to the Plan, I had the honor of proposing in my Address of the 23^. Sepf. 
by sorting it to three Numbers at certain fixed Prices, as the following State- 
ment, Viz*. 

N°. 1 

Cloth coatrao- 


ted for. 


Ballanee SOth. Novr. 



1836 : 32 : 32 



1282 : 25: 16 



2022: 3:48 



1935 : 32 : 32 



1559 : 25 : 16 



2147 : 3 : 48 



1147 : 28 : 64 



11932 : 7 : 16 

.ong Cloth Fine. 

Long Cloth Midling. 

Long Cloth Ordy. 




Nl @ 45" 


2 4:2 y 

3 38J 

N 1 @ 34" 


2 S2y 

1 ¥Go. 

3 28J 

setting a proportionably less value on No. 3 than on the other two Numbers 
that the Merchants might not be interested in debasing the present Fabrick 
of Cloth; But this Proposal they would by no means hearken to, alledging 
that they should be considerable Sufferers by it; That the fine & Ordinary 
Cloths at the Full Price, afforded them little or no profit, & that if their 
turn'd out Cloth was given back to them they could return it to the Weavers 
who would give them good for it these were Argum.ents undoubtedly of Weight 
& in a great measure just, But upon pressing them still further on this Point, 
they at last agreed to except of an Abatement of ten ^ cent for the whole 

128 Records of Fort St. 

together. This I objected to knowing there was some of it that would be dearly 
bought on those terms & after a long discussion of the Matter with them I at 
length agreed to allow them ten ^ Cent on all which M^. Whitehill on sorting 
it after washing, should think fit to be received at such an Abatement, return- 
ing them what might be rejected, & accordingly left such directions withM^. 
Whitehill on my coming away with orders likewise to distinguish the Cloths 
& Bales with the Letter T of which I flatter myself with your Approbation. 
There are some among the Merchants, who I fear will not be able to clear off 
their Ballances either in Cloth or Money by the time for renewing their Con- 
tracts, as there are but few of them Men of any Substance. 

One of the most Principal Lackum Chitty Erapah, I have hear'd from 
Mr. Whitehill is dead since my Eeturn from thence, but he has a Son Capable 
of managing his Business, I am in hopes the Compy. will sustain no loss there- 
by. The Merchants here bring in their Chay Goods very slowly, but as the 
weather is now fair. They promise me the whole Quantity ordered shall be 
in readiness by the latter end of next Month. 

Inclosed I have the Honor to transmit you the Accounts of this Settle- 
ment for last Month. I forwarded to Vizagapatam a few days ago a Supply 
of ten thousand Madrass Pagodas for the Service of that Settlement, in Obe- 
dience to your Orders and am very Respectfully 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Your very Obedient & most humble Servant 
John Pybus. 
T9'E. Dec*. 1764. 

No. 129. 


President & Governour &c^. Council 

at Fort S'^. George. 

Honble Sir & Sirs 

We have received your favor of the 17*1^. Inst*, but had anticipated your 
Directions therein having immediately on receipt of the Treasure lately sent 
Tis, paid our Merchants for the Cloth they had brought in for the preceeding 
Month as we had on their Representations desired permission of your Honor 
&c^. to do in our Address of the 29*^. Ultimo, thocant say it has been attended 
with the Effects they promis'd us, they having brought in but little Cloth since 
& the Terms of their Contracts being now so near expir'd it will not afford 
them to bring in much more. 

Mr. Call arrived here the 22^. Instant with whom we have fully discoursed 
& given the necessary Informations concerning the Factory House &c^. Build- 
ings intended to be erected at Cuddalore as well as view'd the Walls of the 
Place, but as he proposes setting out soon after this for Madrass, he will 
in Person acquaint your Honor &c^. with his Observations & Sentiments 
therein from whence you will be able to determine what resolution to come to 
and to whom therefore we beg leave to refer you for Particulars. 

We have the honor to be 
Ctjddalore Honble Sir & Sirs 

^^TH. December 1764. Your most Obedient humble Servants 

J. L. Smith. 
John Calland. 

Letters to Fort St. George, 1763-64 129 

List of Cloth on hand 

Bales .. 117 .. At Washers 

67 . . Beaters 

120 ... Dyers 

18 . . Embaled 

Bales . . 322^ 

No. 130. 


President & Governoxjr &c-*^. Council 

AT Fort S'. George. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 

We have received your favor of the 8*^. of November, & agr cable to your 
CoTTunands we have charged 50 ^ Cent on the Naval Stores, disposed of since 
that time, the Iron & Nails we continue to dispose of as usual, the Country 
Iron being very cheap, we cannot dispose of the Companys at an advance 

It gives us great satisfaction that your Honour &c^. approve of the Quality 
of the Cloth sent by the Essex & we hope by degrees that we shall be able 
to Increase the Quantity in future, as we can assure you our utmost endeavours 
are used for that Purpose. 

We are sensible the last Cloth sent you was not so well washed as we could 
wish, owing to the continual heavy Rains at that time, we hope in future 
there will be no cause of Complaint on that Head, as we have lately Built it 
Couple of Banksalls for the use of the Washers, and are now enclosing one 
of the Washing Places with a Hedge, which was much required to keep out 
Cattle &ca. all which will not be attended with any great Espence, therefore 
we have taken that Liberty without waiting your Orders. 

Our Warehousekeeper will take particular care in future, that there be 
no reason for Complaint in regard to the Packing Stuff. 

We herewith enclose the Accounts of this Settlement for last Month, the 
Ballance of which is only Current Pags. 577 : 38 : 17 & we have since made some 
advances to Captain Faizan & the Nabobs Troops, as also to our own Military 
for this Month so that we now have little or no money remaining and we have 
not heard anything from M^. Pybus, concerning the supply you mention'd, 
but hope we shall shortly receive it otherwise our Investment must be entirely 
at a stand. 

The Cloth on hand is expressed at the foot hereof, and we remain with 
the utmost respect. 

HoNBLE Sir & Sirs 
Vizagapatam Your most Obedient humble Servants 

17™ Deck. 1764, John Smith. 

Charles Smith. 
William Barker. 


Records of Fort St. George 


Cloth in hand Embaled 



77 G*. Co. 




At the Wash 

115 : 10 


LCO 167 17 

E C M 92 9 

LCF .. 53 18 


223 : 10 

JV.5. — The following should have been entered after the Letter from 
Cuddalore under N°. 49. 

List of the investment contracted fob at CuDDAiiORE BY THE President and 

Council of Fort St. George for the year 1763 with the most likely reasons 

given for its not being complied with. 

Beteelas of 40 Covids Long 

& 2J Broad 
Beteelas 50 Covids Long 

& 2i Broad 
Long Cloth Chinnama- 


Long Cloth Sheally . . 

Long Cloth Salam 

Long Cloth Fine 

Long Cloth Midling Blue . . 

Salampores Midling . . 

Scot Romalls Blue . . 

Soot Romalls Red . . 




tracted for. 

taken in. 




































These Defeciencys pro- 
ceed principally from 
two causes, The unfa- 
vorableness of the 
year for an Invesment 
& inattention of the 
Merchants to their 
Contract. The want 
of Rain, Occasion'd 
Cotton to rise from 
28 & 29 Pagodas f^ 
Candy to 40 & 45. 
Grain in proportion & 
Consequently the 
Weavers Labour 

From these Unfavou- 
rable Circumstances 
the Merchants finding 
advantage to be 
no made by their 
Contracts, gave them- 
selves little or no 
Concern, about fulfil- 
ling them. 


25™. April 1764. 

John Calland. 

Examined — 
. G. Westcott. 

f. J. G. Swanseger. 


Abbestie, H. 

Abdul Hussein Cawn 


Admiral Pocock 
Admiral Watson 
Alenton, M'. 
Alexander, M', 
Andiapah, Chicudu . . 
Andreu [French 

Andrews, Mr. 
Anhapillah Rajah . . 

Anthony CaptQ. Pedro 
Ardley, M'^. 

Argyle Ketch 
Aro [or Wawoor] . . 
Arreohtmda Rauze , 

Culdindy [Archunde- 

Ashburner, W™. 

Audapah Kitsiah 
Audy Mootum 

Bailie, Lieut. 

50, 70 

115, 126 
64, 94, 124 


99, 102 


7, 8, 55 


117, 118, 126 



52-55, 75 




46, 49 

6, 57, 67, 109, 126 

118, 126 




Baleine . . 
Ballabac [Balabac] 

Streights of 
Banca, Streights of. . 

[Mandarmalanka] . . 

Ba n darmalanka 
Banguey Peak 
Barclay, Robert 
Barker, William 

34, 35, 66, 67 










47, 59, 71, 






120, 123 









Barnewal, Mr. 
Barnewall & Carvalho, 


56, 80, 81 

41, 48, 50, 68, 69, 79 

87, 93, 105, 114 

122, 129. 

Barnewal, Francis . . 
Basalet [Basalat] 

Batavia [Battavia]. 

Batthazar, Joseph 
Bekton, Metchom 

Bengal [Bengali] 

Bengal, river 




Bevan, Thos. 


Bie, 0. P. .. 

Billers, Wm. 


Bisdon, Jacob 

Blount, Samuel 


Boddam, R. H. 


Boscawen . . 
Bourchier, Charles . . 
Bourgeois, M^. 
Bowland, Capt". 
Bowyer, Cecil 

Boyl, Hendrick 
Briston, Thomas 
British King 
Brittannia [Britania, 

Brooke, Henry 
Browne, M^. 
Browne, Lieut. 


2, 112 

10, 12, 27-29, 31, 34 

37, 38, 52, 64, 72 

73, 82, 84 



11, 21 


10, 14, 28, 29, 37, 38 


18, 20, 29, 32, 43 

50, 70, 74, 92, 108 

112, 117, 118, 126 






6, 27, 29, 34 

79, 92, 104, 123, 124 




118, 122 

8, 19, 24-27, 31, 38 

45, 52, 55, 57, 67 

70,74, 107-109,118 




34-37, 66, 72 

1, 27, 31, 34, 109 

9, 48, 70, 75 


11, 72, 73 

8, 24, 25, 45, 70, 76 

117, 118 



26, 27 

1, 11, 12, 21, 51, 73 











Brumaniere, Comr. .. 


Buchanan, Duncan . . 

14, 116, 117, 125 

Condanah „ 


Burdett, John 

2, 6, 27, 31, 47, 59 

Condanah, Canoculloo. 


77, 86, 93, 107, 110 

Condra Pauntaloo 


Burnelo, James 


Conkisha Narsoe 


Burnett, James 
Burns, Hans 



Corry, Capt. . . 





Cotton, Capt 



27, 31, 33, 107 

Court, Samuel . . 

8, 19, 24, 25, 70 

Byfeld, Thomas 

8, 19, 24, 25, 57, 67 
109 126 

Crawlord, Quintin . . 

76, 108, 117, 118 

Crommelin, Chas. 

8, 19, 24, 25, 45 


70,76, 108,117 

Crown Prince of Den- 

Cagayan [Gagayan] 






11, 37, 51, 73 




2, 5, 14, 15, 19 

Calcutta .. 

13, 108, 117, 118 

20, 22-24, 31, 43 

Call, Mr. [Engineer].. 

52. 116, 119, 128 

44, 48, 56, 57, 66 

Calland, John 

2, 5, 14, 15, 19, 20 

68, 75-77, 80-85 

22-24, 31, 43, 44 

87, 90-92, 94, 104 

48, 56, 57, 76, 77 

106,113, 116,117 

80, 87, 90-92, 94 

119, 125, 128, 130 

104, 106,113, 116 


29, 30, 40 

119, 125, 128, 130 



27, 118 

Callowa CoUue 


Dalrymple, Alexander 

10, 21, 36-38, 64 


11, 12, 20, 21, 29 


37-39, 51, 57, 65 

Dato Juhan 



Dato Sarapond, [Saro- 

Cape Oamorin 



34, 35 

Cape of Good Hope . . 

19, 126 

Dawson, George 

20, 40 

Carruthers [Caruthers] 

Dawson, Capt^i. 

Capt°. Robert .. 



53, 75 

Carter & Darwall, 

Day, Thos 

6, 27, 57 



Dean, Richard 


Carter, Roger 

21, 53, 54, 61-64, 74 

Deckan Islands 



De Fries, John 


Catchuk, Pgos. 


De la Londe, Com'. . . 


Canma. Chetty 


1, 5, 27, 29, 3i 



34, 60, 107, 109 

Caumajee [Cammajee], 

De Rozario, Paul 


Moslacontee [Mos- 

Desouza, Antonio 



46, 49, 69 


92, 109, 124 

Cavenagh, Hugo 


Diligent [Deligent] 




20, 40, 41, 47, 50 

Cavond, Caleston 


77, 79 

Charles, M' 


Dixon, Comr 




Dobinson, M'. Robert 

60, 61, 62, 63, 64 

China .. 

13, 21, 27-29, 31 

Dolben, George 

32, 39, 40, 44, 47 

35, 36, 38, 45, 47 

58,59,71,85, 104 

65, 66, 72, 73 


107. 118, 124 

Donsten [Dons ton], 


2, 14, 15, 20, 23 

Stockeham [Stoke- 

43, 57, 87, 90, 106 



113, 130 

Doveton, Capti. Rich- 




21, 28, 38, 72 

Choiseuil [Choisoucil] . 


Dow ns, Mr. 


Clews, [Ques] Cftpt" 

Drake, Dawsonne 

38, 60, 63-65, 73 


49-51, 53, 71, 73 



Duff, Major 



6, 19 

Duke of Albany 

109, 117 

Cochin China . . 


Duke of Gloucester 


Coles, Ed-ard . . 

. 55, 61-63, 73, 75 

Du Saussay, M'. 


EarlofElgen .. 
Earl of Lincoln 
Earl of Middlesex 
Earl Temple . . 

Elisabeth [Elizabeth] 
Elphinston, Com''. 


Evans, Arthur 

Fairaeld, Mr 

Faizan, Capt". 

Talk, P 


Fell, Captn. David 
Fell [Major] . . 
Fernell, Cap*. [William] 
Fitzhugh, Thomas 
Flockhart, William . . 
Forrest, Gap*. Thomas. 
Fort Dansbory . . 
Fort Marlbro, [Morlbro, 

Fort St. David 
Fort St. George 

Fort William 

Foster, Gaptn. William. 
Fowler, Francis 


Frazier, Capt". Robert. 

107, 117 

27, 118 

10, 52, 72 

11, 13, 73 
6, 8, 19 


8, 10, 25, 37. 38 

51, 117, 124, 126 

105, 107, 129 

1, 4, 6, 8, 16, 20 

21, 26, 27, 31, 35 

38, 73, 78, 109 

118, 124 




10, 11, 37, 51, 73 

105, 107 


10, 21 

11, 39 

1, 21, 27, 37, 47 

49-51, 53-55, 61 

63, 71, 74, 75, 77 

86, 112 

27, 75, 85 

1-6, 8, 10, 13-15 

18-34, 36, 37, 39 

40, 42-52, 54-60 

62, 64, 65, 67, 70 

71, 73, 75-80, 85- 

89,92-95, 103-106 

108-111, 113, 114 

116-118. 120-122 

124-126, 128-130 

2, 6, 25, 27, 29 

31, 32, 34, 47, 50 

51, 59, 60, 77, 78 

86, 93, 105, 107 

108, 110, 118, 124 





G — cont. 

(roodard, M"^. . , 
Gosling, John . 
Grampus Sloop 
Great Britain . 

20, 60, 


Gurauze, Bodaputty 


Gahin Labdin [Labdeen] 
Galbreadth, Capfi. ... 
Ganges, the 
Gardiner, Gapt^. 
Garland, Nathaniel . . 

Gille, J. H 

Glass, J. W 

Glatton [Glatten] 
Glover, Alphonsus 


115, 126 


9, 10 


11, 39 

10, 21, 28, 38, 72 

Hagezop, Com"". 
Harrison, Rob*. Jno. 
Hastings, Warren 

Hatfield, John 
Hawke . . 

Hay, James 
Haycock, Ensign 
Hayor, James 
Heath, W. 

Hector . . 

Herbert, John . . 

Hinckell [Hinckel], M^ 
Holland, M^. . . 
Holm, Gom^'. . . 
Hooke [Hook], Capti 

Hornby, W™. . . 

Horner, Mann . . 

Hubert, Mr. . . 
Hume, Alexander 
Hunter, M^. . . 
Hurt, H. 
Hurt, W. 
Hutchinson, Chas. 
Hutteman, George 
Huyste by Weg 
Hvulbeck, P. R. 
Hydra bad 

Idell, Henry . . 

Illocos . . 

India . . 

Ingellee . . 

Ingles Gapt°. 


Irshapah Chitty 

Ishmail Begg [Meerja] 


42, 80, 85 


29, 30 



104, 105 

72-74, 77 



40,49, 115 


2, 27, 29, 31, 34 

47, 77, 78, 86, 107 



11, 37, 51, 73 

10, 11, 37, 38, 51 



30, 41 


16, 23, 41 

7, 10, 11, 21, 37, 


21, 53, 54, 61, 73- 


56, 70 

21, 28, 38, 72 

6, 27, 70, 76, 108 

117, 118 

11. 39 

10, 11, 21, 37-39 

51, 64, 72, 73 


11, 13, 39 


6, 27, 109, 126 

57, 67 





115, 126 

21, 53, 54,61, 74, 


114, 122 

10,25,62, 108, 118 

26, 27, 32 



43, 57 

96, J15, 120 

M — cont. 

James, M^. 




Joannes Marcar 


Jocelyn, Eobert . . 


Jogue [Juggapah] 

Puntaloe, Condra- 

goliah . . 


Johnston, John 


Jourdan, Francis .., 

65, 94 

Jnggoo Puntaloo . . 



KelsaU, M^. 




King, Arthur 


King of Denmark . . 


Kirckpatrick, Thos, 


Kistna, river 


Kistnama, Pimtatoo. 


Ejiee, Comr. 


Kusharr Begg 



Laekhum Chittee 

46, 127 

Moottoo [Mulloo]. 

Lackum Chitty Era- 


127, 128 


La Paix 


LasceUes, Peter . . 






, 60, 


72, 74 
85, 112 

Leycester, Ralph . . 




47, 59 




93, 107 
110, 124 



, 34, 


64, 66 
117, 118 



LordClive .. 



14, 71-74 

Lord Holland 


Lord Mansfield 




107, 118 



, 28, 


, 60-64 

Lynch, Matthew ... 





Mackay, Capt". . . 


Mankins Peddah 



Maddala Reddi 

46, 49 

Maderauze Ramiah. 


Madge, Capt°. 

11, 73 

Madrass [Madras]. 




14, 16 

24-26, 30, 32, 34 

36-38, 40 

, 41, 43- 

46, 52, 54-56, 59- 

63, 73, 74, 77, 87 

89, 105, 

107, 120 

123, 128 




Mahomud Hussain. 


Main waring, Roger. . 


Maitland, Captn. 

Patrick . . 


Malacca [Mallacca]. 

10, 12 


28, 36, 52 

Malmouth . . 


Mangalore . . 


Manilha . . 

10, 21 


27-29, 34 



51, 60-62 



72, 73, 94 
95, 124 



Marchitty Chomana. 


Marra Mulloo 


Marriott, Randh. . . 



31,34, 47 



78, 86, 93 

Mastricht, Dirk . . 



1, 3,^ 

1, 9 

20, 33, 40 




48, 49, 58 




85,86, 89 



100, 103 


110,113, 115 


121, 123, 126 




Mathews, Captn. . . 


Mathison, John 

[Captn. Mattlison]. 

28, 56 





Mc.Donald, John .. 


Mears, Captn. 

11, 13. 73 

Meer Banker [Bau- 

46, 71 

, 95, 99, 100 


102, 115 

Meer Sied Hussain 

[Said, Seid]. 

2, 96 


U 99, 102 

115, 120, 126 

Menlaters, Island . . 




Miclk, Comr. 


Middlesex . . 

31, 107 

Middleton, Samuel. 

31, 34 


59, 77, 78 


107, 110, 124 



Miguel, Gregorio . . 


Mindanao . . 



45, 108 

Moco Moco . . 




Monut, Joseph 


Mootah Comrapah . . 


Mootu Kistnah 


Mopoddy Chitty 

Butchaya [Mopod- 

dy Chitty Butch- 


104, 122 

Mopady.Chitty Jagaya 


79, 104 

Morse, Nicholas 



Mova Comrauze 

Munro, Major Hector. 

Nairne, Robert 

Narsapore [Narsipore]. 
Narsimboloe, Nalamalla. 
Narsu [Narsoe], Adorty 


Nella CHtty . . 
Neptune Schooner 

Nizam Ally 
Nizampatam . . 

Nodes, John . . 



0' Hara [Capt".] 
Omiah, Gundam 
Oranky Mallick 

96, 115, 120 

46, 49, 114, 120 


24, 25 



21, 53, 55, 61, 74 


2, 46, 98, 114, 126 













46, 71, 

11, 21 
37, 66, 

), 95, 

11, 73 


34, 35 

1, 27 

Paleine . . 
Palk, Robert 

Panay . . 

Pangleema Milaham. 
Pangootaran . . 

Panton, Capt". John. 
Parley, John . . 
Parsons. Henry 
Patna . . 
Pedro Branca . . 
Pelling and Defreis, 

Pelling, Thos 


34, 35 



1-8, 13-15, 18-20 

22-27, 29-33, 40 

42-50, 53, 55-60 

65, 67, 70, 71, 76- 

80, 85-89, 92, 93 

95, 103-106, 108- 


118, 120-lii6, 128 





28, 72, 73 

53, 71, 85 



1, 5, 27, 109 





P C07lt. 

Perring, Peter 
Peter, M'. 
Pieters, Com'. 
Pigot, George 


Playdell, U. P. 
Pocock . . 

Pooloo . . 
Porto Novo 

Pottanah, Sooranany 
Powney, WiUiam 
Preston, Major 
Price, Captn. . . 
Price, W. A. . . 

Prince Charles 
Prince Frederick 
Prince Henry . . 
Princess Louisa 
PuUah Venoanna 
Pulo Aroe 
Purling, Mr. M. 
Purvutrauze . . 
Pybus, John . . 

}ueen Juliana Maria 
}ueen Sophia . . 

Raine, Mr. 

Ramalinga [Rama- 


Ramanah, KelavUlee . . 


Rammiah [Ramaniah] 

Toddapala [Tadda- 

Ramsay, Andrew 
Reddy Gorauze 
Revell, Henry 





1, 7, 10, 13, 14 

20, 21, 28, 34, 36 

37, 39, 51, 64, 65 


19, 24, 28, 37, 38 

72, 107 

20, 22, 49-53-74 

110, 124 

10, 21, 28, 38, 72 



96, 97, 103, 126 



14, 15, 48, 57, 77 

87, 90, 94, 106 






45, 70, 76, 108 

117, 118 



20, 72 







1, 3, 7, 9, 33, 40 

45, 46, 48, 49, 58 

59, 71, 85, 89, 98 

103, 110, 113, 115 

120, 121, 123, 128 


33, 41 

2, 14, 15, 23, 43 

48, 57, 77, 87, 90 
94, 106, 113 


24, 25, 60 



28, 94 


R — cont. 

Riddell, Capt^. 

Robinson, Mr. 
Roddard, Colliugwood. 
Rosbo, Comr. 
Ross, Andrew 
Rotwelf [Rottwill] & 

Himlbeck, Messrs. . . 
Rous [Captn.], William. 
Royal Charlotte 
Royal George . . 
Rundsten, Comr. 
RusseJl, Mr. Claud .. 
Russell, Henry 
Rustum Ally Cawn . . 
Ryley [Reyley], James. 


Sabut [Jabut] Jung 

[Saubut Jung] 
Sadasheverow . . 
St. Helena 
Salam [Salem] 


[Sampangmagnio] .. 
Saunders, Capt^^. 
Savoy Salaniity [Sala- 


Scot, Comr 

Scott, George . . 
Scott, Major . . 
Scott, Titus . . 
Sea Horse 

Senior, W™ 

Seth, Morad . . 
Shamier Sultan 
Shanah Antravidu . . 
Shealy [CheaUy, 

Sheally] . . 
Sheirman, Comr. 
Shitterarorauze [Sitte- 

ram Raus, Shitta- 

ramrauze] . . 
Sicawirana [Sica 

Virana Siccawee- 

Skottowe, John 
Slasse, J. W. 


Slother, Gerheard 

Smith, Capt° 

Smith, Chas 


56, 70 

11, 39, 51, 73 

13, 56 



33, 38, 75 


2, 96, 97, 115, 120 

70, 76 

10, 11, 38 

30, 43, 57, 82-84 

13, 117 

20, 24, 57, 80 


66, 67 



21, 38, 65, 73, 75 



38, 65 


94, 130 


2, 4, 33 

79, 104, 124 






11, 22, 23, 51 

4, 7, 16, 18, 23, 26 

30, 41, 93, 105 

114, 122, 129 

Smith, John 

Smith, John Lewin 

Smith, Thos. . . 


Sparks, Robert 

Speke, Hautpene 
Spencer, J. . . 


Stevenson, James 
Stevenson, William . . 
Steward, Capt^. 

[Gabriel] . . 
Stewart, Comr. 
Stratton, Geo. 

Sunda, Streights of . . 
Swaine, Capt°. 
Swanseger, J. G. 



Tamana [Tammana] 

Teal, Jacob . . 
Tell, Major , , 
Tellagapah, Nebaun- 


Temmana [Tomana] 

Templeton, Mathew . . 
Thompson, George . . 
Tierney, Mr. 
Timajee [Tii 

Timmagee] . . 
Tinker, M^. . . 

Tinolair, M'. . . 
Torin, Benj. .. 
Torriano, Hillary 

4, 7, 16, 23, 26, 30 

38, 41, 48, 50, 56 

68, 69, 78, 79, 87 

93, 104, 105, 114 

122, 129 

38, 56, 57, 65, 76 

77, 80, 81, 85 

87, 90, 92, 94 

104, 106, 113 

116, 119, 122 

125, 128 

11, 39 

10, 34-36, 38, 39 

66, 67 


55, 109, 126 

6, 19, 55 


8, 19, 24, 25, 45 

59, 77, 78, 86, 93 

107, 110, 124 


53, 75, 94 


21, 37 



4, 7, 16, 17, 22 

28, 50 

28, 61, 73 



108, 118 

79, 104 


19,27, 45,57 

67, 109, 126 

104, 122 





96, 97, 120 

T — cont. 

Trankebaf [Tranque- 

Trevendaporum [Tri- 

Turing, Robert 
Tiirner, M^. . . 
Twain, Captn. 


Vansittart, Henry 


Vencanah Desamocco. 
Vencanah, Suranany 

Vishcher, Ian 
Visnagar [Visianaga- 

Vizagapatam [Visaga- 


Vosmaar Ammerengen 

21, 45 


14, 15 

10, 21, 52 

2, 6, 23, 27, 29 

31, 34, 47, 53 

59, 60, 77, 78 

86, 93, 107 

110, 124 

109, 117 

46, 101 



79, 123 

4, 7, 16, 17, 23 
26, 29, 30, 33 
41, 48, 50, 68 
69, 77, 79, 87 
88, 93, 105, 107 
114, 120, 122- 
124, 128, 129 

Waters [Water], Chas. 

Watson, John 
Watts, H. 

Webber, Capfi. William. 

Westcott, G 

Wester Weld .. 
Whitehill, John 

Whitehill, Thoa. 
Williams, Comr. 

Williams, M^ 

Wogan, Edward 
Woodward, Thomas . . 

Wyatt & Hall, Messrs. 




8, 19, 24, 25, 45 

70, 76, 108, 117 


28, 72, 94 

2, 27, 29, 31, 59 

77, 78, 86, 93 

107, 110 

71, 72 




80, 85, 88, 95, 110 

112, 127, 128 

55, 56 


93, 108 

2, 14, 15, 20, 23 

43, 57, 77, 87 

90, 94, 106 

113, 130 


13, 60, 108, 117 

ZiUa Nova